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Husband Placed Curse On Family

My husband is so negative that it's starting to get to me and the kids. He's says he is the black sheep of the family, we're poor, we're losers, we'll never have anything, ect... I feel he has placed a curse on our family. What should I do? We are miserable!

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 ---Cana on 6/24/05
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Few people understand that cursing is a real phenomenon and requires we be aware of the power of our own words. Rest assured that "the curse" that is directed at those to whom it does not apply is returned back to the "curser."
By no means claim the not own it, do not agree with it, and do not repeat it in complaint to your husband. Record his words and play them back to him, and calmly tell him his words are damaging his relationship with you and the children. Let him know you don't consider him a loser, but if he continues on this tack, you may be convinced to change your mind.
---Elaine on 5/5/10

When did God ever give out of His own hands the task of belittling or cursing every little thing the book of Genesis says God created and made good? The Bible is still the oldest and wisest book ever written. Every scholar or so-called "know-it-all" need's to come to grips
and get in the right position or face the end results God's word speaks of.
---John on 5/4/10

He has a real problem. Pray a hedge around your house for protection. Lay hands on him and pray and rebuke that negative spirit, do it even if he's asleep. Stay in prayer that God will show him a different path. God bless you.

(Good to see you Linda! You guys need to swing by the humor blog sometime, its a nice release from all the heavy questions sometimes!)
---NVBarbara on 4/27/08

For real I understand. Not easy, not allowing that evil spirit to get off on you. When He starts this negative talking, say something positive in return. Also, if it appears or you feel unusually weak from all of it, ask God to help.
---catherine on 6/25/07

Tell him you're not buying it, you did not marry a loser, but a winner whom has not yet realized his great potential for success in life. Tell him to grow up, and make choices for a better life for himself and his family. He has the power and freedom of choice to change, everyone does. He can choose to go forward, backward, or stand still- tell him to go forward and upward, and you are with him all the way.
---Eloy on 6/25/07

Break the generational/family curse in Jesus name. The blood of Jesus is stronger than his negativity. Don't receive his negativity.
---dan on 6/24/07

Could it be that your husband is suffering from clinical depression?

If so, know that this is not a character flaw nor a spiritual lack, but a PHYSICAL DISEASE. It's a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE, and there are medicines for it.

Only a doctor can properly diagnoses this, however.
---Jack on 6/24/07

Linda Smith. Can you give a Scripture reference to "no man can curse what God has blessed?" Maybe you should say "no man should curse."
I see God saying in Gen.12:3, after he has blessed Abraham, that he will bless those that bless and curse those who curse Abraham's seed. Obviously, God sees us as capable of cursing what he has blessed and rewards us accordingly.
---john on 6/24/07

This may sound silly and may not work for everyone but earlier in my youth I had a tendency to ignore my responsibilities and the needs of my wife and she was frustrated in this but didn't know how to convey her feelings because I would have probably ignored her. She wrote me a letter telling me how much she loved me but wasn't happy. I read the letter and it changed my attitude. Give this a try if you feel it would help. Pray, and bless him.
---john on 6/24/07

Father, I pray for salvation for this man,move on his heart, convicting him of sin,allowing him to become open to the good news of the gospel, help him to see his words as negative,& useless, help him to change, please give his family help in dealing with this, help them to find positive things to think about, so that they too are not pulled into this pit of dispair, full of darkness, that the enemy of his soul has prepared for him, help him to reach up to the light, and learn how to walk in it. Amen
---Gayla on 6/24/07

What does Father God say to you? It is He who we are to agree with. No man can curse what God has blessed.
---Linda_Smith on 6/24/07

I also live with a negative husband. My husband is b/a, spirit-filled, worship leader at church. Finances are bad, we lost our home & now waiting for the baliff to come seize the rest of our stuff. Hubby has own business & when work is slow I never see him reading his Bible, worshipping (except at church), praying. No, he watches TV. Sure he's discouraged but this has been going on for years & years. When is he going to snap out of this? When we're living in a tent? Men are hard to understand.
---anonymous#2516325 on 6/27/05

You have a great opportunity to minister to him love. God blesses his children. Help him to see the blessing you see. Ask God to bless him, to make him feel valued and loved. For you, get some support from other christians. It is us as christains that minister to people who need it. Do you treat him like a black sheep? Or are you loving him with Gods love?
---Linda3939 on 6/27/05


Hebrews 13:18 - request for prayer

James 1:5 -wisdom from God

Philippians 4:3-7 - help these women,
rejoice, be anxious for nothing, let your requests be known to God, the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will fill your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.



Finally, eat properly and get the right amount of sleep.
---barbara67 on 6/27/05

Alan 8863UK,oh no! I value men,and have positive view of most .Believe most husbands are good to their wives/children with a balanced view of life.The good and the bad.I refer to ones with negative attitude, who always see the bad.My Dad was like that, and it nearly drove my positive Mom to disgust.Negative people rarely or never see the bright side of life.If they get a glimpse of anything positive,it is fleeting,they go right back to the dark side.It's about choice,the glass half full or half empty.
---Darlene_1 on 6/26/05

Darlene ... are you saying most husbands are like that?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 6/26/05

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Why look at this situation through "Rosecolored Glasses"for the husband?I want to give you a fact.Most of them aren't depressed,mentally ill in any way ,nor to be pampered or pitied.They are selfcentered,looking at the dark side of everything they impose their views on others without one thought to the effect on the family.Probably learned behavior, but not a true mental or medical illness.They refuse any point of view, but their own. Why try to make excuses for the husband who's stubborn?
---Darlene_1 on 6/26/05

That is not placing a curse on your family.
Husband needs building up not tearing down. He sounds depressed about things. Love him, pray for him. Pray together for your family. treat him as the most wonderful man in the world.
Telling him he is cursing his family will only hurt him more.
Many people are poor but that does not mean you can't be happy. We do not gewt happiness from money or material things we get happiness from trusting in God.
Love your husband and show him some happiness.
---Marla on 6/25/05

Good to see you too Barbara :)
---Linda_Smith on 6/25/05

Just listen to the Holy Spirit. He can guide you as to what to say and what to do...and remember that the Holy Spirit never tears a person down or points a finger. He always testifies of Christ. If you would like to write me personally through my pen pal id linda9974, I can share with you an example of how the leading and anointing of the Holy Ghost will absolutely destroy the yoke.
---Linda_Smith on 6/25/05

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Amen Janet. Your husband doesn't know who he is in Christ nor what Jesus did for and as Him to bring Him back into relationship with God. Because he doesn't know or understand, he projects the image of himself on others. You truly need Father to show you what He thinks of your husband....He loves him with an everlasting love and He desires to reveal Himself through you to your husband.
---Linda_Smith on 6/25/05

He hasn't "placed a curse" on your family,HE is the curse.His attitude sets things up so he will fail.It's called a selffullfilling prophesy.He believes he is a looser,therefore,he does everything in his power to make it true.Besides it takes less effort to fail than succeed. No curse,his own doing.He needs counseling.Tell him he's only a black sheep if he doesn't try not to be,poor if he doesn't try to impove,loser if he quits.Walk away or tell him you won't listen to his BOOHOOing.Pray
---Darlene_1 on 6/25/05

We have God who never sleeps and will never leave us. Use your authority as a child of God, remember we could trample on snakes and scorpions. Pray hard that your husband will change It really works. but if at some point, you cannot leave with it, move on with your life, God has special purposes for each one of us just like me. I have found great peace and found my purpose in God. You can do it!! God is there
---Pure on 6/25/05

I understand your frustratiion, my Dad was and still to a large degree is that way, I can tell you what has helped my family, we are praying for God to open his eyes to the truth, also I myself had to pray for God to let me see my Dad the way he did, I was surprised at how hurt he really is and it helps me not to be so miserable and lets me know how to pray for him. As far as a curse, it is only if you let it be, pray it off.
---Janet_4839 on 6/25/05

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I wouldn't say a curse. But maybe that the reason why he says these things is because he doesn't know how to look on the bright side. I try to speak things as though they already are. He must know that his way of thinking, actions is hindering your spirit. I know what you are going through with. It is hard to be around someone who is always negative. I need to stay postive. but Linda is right regardless how he feels or thinks you are still blessed.
---Rebecca_D on 6/25/05

Do not let your husband put you and your family down, You need to pray for him and break the negativity, that his words have on you. . Sounds like he is suffering from depression and wants to drag everyone down with him. If it is bothering you too much get a pastor to pray with you on this matter and get a prayer partner whom you can trust and will stand with you and pray about such issues as they arise you will find that you will be stronger and be able to cope much better.
---Debbie on 6/25/05

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