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Can You Explain My Dream

Can someone interperate dreams? I was walking, day turned into night. There were choppers flying around to catch people believers & none beleivers. Those who tried to escape were killed. But everything was advanced. The cars were lifted in the air & smashed to the ground by the devil worshipers.

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 ---Karen on 6/24/05
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Ya know Matthew...I just don't have all the answers to your inquiries or statements. All I know is that I have sought out God for many things in my life and have gotten answers from Him and then tested the answers to make sure I was really hearing correctly. I am not perfect, but yet I keep pressing onward in my goal to get closer and closer to God and to be able to hear Him more clearly and be obedient to His will in MY life. God bless!
---Holly4jc on 3/21/08


We have two options. Our leaders, including the President, Senators, military echelon, the soldiers, and ourselves repeatedly have not prayed to God for guidance on whether to go to war, or...

we have proceeded numerous times in defiance of God.

Or God does not speak to us. Explaining both conscientious objectors and brave soldiers acting on the belief that they are proceeding correctly after prayer.
And why people of different faiths pray and then kill each other.
---matthew on 3/20/08 is quite obvious that if someone prayed to God and asked if they should kill people and they claim God told them yes, then they were not really hearing from God. That answer would contradict the written Word of God. And as I said before, God will not answer you with an answer that contradicts His Word. But God DOES answer you if you seek Him, asking Him for an answer. It may not be in the timing you wanted or the answer you wanted, but He promises to answer us when we call unto Him.
---Holly4jc on 3/20/08


Since it is a fact that two people will pray on a subject and get different answers, it is clear that while prayer may help us come to a personal conclusion, God is not talking to us. If He were, people around the world would not be killing each other after praying for guidance about whether they should kill each other. We should not exagerate the meaning of our internal voices. Some of them are quite insane.
---matthew on 3/20/08

Matthew, you need to be specific...what kind of question? If it's not personal, then what? A question about the bible? And as you get closer to God, it becomes easier to hear and discern His voice from the voice of the enemy or your flesh.
---Holly4jc on 3/20/08

Holly,(They are asking the same question, not personal.)

You have two Christains and they pray to God for an answer. God's answer on the same question is different for each. How do you know which one is getting an actual answer from God? How do you know that they are not both schizophrenic and hearing voices?

What's this about a track record---you mean like betting on horses?
---matthew on 3/19/08

1) Matthew...first of depends on what these two people are asking God. Is it something that is how do I get saved, or something personal? God is consistent on those things that are His truth, but when it comes to personal answers, well...they can be personalized to fit that person's situation, maturity in the Lord or God's will for someone's life. The Bible does say that God's sheep know His voice. Learning to hear God's voice is sometimes just a matter of trial and error.
---Holly4jc on 3/19/08

2) Any answer from God will NOT go against His written Word. If it does, it's not God. God also says that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him and that if you call out to Him, He will answer. Of course, if you are not sure if what you are hearing is from God, then take it to people you know have a track record of hearing from God (to pray about it with you to further test what you've heard), those whom you trust and that you know love you enough to speak truth into your life. :-)
---Holly4jc on 3/19/08

I seriously doubt if God gives anyone that gift today. Especially on this site.
---catherine on 3/19/08


So answer me this. You have two Christains and they pray to God for an answer. God's answer on the same question is different for each. How do you know which one is getting an actual answer from God? How do you know that they are not both schizophrenic and hearing voices?
---matthew on 3/18/08


Funny thing but those same news sources you reference all seem to acknowledge that those things about Obama are falsehoods used to attempt to discredit him.

And if you ask God to tell you to vote for, who did you vote for last time, and how did that work out?

Curious that people pray for guidance on who to vote for, but they seem to get different answers. Are people hearing from different Gods, or are some just a little psychotic?
---matthew on 3/17/08

God speaks to me all the time through dreams and visions, just as He promised He would do in His Word:

Joel 2:28-29
"And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh,
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.
And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.
---Holly4jc on 3/10/08

Job 33:14-16
For God may speak in one way, or in another,
Yet man does not perceive it.
In a dream, in a vision of the night,
When deep sleep falls upon men,
While slumbering on their beds,
Then He opens the ears of men,
And seals their instruction.

God shows examples throughout the Bible where He spoke to people and gave them instructions through dreams. God changes not...He is still speaking through dreams.
---Holly4jc on 3/10/08

Karen, I don't have the Gift of interpreting dreams, though I'm fascinated by them. But, your dream reminds me of a prophetic dream I read where a false rapture was staged by Satan, and he sent his demonic angels, who were morphed into "space aliens" in spaceships. And they were chasing after people on the Earth, and would "beam them up" kicking and screaming. And only by the Name of YAHUSHUA could one be protected from them.
---Gordon on 3/9/08

Got Obabma info from the news. C-span, cnn, etc. Nothing first hand experience.

But MY belief- I Pray & ask God who I should vote for- then I vote for whom He says. I know God's voice & I know He won't lead me wrong. And as long as I follow Him, I am in the clear and protected. I very seldom follow a party. I follow God.
---PrincessTookie on 3/8/08

God does give dreams and visions still today as he did yesterday. God is the same Yesterday, today and forever. Your answer to this question is only part truth, no offence !
---Robert on 3/9/08

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I had a dream that Christians were leaving California in droves. But it was not from God. My friends and I were talking about SB777 and a new bill SB12XX and how a judge was deciding what to do with homeschoolers. I thought, just before I fell asleep, that what was happening with all the antiChristian laws being active is a sign from God for Christians to leave California because He is to destroy California. That's why the dream.
---Steveng on 3/7/08

Dreams like that are often caused by indigestion.
---John1944 on 3/7/08

Dear "Dreamer". I have lots of dreams, many of them absolutely bizarre. I have found that the more I read God's Word, the more I dream of God. The "dark" dream usually represents, not any plan or message of God, but simply pictures of darkness or the enemy. I enjoy dreaming of God's light and love, which I do frequently. You have read in the Word that dreams can be from God. Most dreams are NOT! They are simply a result of imaginations while we sleep. Philippians 2:5
---Andrew on 3/7/08

The Lord does indeed give dreams and visions unto his people. You may wish to look into Paul's vision about Macedonia.
It is very real and I would be slow to speak against something that the Lord uses.
Especially when he is attempting to warn so called Christians to repent before it is too late!
If you hinder people from repenting you can wind up with a lot of blood on your hands from arogance!
---Frank on 3/7/08

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Furthermore, I have read your claims of being a prophetess and checked your blogs to see if your words bear witness to your claim.
Young lady, you need to repent and sit on a pew and learn!
There are too many speaking foolishness and damning souls in ignorance without you joining their ranks!
I gave the interpretation to two dreams and they were "thus saith the Lord."
You better repent!
---Frank on 3/7/08

Another message from God.>>>Eventhough God still gives dreams and visions to certain select, [His people]. The dream and or visions may be related in content but not exact. God wants everyone to know and for you to understand. And that He does not give out visions and or dreams as He did back in biblical days to His prophets.
---catherine on 3/7/08

**One out of the blue with no input from my own experiences, the other was probably a result of the knowledge I discovered as a result of the first experience.**

frances, since your experiences include believing Veronica Leukens and John Todd and repeating the slander that Obama is a Muslim, I have no reason to take you seriously.
---Jack on 3/6/08

CrystalCLEAR, I voted for your post. Good one.

Princess T, I can see why Obama would not want to face the flag. He is for the New World Order, and Sovereignity or Republicanism is standing in the way. Any form of Patriotism is bad for the NWO people. So is any form of denomination/non denomination Christian.
---frances008 on 3/5/08

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StrongAxe, you are right to say that the imagination has some bearing on dreams. But what I got was no dream it was an actual experience. Actually two. One out of the blue with no input from my own experiences, the other was probably a result of the knowledge I discovered as a result of the first experience.

Secondly, I had dreams out of the blue which turned out to come to pass a couple of weeks later concerning happenings in Iraq. I could not have even imagined these before they happened.
---frances008 on 3/5/08


The constitution is the essence of what it means to be America. The flag is just a superficial symbol of that.

I would rather a president who spits on the flag but reveres the constitution, than one (like now) who salutes the flag, but spits on the constitution.

I would rather a Christian of deep faith and understanding who wears no Christian "bling" than one whose car is plastered with WWJD stickers, but who has a Bible on his bookshelf still in shrink wrap.
---StrongAxe on 3/5/08


1) It was NOT Barack Obama who was "sworn in" on the Qur'an. It was Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota).

2) In fact, NO representative of the house EVER takes an oath of office on a Bible or Qur'an, or Torah or any other book. They are sworn in as a group, they raise their right hands and repeat the oath as required by the Constitution. "Swearing in on a Bible" is often done as a photo-op for the press, however, that has no legal weight.
---StrongAxe on 3/5/08


Where is your evidence for these claims about Obama?
---matthew on 3/5/08

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Vehicles represent self. Who was in the driver's seat?
Devil worshippers, demons.
There were no angels in this dream, no one being rescued, everyone was dying. A dream about death.

There wasn't any hope or life, but death.
When personal strength is waning, someone is drained, exhausted, weary, they often times dream about their life's blood draining away and death.

Renew your mind with the Word of God and see if you have a new kind of dreams.
---Cindy on 3/5/08

Obama may be in a Christian church but he was sworn in on the Quran. And he turns his back to the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. And refuses to say it. And I haven't heard him -confess with his mouth- Jesus is Lord and that he is saved by His blood.
---PrincessTookie on 3/5/08

Sometimes dreams could be prophetic, but most of them probably aren't. We tend to dream about things that concern us during waking hours. If someone reads a lot of books about the coming apocalypse, it's likely that his/her head would be filled with all kinds of apocalyptic images (so dreaming about such images would be quite natural).

When I was a young Christian and read many books of that kind, I had many dreams of that kind as well.
---StrongAxe on 3/5/08


If you're thinking about Barack Obama, he's NOT a Muslim, he's a Christian.
---StrongAxe on 3/5/08

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I had an experience that I won't go into but it was much like this...a terrifying word of knowledge about the future events for Christians. Helicopters are probably already doing this in some places in the world. In the Philippines gangs on motorbikes do assassinations of Christians. It is a future event you are seeing.
---frances008 on 3/5/08

Your dream bears witness to Karen's. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every matter be established.
It is a warning to all.
---Frank on 3/4/08


I have no idea what that meant, but what amazes me is that its the same dream I had three nights ago. And I have a friend who had it a week ago. It is a warning of something coming very soon and it frightens me. I think they're coming to get us. They're going to take us away.

It may be a warning not to vote for that black Muslim.
---CRYSTALclear on 3/4/08

Buildings with no doors or windows:
We are a spiritual house.
Doors represent Christ.
Windows represent where the rain and the Holy Ghost come forth.
You are surrounded by many that do not have either the Lord, the rightly divided word of truth or the Spirit. Sadly they do not realize it.
---Frank on 3/4/08

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Faceless as covered by dark shadow:
Moses face shown from the Spirit and he veiled himself.
Stephen's face shown like an angel: those in the presence of God.
Those without the Lord, the rightly divided word of truth or the baptism of the Holy Ghost have not been in his presence. Sadly they don't know it.
Darkness is covering the kingdom of God as the stars fall and they refuse to repent.
---Frank on 3/4/08

1- This is the interpretation:
Walking and day turned into night:
You are walking in faith as the Light of Christianity is being darkened all around you through pride, wicked works and twisted scripture. Darkness is overcoming the rebellious saints with the spirit of antichrist.
---Frank on 3/4/08

2- Choppers flying to catch both believers and non believers:
The prince and power of the air has sent forth his false prophets and their chariots of twisted power is damning both believers and non believers as they lead astray saints and hinder the lost from seeing the true Light of Christ.
---Frank on 3/4/08

3- Those who tried to escape are killed:
A time is coming when may of the saints of God will be overcome by the antichrist as stated in Daniel and Revelation. Many will fall to try them and many shall be put to death before the end comes.
---Frank on 3/4/08

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4- Everything is advanced:
This will happen in the near future and you are being warned to continue in faith and seek out the old paths where is the good way of God before all of this modern day heresy. It is coming sooner than many believe and you will witness it.
---Frank on 3/4/08

5- Cars lifted and smashed to the ground by devil worshippers:
Not all who say Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of God and many who claim to be Christians are serving and worshipping devils in unawares.
The Lord is coming soon and many shall wish they never played games with his word!
Christianity needs to humble themselves and repent!

---Frank on 3/4/08

Try to serve the Lord to the best of your ability. If you do not have the baptism of the Holy Ghost, strive for it! Stay humble. Pray,and serve the Lord with all your heart.
The Lord is coming soon! Way sooner than many think!
---Frank on 3/4/08

Many here and around the world do serve doctrines of devils. Others deceive themselves and that is why you have been warned.
That you do not perish with the deceived. The deceived and deceiver both shall have their part in the lake that burns with fire where their worm dieth not.
For those who played with the word of God for money or their own pride upon the Lord's return there's gonna be hell to pay!
This 7 part interpretation is: Thus saith the LORD.
May God bless.
---Frank on 3/4/08

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God's Spirt, God's Angels, Demons, Our Own Logic and Emotions, & even physiological distress can be sources of our dreams.
Dream-Interpretation IS biblical, but not always mechanically interpreted. I have a good idea about what it means, but I hesitate to cast pearls, or give fodder for an argument.

I think you have a pretty good idea what some, or most, of your dream means to you. Review the previous day's experiences, but find a christian who has this gift of the prophetic
---timotheus on 3/4/08

I've read all the posts and the dreams everyone is having are not of God. They are cookie cutter interpretations. If they were, you would definately know it was from God. You will not find interpreters on these blogs. If God does give you a message, and you ask God for understanding, He will guide a person to you to interprete your dream. Job 33
---Steveng on 3/4/08

For a dream interperation ask Christian dream expert and Prophet John Paul Jackson at Streams Ministries International. He can help you.
---Leslie on 3/4/08

Are you serious. How old are you. I am sure you have heard of old and young dreamers forshadowing the future. I myself have had teriffing dreams of the event. only a bit more elaborate. God is with us, find the encripted map in your bible and seek it when refuge is needed. only the chosen will make it.
---sarai on 3/4/08

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Most dreams don't mean anything.

Really, they don't.

Vibrant dreams are usually caused by too much food or TV too near bedtime. Some can be caused by meds. (Check the patient info if you're taking any.)

But it's nothing to worry about unless you wake up with night terrors or shortness of breath. In that case, see a doctor to eliminate sleep disorders.
---Nancy on 12/3/07

I want to tell you that there really is not enough info for any one to interpret the dream, but if you seek god he will give you the meaning.Try to write the dream out and talk about it. As you do this more will come back to you and help you to get the meaning, and remember the only reason god speaks to us through dreams and visions is to cause us to seek him out more because he only hides his truths for us not from us. God Bless you.
---Lillie on 7/26/07

You asked for an answer so I asked my friend to interpret it for you. it was quite simple. light to darkness. You are born into the world and as you age, satan begins tempting you and leading you into darkness of sin. God's words are the choppers flying around from his scriptures. As you learn truths of Jesus Christ, many who follow satan, christians and non christians try to shatter your faith with false doctrines. Many fall from the truth and are killed or cast out at the judgment.
---Lori on 7/13/07

2-Satan is very good at making error appear to be truth. that is why things appear so beautiful to the eye. Many try to find truth in places God does not reside and are deceived or crash again to the earth by satan's followers. Jesus said the righteous need not fear. Hold onto the iron rod so you avoid the temptings of satan. I know this is an old question, but I wanted to see what my friend had to say in interpretation of it and share it with everyone here.
---Lori on 7/13/07

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Joey: my pal told me, buildings have no windows or doors, people are faceless around you because you are struggling to find your own way in life. You know you have to keep walking, but you need to embrace truths that appear like a street lamp. if you ignor them, your life is in shadows. Not just gospel truths either. you need to develop a plan in your mind. as you focus on that, things will appear clearer with each step you take. you will obtain your goals in all things. only you can make the choices.
---Lori on 7/13/07

JOEY youre dream here it is
buildings with no dores or windows interpatation no human power organization or science can anser the questions you seek for u are seeking great guidance in life with no ansers dark faces in youre dream u wont except the false ansers you encounter from peaple nowing they are wrong darkness is so no truth keep going seams comming to christian site is a start u no where to find youre ansers only from god (those who god gave power to remember turn to christ trust him only
---robert_m_son_of_god on 7/12/07

Joey your dream means you were asleep and that is all.
If you want to know about your future then read the Bible.
---Elder on 7/16/06


You have interpreted your own dream.
1. Im not a christian
2. every person around me was faceless.
3. Its was like a dark shadow over the face.
4. Its been killing me.

We've all been there at one time. no one here is better than you. How ever, there is a reason why you posted the question here. Praise Jesus.

We all need to pray for Joey to have understanding of his dream.

The killing part can end, trust Jesus.
---gerardo on 7/16/06

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Joey, you were seeing your future. Without God you will see all those things. Maybe its a warning for you. Maybe in a close time you will die and God is trying to get your attention.
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

Joey ... It was a typical dream of someone who is afraid of being lost, or alone, and who feels insecure.
I used to dream of trying to find my Mum in a crowded street. They all looked like her, until they turned their face to me.
Same sort of fear.
No meaning, though, no future told.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/16/06

Im not a christian, so dont give me that holy "God has a meaning" crap. But i need to find true meaning of a dream i had. I was walking down a street and no buildings had any doors or windows and every person around me was faceless. Its was like a dark shadow over the face. Can somebody please explain this to me? Its been killing me. If you can, please do so. Thanks. P.S. I didnt mean to be rude about that "God" thing, i just need an answer, not to be preached to. Thanks.
---Joey on 7/16/06

dreams are a result of what you have been thinking about or doing previous to could have been watching a movie .or playing video games etc...
---jana on 5/27/06

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Polymnia, seeing you in a white coat,white signifys purity,holiness, and looking beautiful could mean; if you are a Christian, they see the love of Jesus,His light,and purity shining through you and that is what is beautiful. Not really about you in the flesh but your walk with Christ in the Spirit which makes the beauty. Elder is right never base your life on dreams. Especially other peoples.
---Darlene_1 on 3/24/06

Polymnia, your colleague means that in white you look beautiful but you don't in any other color or you are not very beautiful except in your dreams or they dreamed that they couldn't see your face. They may have dreamed you are still the same old person as ever but the coat is beautiful.
Do you see how foolish we get when we trust in dreams that could have been caused by Pizza breath after 11pm.
Stick with the Written Word of God. It tells you ALL you need to know.
---Elder on 3/24/06

i see that the person that i love was married to an other girl ,he don't know tha i love him but i met him always he livr near to my home and he alway
---fatima_zahra on 3/24/06

A colleague dreamed that I wore a white coat and was very beautiful. Please explain this dream.
---Polymnia on 3/23/06

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I've learned not to make fun of dreams, who knows when God'll bring 'em true...I've similar dreams Karen, in mine it's tornadoes lifting people away. I felt it meant...what God wills, will happen. What I do's trust him. Christ's coming back, for believers/ unbelievers. Not saying they'll be, dream wasn't about rapture but on final days, I think. Evil does have a kind of power, to deceive (symbol-flying cars). God's the ulimate power, it's Him we should look, not ourselves...
---Paula on 12/19/05

Karen, did you get what i wrote? if not email me wayne5363.
---wayne on 7/21/05

Karen, I had a simular dream which I won't go into. Day turning into night represents tribulation. the choppers after believers and non believers is the part of tribulation that all will go through. cars represents christians being killed for their belief.
you had this dream for a reason. wayne5363
---wayne on 7/21/05

This is a good dream for you. If it is prophetic, then you will be abducted by evil and you will survive, either because of your strong faith or because you pretended acquiescence.
---Eloy on 7/18/05

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Dreams come in three forms. Symbolic, Actual, and Message. Symbolic dreams need interpretation, actual and message dreams need no interpretation. Look up in your bible and read all the biblical scriptures about dreams, then ask the Lord in prayer to reveal to you what it means. He will.
---brenda on 7/17/05

Dreams help us relieve some of the stress and anxiety we have in our daily lives. Have you been stressed lately, contemplating your spirituality, thinking about end times, or have had some bad things happen in a relationship? Anxiety forms a story in your dream as an outlet. When I was going through my divorce I was always waking up crying because I'd dream my ex took the boys away from me and I couldn't see them anymore. Never happened, but was because of the worry I had.
---Janet7433 on 6/28/05

[Joel 2:28, Acts 2:14-21], careful, unGodly advice could have been sought [James 1:5-8]. Possibly from things heard/seen before bedtime ["take heed what you hear/see, let not the sun go down on your wrath"], things exposed to, the subconscience, etc, not to mention one's spiritual surrounding(s). It sounds somewhat like "Jacob's Trouble/Tribulation Period", [D. Wilkerson "The Vision"]. Focus on God [Phil.4:5-9]. *My answer? I Thess.[4:13-(18)]5:1-*(17,21)24. God Bless!
---Elishama on 6/27/05

I was wrong and I apologize from my heart, sorry karen. God bless you, and I hope you find your answer.
---vivi on 6/27/05

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EXACTLY how much is TOO much chocolate Elder? I don't think its possible! Actually there is something in chocolate, especially dark chocolate that makes me sleepy and I sleep soundly.
Rather rude Vivi.
Our subconcious keeps working as we sleep, but events mix together often. Pray before you sleep.
---NVBarbara on 6/26/05

Sometimes God gives us dreams as warnings to satans devices and schemes. It is not to fear or worry but to pray against satans plans of attacks and to rebuke them in the name of Jesus.Prayer will counteract his plans.Pray also for interpetation of dreams. God bless you.Jesus is our Victorious Warrior!!
---Renee on 6/26/05

Alright Vivi, you tell us what she should do. Every response here you laughed at. Just because you don't understand her dream that doesn't mean you have to be so rude. Maybe it is nothing, maybe it is something, But what was there to laugh about? What if Daniel laughed at Nebuchadnezzar's dreams and was rude to him?
---Rebecca_D on 6/25/05

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