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I Had A Demonic Dream And You

Has anybody ever had a really demonic dream? I had horrible dreams last night, could not wake up and they were simply evil, I was scared and have no idea why I dreamed what I dreamed. I woke up in a panic attack.

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 ---Anna on 6/23/05
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Demons infested my dreams for years. They started with knocking, then growling, barking, smothering and then they raped me.

I found a deliverance prayer online and asked Jesus into my heart. A friend died & I heard his voice say go to church. I did. As I grew in faith I started telling the demons "Jesus loves you", they screamed and fled.

I joined bible study & learnt of Gods love.

The demons appeared as people but with evil eyes and lumpy faces. I would say "In Jesus name show yourself" & they would appear again as ugly demons.

One night I held one up to a cross and it screamed and vomited violently.

You are worth a LOT to God. Jesus died for you.
---Michael on 6/4/09


Until they are convinced you don't want them around they will in your case continue to try to harm you eventually they will go for possession if you do not pray/fast them out!
---Carla3939 on 5/24/09

Just the other night, I had a dream where I felt a vibration and arms began lifting up as if praising my loving God. It is so weird because in my dream it's real-time, but I know its a dream and not real because I could sense it somehow. I woke up.
Then last night I slept on the living room floor and felt a strong vibration force over me and when I tried to rebuke it in Jesus name, I heard myself doing so in a scary voice. I don't get scared anymore but I don't understand why it does not stop. Can someone explain to me what this is? I am a born again Bible believing Christian.
---Veronica on 5/24/09

I am a christian, yet do not read the bible as much as i should. The closer you try to be with the Lord the more the devil may punish you.As I type right now I already feel better just let it be known nothing will keep me away from my creator even if it means my life. And that I believe is what the devil will dislike the most my devotion.The Lord does not like people whom sit on the fence - you are on one side or the other, In the blood of Jesus the last words in my dream I remember fighting off the demon before I yelled in my sleep and woke myself up.This experience has awoken me as to the values of my faith. To this person I am responding to please do not let the devil win, stick with your faith we are not alone.
---nadia on 4/16/09

It has been awhile since I had this sort of attack. Last night it happened again, I struggled with the demon as it tried to possess me. I rebuked it in Jesus name, and my voice would change. I was then thrown to my ceiling. I then fully awoke, knew it was gone from me, but got up to pray over my children, I feared for them. I said the Lords Prayer and let go of the fear and went back to sleep. I feel fine now, but I wonder what prompted the attack after being left alone for so long.
---christy on 2/18/09


I could not have said it better myself AMEN bro!
---Carla5754 on 2/3/09

Hi, Sonia. The worst thing to be when satan and his minions attack afraid and unbelieving. The reason why the demon left you alone after you cursed is because he got what he wanted (you sinning against God).
Dont you know that you will judge these very demons who are terrorizing you (1Cor. 6:3)?

I know what you're going through because they still try the same with me. I experienced total victory when I learned who I am in Jesus. Use the authority He has given you. Rebuke them in the name of JESUS and BELIEVE it. We are in a war! Be mad at the devil and be on fire enough for JESUS to TEAR satan's KINGDOM DOWN!!! With Jesus in you you're invincible!
---richa4946 on 2/2/09

Repent Sonia and turn back to Jesus and HE will restore you into fellowship. I understand what you're going through. Fear only gives the enemy more power and control over your life. Study God's Word and fulfill your destiny in Him.

They're the real cowards because they dont want you to know the power that Christ has given you over them. You are MORE than a conqueror in Jesus. Remember that! Live it! If you're a christian, then you already have complete victory because of Jesus in you! Use your weapon, God's Word and stand in IT. The devil dont want you to know this, now you do. Use it.
---richa4946 on 2/2/09


I don't agree with using curse words have anything to do with fighting spiritual warfare.

However if you should get completely saved and under the blood of the lamb, he will expel his Holy Spirit to teach you all truths concerning him.

One truth is if you call upon the name of Jesus Demons flee, not all demons but the ones you describe, read all the posts on demons where people agree the answers will generally read:

Use the name of Jesus repeating it and the demon will Go.

Now try it and don't entertain them with cursing or you'll may very well end up under them!!!
---Carla5754 on 2/1/09

Last night I had one of my most frightening and vivid dreams. In my dream I was in a bedroom in a house I didn't know. The demonic presence was in my room and everyone else in my dream could sense it. This demon would not let me sleep and everytime I did the sign of the cross to it the demon would hold me down and not allow me to speak or breathe. The only way it allowed me to talk again was when I said a curse word. I am still scared now and I feel that since I have not been an active Christian, Satan (the opposer) is trying to scare me. I'm going to try to say Psalms 91 and the Lord's Prayer before I sleep and hopefully it will not happen again.
---Sonia_L. on 1/30/09

God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. so we know who sent these dreams.
Demons have to disperse when you say "I plead the Blood of Jesus over me and my mind. I belong to Christ and you have no authority over me."
It is also helpful to pray just before you go to sleep and ask the Lord Jesus to protect your mind as you sleep.
---Tsuanne on 1/24/09

i usually cant speak, and the dreams are growing somewhat shorter. i had a mild one a few weeks ago.
i have been talking with a youth councellor at my church. She is the head of our unit-like group of just girls. she too had bad experiences when she was younger. and so has most of the other girls in my unit.
i dont take joy in having these dream-visions. i think that talking about our experiences might help ease the fright.
---charity on 1/22/09

Hi. I just wanted to let you know the enemy is trying to put fear into your heart and bully you around. I have been attacked physically and in dreams by demons. They want you to focus more on them and what they are doing so you can't focus on Christ. Every time this happens just rebuke them in the name of JESUS and with the authority God has given to us.Start praising God instead of giving in to fear and don't worry about the dreams, it's not you, it's the devil. Praise God in everything. You are a child of God and you have power over every demon, and that means satan himself. Remember, demons fear the God living in you.
---richa4946 on 1/17/09

You are not alone. I'm glad to know I'm not either. I've had these dark dreams since I was about 9. At first it was a skeleton in a raincoat with an axe over his shoulder in the pouring rain on our porch, which only appeared when lightning striked. It progressed to him slamming his axe into my chest and causing electro-tingling-seizures. I'm 22 and finding its not getting better...but by the grace of God I have a place to start recovering. Thank you for those that contributed. God bless.
---RoirraW on 1/17/09


There is something not right about what you are posting.Countless times members have told you to use the name of Jesus to fight the spiritual ware.

I have no say over what you post feel free if thats what is happening, However it is not entertaining and from my experience I don't even want to talk casually about my experiences when they happened it was far to scary, I just wanted rid of these spirits.

You sound as if you are just waiting for the next experience to post it.

I suggest that you seek help from your pastor if you have one.
---Carla3939 on 1/16/09

i had a minor one again yesterday morning. i was falling in and out of sleep. every time i fell asleep, black sort of fog-like creatures would be at my side, sort of inspecting me. i got that electrical tingling through my body again.
i thank god that this one was mild. it didnt scare me hardly at all.
---charity on 1/16/09

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When I was much younger, I used to have dreams that were very demonic. I would dream an ugly, foul-mouthed demon was doing terrible things to me and threatening to strangle me. When I cried to God the being would tell me God cannot help me and I would find myself asking "whatever power could help me" to come to my aid. Then it would stop.

When I got born again it happened and when I asked God to help the same thing happened as before but I insisted I would be happy to die in Christ but I was not going to ask any strange god to help me.

I am glad to report that it has never happened again since then. That was 20 years ago.
---Sherri on 1/8/09

I also experienced things as I was growing up that even though they were real, were quite unexplainable. When I was in my 20's I decided enough was enough and I simply told God--I am done with this stuff--take it away--and it has not happened since (almost 40 now) And yes, I had demonic visions almost every night. Pray about it-go up to the altar at your church and get prayed for. God Bless!
---cindy on 1/6/09

There is a reason why things happen the way they do. Me, I have experiences with the dead/entities/demonic things whether or not I am close to God. Actually, with my experiences, it has brought me closer to God than ever before. Most others, they experience this activity as they come close to God because evil does not want it. Of course, when you start to fade from God, Satan backs off because he knows he is getting what he wants. I have went into a house and before leaving, every night light has been completely blown. I have experienced some strange, scary things since I've been young.
---june on 1/6/09

I've had many dreams in which I've had encounters with demons, each frightening enough that they are vivid years later. M dreams would always be physical battles with demons where I would call on God and Jesus and recite scripture while fightingthe demons. I am no longer as strong of a Christian as I have been in the past, and because of that or no,t the dreams don't happen anymore. I don't know if any of this is linked, but I just woke up 10 minutes ago with 10 seconds of sleep paralysis and extreme fright that I would see another demon during the period where I couldn't move.
---Stephen on 1/5/09

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I've had many dreams in which I've had encounters with demons, each frightening enough that they are vivid years later. M dreams would always be physical battles with demons where I would call on God and Jesus and recite scripture while fightingthe demons. I am no longer as strong of a Christian as I have been in the past, and because of that or no,t the dreams don't happen anymore. I don't know if any of this is linked, but I just woke up 10 minutes ago with 10 seconds of sleep paralysis and extreme fright that I would see another demon during the period where I couldn't move.
---Stephen on 1/5/09

I know this may seem difficult, but you have to find a means to remove your fear during these episodes. Spirits love this as it feeds them and makes them even stronger. Since you can think during these times try and think of God and how he is by your side during these times. Say the Lords prayer or anything biblical that makes you feel less frightened. Your strong faith and lack of fear can help you gain control. And on top of this, evil does not like it and actually fears God. I do say the Lord's prayer before bed as well. Ask God to surround you with his heavenly white light and to surround you with the hedge as he did for Job. Let me know how this goes.
---june on 1/2/09

Ricardo of course is kidding, nothing in scripture suggest any St Michael or even the angel Michael can be petitioned for help in our spiritual battles. That is ex-biblical nonsense.
Jesus alone claimed victory over sin and thus by no other name will Satan have any inclination to move from claimed territory.
---larry on 1/1/09

i had a dream awhile back where satan physically grabbed me by the head. i could see his hands and hear him.
i have had times at night when i hear sounds. the slam of jail cells, the pounding of a judge's hammer, and laughter.
once i had a more pleasant vision. in it, there was a room, filled with food, furniture, treasure and clothes. then the stuff disappeared. i heard a woman say something like "all, all of it is gone. it all meant nothing. it was all so pointless."
and i have had other prophectic-like dreams. but these demon-satan dreams are never pleasant. and sometimes i see faint faces in the dark, in these vision-dreams. but lately it has been mostly voices and faint faces. they make fun of me and laugh at me usually.
---charity on 1/1/09

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i dont mess with any occults or witchcraft.
i can somewhat think during these things. some dream-visions are more real than the others. i do know that i get incredibly frightened while they are happening. as i said, i have barely any control over my body.
i do think, but im a bit groggy. and in them i do know whats going on and i know that im having another dream-vision.
my spirit talks to him, not me directly. but i do know whats being said and such.
i thank whoever told me about John 14. it has brought me alot of peace.
i think that satan and my spirit are having a spiritual battle, maybe even in different diminsions.
i will continue in another post.
---charity on 1/1/09

Dreams are not always just dreams.I've learned this from experience.I've seen and had many experiences and not by choice.Never messed with witch craft, oujii boards or such either.One experience was recently.Saw some woman in my dreams, not good either.My son, not long afterwards, tells me he saw a woman walking in our hallway.He described what I saw exactly.She enters my dreams occasionally.I take control and try casting her out in Jesus's name.I end up waking right before casting her completely out.She still haunts my home.I pray often asking for God to protect us and remove it.I feel like I'm in some sort of spiritual battle right now myself. I do have a question for you. Can you think during these dreaming episodes?
---june on 12/31/08

I find it hard to believe although I'm not actually doubting what you are saying that you speak regularly with satan.

It is not healthy for you to do what you are doing since light has no Communion with darkness.

I do hope you have not been messing with the occult it sounds that you may be messing with something not quite right. Please get help from your Pastor, You need some sort of Christian Help and Guidance!
---Carla3939 on 12/31/08

i have told my family.
they are christians too.
im not sure why i have these dreams.
i dont think that it has anything to do with what i eat, and i dont take any meds.
i have had several dreams where i'm having debates with satan about things like the bible. he'd twist up the verses. oh, how mad he can get at me.
i find comfort in Psalms 23 alot. i read my bible.
i dont watch horror movies or things bad that have happened on the news.
demons scare me more than satan, because i'm familiar with satan.
i'll keep you updated with how im doing.
thanks for the help.
---charity on 12/30/08

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If you have a dream with demons ask for St.Michael he will get rid of them.demons are for real.
---Ricardo_Melendez on 12/29/08

Leslie ... You say "Out of ALL the people that had dreams in the Bible, ALL of their dreams had meaning"

Yes, all the dreams that were reported in the Bible had meanings. That is why they were reported.

But what about all the dreams that are not mentioned? The Bible does NOT say they they had measnings
---alan_of_UK on 12/17/08

OK, Leslie, keep dreaming then while I choose to ignore all dreams.

Happy dreams in technicolor.
---Paul2 on 12/17/08

God can tell us the truth in our dreams. Prophetic dreams. I have had more than one or two of these. Stress can cause frightening dreams. If your spirit is holy, you will not be affected by any dreams that come from Satan. In fact the god of this world is doing frightening things all over the place, and if you are not getting scary dreams then you may have a very scewed sense of reality, like you are living in the land of Hollywood or somewhere in your head.
---frances008 on 12/17/08

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Alan of UK and Paul2: You both are VERY DECEIVED. ALL Dreams have meaning, and come from either God or the Devil, NOT the food we eat. The Bible says this. Many people in the Bible had dreams. Out of ALL the people that had dreams in the Bible, ALL of their dreams had meaning. Look it up. (Daniel, Jacob, Joseph, Pharaoh, King Nebuchadnezzar, and MANY others). God said so, not me.
---Leslie on 12/16/08

Leslie ... "ALL dreams have meaning"

Who says?
---alan_of_Uk on 12/16/08

Leslie, you may decide to believe in dreams - I never did and don't plan to because dreams do not come from God or the devil but are affected by emotional feelings and by the food we eat.

Right now, all we should dream about is a White Christmas :))
---Paul2 on 12/16/08

Paul2 - ALL dreams have meaning. We MUST listen to the good as well as the bad ones. Bad dreams may mean that Satan is trying to steal your destiny away from you or stop you from fulfilling it. Bad dreams may also be WARNING dreams, to help you.
---Leslie on 12/15/08

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If I were you, I would completely ignore such dreams and the more you're afraid of them the more you might get.

Food we eat, experiences we have, all can affect our dreams.

I have good and bad dreams - I cherish the good ones and ignore the ugly ones.
---paul2 on 12/14/08

If you are having nightmares, keep track of what you eat before you sleep.
---kathr4453 on 8/21/08

"You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There's more of gravy than of grave about you" - Dickens...
---NurseRobert on 12/13/08

Charity ... I sounds as if you have seen a nasty film, and the memory of it is causing thes nightmares. Or maybe media reports of school slayings, and child abuse.

"No-one will take me seriously" ... Who have you told about it?
---alan_of_UK on 12/13/08


You can defeat these demons by one small but mighty blessed name Jesus, keep repeating his name Jesus over and over and watch them tremble and run.

Pray asking Jesus to build a wall around you with his Holy Spirit guiding you and command theses evil spirits to depart they do...... at not only the thought but as you say Jesus's name don't give in God is above the devil and his hosts.

When they are upon you cannot speak OR MOVE ROTTEN TRICK take the fear away from them and rebuke them in Jesus's name Prove him
saying his name repeatedly until theses critters get the message and please post your success, we want to hear how you over came that's Gods promise and have a blessed demon free life!

LOve CarlaX
---Carla3939 on 12/12/08

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Charity, I sympathize with you as I know what it is like to have frightening dreams. Yours seem to be worse than most of mine. I think it is to do with stress. The reason I say this is that when I was given medication that suited me, for stress, I stopped having the dreams. However, medication in your case is not a good idea, being so young. You need to do more Bible reading. Have a habit of reading certain chapters of the Bible that give you comfort. Might I suggest John 14 for an example. If you are filled with the Word, there won't be space for fear, haunting dreams etc. Don't give the devil a foothold. Stop watching TV. It is just there to make you scared, bring your Christian faith into doubt, make you conform to the world.
---frances008 on 12/12/08

pt. 2

br>i was at an outside funeral, sort of looking at it from above sometimes. there was five caskets. the people wore black and looked... out of faze. sort of see-through. they couldn't see me.
or satan.
he walked around, carrying a shotgun. he was boasting to me about how he made the five kids do a school shooting.
satan did not look like a horned, red beast. he actually looked somewhat like a homeless man. he had short brown hair, maybe brown or black eyes, and looked in his late forties or fifties. he wore a dark brown long coat. his hair was tossed. he looked worn out.

someone please help me. each dream-thing is worse than the one before. i cant take much more of this. and no one will take me seriousy.
---charity on 12/12/08

I am 12 years old and have suffered demonic dreams for the last few months.
im almost always laying on my side, and suddenly i cant see, even if my eyes are open. i feel incredibly drugged and numb.
the first dream, i felt something like someone putting their arm over me, laying behind me. where it touched me sent electrical-like tingling throughout my body.
then a creature in the dark appeared, coming torwards me. it lunged and beared its teeth. it was the worst thing ive ever seen.
still very numb, i began to mumble and lip "jesus loves me, this i know". the thing looked unsure, came within inches of me, then everything disappeared and was back to normal.
---charity on 12/12/08

Every one BECAREFUL! This is no game! All throu out the Renewed covanant you read of demons and the things thay do to people, THIS IS NO GAME!!!! They are real and every were. Do NOT Seek out sothsaiers and thous that claem to have the power to "banish demons." most are frods and experamenting WELL Lead to witchcraft there is no way around it, please becaerful! This is the veary thing that once lead me away from YHWH and into a life of witchcraft, please watchout!
---Aharon on 12/3/08

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I do a lot, it is an attack they come to cause depression, guilt, ect trying to have a hold on you,say the Lord's prayer before you go to sleep. You are not alone their is a spiritual battle going on, I have been dealing with this for 30 years,I know it sound religious so to speak but read your bible. Trust me I know about this stuff.
---T_Wiley on 12/2/08

Yes I have had them. One that recurred was where I levitated and was floating through the air. Then demons appeared with sharp teeth and began to devour me. I felt real pain as the teeth pierced my body. I had this dream 2 or 3 times in a couple of weeks. Each time, I awoke with my heart and head pounding. After I prayed about it the dreams stopped.
---obewan on 11/12/08

I've had these dreams too - I think it is a condition called "sleep paralysis." You should be able to find out more through a google search.
---Nancy on 11/12/08

I've had demonic dreams as well... just a few months ago i had a dream that seemed to turn to reality when i woke up. But i grabbed the word of God and started to read it aloud... eventually i received an amazing peace from the Father.
---Troy on 10/29/08

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I have these nightmares maybe twice a week or every other week or so. I do not know if it is demonic but...
It's always me lying down on my side and something is holding me from behind. It's pitch black and I cannot see anything. I know that it is not a good thing because whenever I try to fight it, it just hurts me.
I have no idea what this thing is, but I've been having this same occurring nightmare for the longest.
Yesterdays nightmare was quite different from the others, while trying to fight this thing, I could see that I was drawing something out of my body. They looks like huge slugs or leeches of some sort. Help?
---Trish on 10/12/08

Strongaxe said ***I am convinced it was because I had just eaten pizza and dozed off on the couch.****

I know this may sound funny, but actually I cannot eat Pizza after 6pm, or I have awful nightmares.

It was years before I finally figured it out.

Have never had one since.

If you are having nightmares, keep track of what you eat before you sleep.
---kathr4453 on 8/21/08

Whenever I have bad dreams, I would rebuke it in Jesus Name. Sometimes, there would be ALOT of them coming to me. And I could feel my body getting weak. But thank God, because He was always there to save me from these evil spirits that would come to me in my dreams... JESUS! I praise you Father... Amen
---friend on 7/17/08

Yes, I have some thoughts.

Those are tormenting spirits or familiar spirits. You may need someone gifted in the deliverance ministry to cast them out for good.
---Marcia on 7/11/08

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Yes!! I have them all of the time it started when I was seventeen, and I have the same dream at least three nights a week, and they are getting worse I have even had my mother-in-law come over to pray, but nothing works. It starts off like the feeling of someone pinning me down, then I try to open my eyes, but can not, and I always know where I,m at, and the sometimes I hear whispers or laughing, then I always wake up gasping for air or coughing It does not matter where I move it is always there any thoughts??
---Monica on 7/11/08

the reason you are have does dreams of demons is Represent negativity and distress. Seeing demons in dreams also forewarns of overindulgence. If you dream of being possessed by demons, you are feeling helpless about something.all dreams have a meaning
---marcial on 6/26/08

Yes! When I was about four years old, I had a demonic dream. Even today, it's still clear in my head and I have not found out what it means.
---Tyson on 6/19/08

yes, you most definitely can have demonic drea't ms. I have had them. they aren't nightmares. nightmares i know aren't real. the demonic dreams i had to catch my breath, horrifyingly evil and couldn't decipher if it was real or a dream. and there were evil conversations... i had tot struggle to wake up.
---carla on 6/18/08

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The way satan takes fear away from God is to frighten you with the presence of his hosts and for a while it works because you are unaware of this experience. But as explained when you call out to the SUPREME Authority of God in Jesus's name demons flee, the fear is then reversed from the demons to the King of King and Lord of Lords in whom THEY fear. It's Good to know Jesus not forgetting ''All'' his benefits towards us!
---Carla5754 on 6/15/08

2# Carl YOUR so Right!

I know you have experienced the critters because that's exactly how I first came to know something else existed and thought I was going out my mind for a little while, I have however got to the stage where I no longer fear them and didn't know what they were at first but the Holy Spirit told me I'd had to learn how to fight them they wouldn't just go away. I only knew a song which said At The name of Jesus demons will have to flee and they took FLIGHT!
---Carla5754 on 6/15/08

I have had demonic dreams and it is frightening. I have had experiences where it felt like something was touching me while I lay in bed at night. This was along time ago but all I could do was to say "in Jesus name leave" and it worked. Whenever something evil is present like that, I cannot even express my fear level. It is truly horrible.
---jody on 6/14/08

well I had a dream of a mass demonic possesion in my city I woke up and felt terrified and I also felt like something evil was in the room with me so I called out to banish these creatures in the Name of Jesus Christ and they left...There is truly power in the name of Jesus then I opened my bible to start reading I opened it to a random page and I came upon the page where Jesus cast the demon from the little boy I was so shooken by the I cried
---Jacob on 6/14/08

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I had a dream the devil came to my foot of my bed! I prayed to God to get him away from me. finally when no prayers worked I said Fiercely
"In the name of Jesus Christ get away from me!"
And the devil flinched violently back away from much it made me jump back too.
Then He left! There is Power with the Name of Jesus! use it! The Power is Jesus.
---lisa on 6/2/08

My dream: I was in the car at night, and it made a weird, constant sound, like branches of leaves moving. The sound got louder and it got darker to where I couldn't see through the windows. I felt something pushing on my forehead and my body got warmer, black came over me. I woke up panicking calling out Jesus name. It felt like the house was shaking a little bit, and I felt flushed. & it could have been my imagination, but a shadow seemed to be moving slightly... Do you think this was demonic?
---Melissa on 5/31/08

I have a number of time come in contact with an evil spirit. I have had many dreams, some which are prophetic. I have heard my name called as a child in the night and it be no one. Even though I felt fear, it is natural. God says to fear not, I am with you. It is our first reaction. Those times my name was being called, was God and not an evil presents. As I am older, I have learn to discern the differences between good and evil.
---Tammy on 5/26/08

I do realize that dreams are one of many ways God can talk to us, and reveal secrets to us. I also acknowledge that satan can do the same. But even though we may wake up with fear or panic, it is a human response. At the time is when we go to God in prayer, with this fresh in our mind, and if it be of God he will speak to us. If it not be of God, God will take the fear and give us peace. We learn to discern the spirits, and speak against the darkness that may be there.
---Tammy on 5/26/08

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I have constant frightening dreams, including even when I take a quick nap, often unable to wake up, terrifying and elaborate dreams, very vivid and realistic, I mean incessant, day after day and night after night. These dreams exist. I have had them ever since becoming a Christian.
---Carl on 5/24/08

If I were you I wouldn't make too much of it...could be that your stomach didn't like what you ate for dinner...or that there's just a lot on your mind right now. I would however pray every night before bed and ask that God protect you from these dreams. God Bless, and I'll say a prayer for you right now. :-)
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

Tammy: "Dreams is one of God's ways of talking to us and revealing secrets."

Dreams that are from God do not put fear into Christians. The mind is Satan's playground and uses it to create fear. Even when we are awake, Satan uses our mind to create fear. He uses our mind to play tricks on our five senses. How many times have you saw something move at the corner of your eye and when you turned you saw no one. Especially at night. Fear.
---Steveng on 5/20/08

Tammy: How many times have you felt something on your shoulder and when you turned you saw no one. Especially at night. Fear. (probably caused by a twitching muscle)

How many times have you heard someone call out your name and when you turned you saw no one. Especially at night. Fear.

The mind is Satan's plyground making you believe whatever you want to believe. Without God it's a terrible feeling.
---Steveng on 5/20/08

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"" Dreams are not just dreams. Dreams is one of God's ways of talking to us and revealing secrets. Dan 1:17 and Acts 2:17.""

The Bible coveres a period of human history of around 2000 yeas.

There are only about half-dozen dreams recordered therein of ANY spiritual significance whatsoever.

What does that suggest to you?
---kumquat on 5/20/08

Even Joseph the son of Jacob the father of the 12 Tribes,
Became the ruler over Egypt 2nd only to Pharaoh, Because of his Interpretation of Dreams...
God truly works in Mysterious ways!
However, NOT all Dreams are Spiritual Messages from God.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 5/20/08

Dreams are not just dreams. Dreams is one of God's ways of talking to us and revealing secrets. Dan 1:17 and Acts 2:17. This well known christian dream interpreter talked about dreams and said that no matter how scarey a dream may seem, if it is in color it is from God. Dreaming without color, black and white, are demonic. Dreams will be about our life and relationship with God and our ministry for Him and few prophetic. Write your dreams down upon waking and pray to God for interpretation.
---Tammy on 5/20/08

Dreams are just dreams.

If you care to think about them they'll make your life miserable.

Ignore them.
---Caring on 4/24/08

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i have seen demons with yellow eyes in my dream i couldnt move and they were shaking me in pure dark then i kept saying god and i woke up i was scared as i ever was
---mikey on 4/23/08

Dear Maribel,

When you are frightened in that half-asleep state, ask God for help. You can say the name of Jesus over and over. You can recite your favorite bible verse. You can say the Lord's prayer.

God bless you. You are in my prayers.
---deb on 4/14/08

Dear demonic dreamer, I sympathize with you. I have had many nightmares of a similar type. When I investigated the world affairs, I realized my dreams were the TRUTH. The devil is all around and we cannot see him most of the time. Once I had exposed evil in my mind, where it comes from etc, I was able to handle my dreams. An angel appeared in one dream and I was shown what to do with my life. We are at war. Your dream was just a revelation of the war.
---frances008 on 4/14/08

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