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Just Lost Four Family Members

Please pray for me that I can regain my emotional equilibrium after the death of four family members within the past four months: my nephew, his wife, my brother and my husband. I love and trust in Jesus Christ but I am having difficulty processing such a tremendous loss.

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 ---jessa4664 on 6/24/05
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Honey I am so sorry for your great loss. I pray in the name of Jesus for your peace and comfort, as you go through this time of sorrow. I pray you will lean on Jesus and trust Him to bring you through this test. And it is only a test. I pray you pass this test.
I have suffered tragedy this year as well. I lost a son and a bro-in-law only one month apart. It is difficult thing to have to deal with but you don't have to go throught it alone. God will never forsake us or leave us alone. Cry out to the Lord for help. He will answer you,beloved. I love you too.
---Robyn on 9/20/08

Be strong in the LORD. He knows your sorrows and flowing tears, My wife and I feel for U, we will always keep you in our prayers. No matter what, please remember GOD loves you always. May ADONAI bless and keep you in HIS loving arms
---Luke on 9/4/08

Oh my, Jessa, that is such a huge loss! Please stay close to Jesus. During extreme stress, some may not easily comprehend the spoken Word but can still read the Bible (or vice versa). Don't allow the devil to overwhelm you further. If all you can do is read the Bible, then read and read and read. Satan won't stop the pressure until you resist, so do everything you can to fight back. I had a friend in a similar situation & she ended up with extreme panic attacks. Please be careful!
---DoryLory on 8/28/07

You are in our prayers, and we do pray that God will give you the strength and the comfort...Our love goes out to you as well, God Bless mary4964
---mary4964 on 3/7/07

Sorry to hear that you lost so much. You will be in my prayers. God be with you.
---Debbie on 3/6/07

Sorry for your loss.I lost 11 relatives in 1 1/2 years it is hard .For you to have it so close together will take time to heal.Grief follows a pattern,first,shock-disbelief it happened, shock brings some numbness which helps you get through the first pain.After burial comes crushing realization they are gone,you feel deeper pain because now it sinks in,its real.For all of it,but especially the third stage of pain/loneliness keep your mind on Christ.Pray,read the Bible.Call prayer partners.
---Darlene1 on 7/1/05

I would like to talk with you about this, if you can.
---Rebecca on 7/1/05

I am still undergoing the same pain of lossing 3 people I loved most. But then just cling on to Jesus for He is the best comfort and He will be with you in your lowest times. Don't neglect the fellowship with fellow believers too. GOd bless you and Be strong jess
---kharole on 7/1/05

God bless you jess and may He keep you strong. You are in my prayers.
---karyn8985 on 6/26/05

Jessa, I hope you have a good supportive loving church body, and friendsand family. Be patient with your sorrows and give yourself time. there is no timeline to grief. No two peopleare alike. My heart just breaks for you dear Sister. Bless you. I send you much love in Jesus name! Rache7576 if you justwant to talk.
---rachel on 6/25/05

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