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Marriage Of Convienence Wrong

Are "marriages of convienence" unGodly?

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 ---Jade on 6/24/05
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You've been letting it all hang out lately, Robyn.
From your answers, it does appear you've been or are miserable in your marriage.
Do you think you'll stay married?
---Sabrina on 8/30/07

A lot of people get married with the full knowledge they do not love their spouses completely. These are marriages of conveniences. Some people are in love with love, weddings, want the ring, just to show out in front of others. People have always done this.They cover it up and won't tell the truth.
---Robyn on 8/28/07

Most probably it would not please God because the expression conveys a motive to marry other than love and that is not good. It can be hard enough to marry without replacing love from the equation.
---Pierr7958 on 8/28/07

Marriage as we know it - falling in "love" and marrying the person you choose - is a relatively modern idea. As far back as the origins of this country, people were marrying as much for survival as for Love. That doesn't make their marriages any better or worse than what we have now; but I submit that just as weddings didn't always cost $50,000 and take a year of planning, marriage wasn't always focused so much on romance. Just a thought.
---Ken on 7/8/05

So are you saying that the marriage of jacob and Leah was ungodly?
---laure5469 on 6/28/05

anything without the love of Christ is ungodly. <><
---monique on 6/28/05

Thank you for all of your replies.
---Jade on 6/28/05

Jacob married Leah And God Blessed them. also many marriages are set up by familys. Some times Feeling fade. I agree that Love that is real is best. but God will show you the way.I know of a elderly cople who married to save on rent and stuff. they weren't as lonly either. some one was there to make sure that they were alive each morning.
---laure5469 on 6/26/05

Marriage of convinience is not what God created marriage to be. He created man and women to love one another and be helpmates to one another out of love. He made marraige to be a beautifull thing not a convenient thing. Marraige is difficult even when in love but if not in love it is very sad and lonely.
---Marla on 6/25/05

I married for security and to feel needed. I couldn't have children and the man had two motherless children-- I adopted them. He ended up being psychologically abusive and we split up. I lost contact at his behest shortly after our separation with my adopted step-children. It was a very painful thing for me. I am now remarried. I support the "marry only for love and with much prayer and counselling".
---Jodi on 6/25/05

A marriage of convience alone can't ever be God's will. God does not take the union of a man and a woman in marriage lightly. Its a lifetime commitment and devotion. If there isn't mutual love, then it is doomed to failure and much heartache. We would be missing out on God's perfect will if we choose the spouse. We always get God's best when we leave the choice to Him.
---Erik on 6/25/05

A marriage of convenience today can become your prison of tomorrow.Marriage without love is dead .God wants husbands and wives to love .Only through love can a marriage endure and be happy.Convenience is a bad reason to marry , since every good and perfect gift comes from God,then bad choices from the fleshly mind is ungodly/doesn't revere God or His will.Even if it's not sin, you will suffer by your own actions as though it is.Eve ate the fruit because it looked good,look what she got into.
---Darlene_1 on 6/25/05

It is better to Marry for love not convience, as marriage is hard enough for the right reasons, and God wants us to support one another, through the good times and the bad. If we do not love our spouse whom God has chosen for us, then it is better to stay single ,and marry for the right reasons when we are in love or otherwise it will not work. It is meant to be till death does us part.
---Debba on 6/24/05

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