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Explain Mark 6:10

If Jesus is God why would he say this? Mark 6:10
Why do you call me good? answered Jesus, No-one is good but God alone!

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 ---v on 6/25/05
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You should be able to find the answers under the blog "Is Jesus also God?"
---Pierr7958 on 7/4/07

Either Jesus is denying it or confirming it! "..none good but God". IF he is "good" then he is God. See 1Cor.3:16 "you are the temple of God, ...Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" 1Cor.6:19 "..your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you,..". Col.1:27 "...Christ in you, the hope of glory:" and Col.2:9 "For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily."
---mike_fl on 8/6/05

30 -I and the Father are one." (John 10:30)38-But if I do it, even though you do not believe me, believe the miracles, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father. ("John 10:38) also read; (John 14:10-11)(John 17:5)
---v on 6/28/05

Jeffrey - To me, the two verses from Ephesians are depicting the trinity.
---DoryLory on 6/28/05

Jeffrey: It all fits -- no lie! Don't take my word for it. God shows us that fact throughout the Bible (Gen.-Rev.). There's only "ONE GOD" (head). The One God is revealed in THREE seperate PERSONS, i.e., Father, Son (Jesus: Matt 3:16-17)/Word (John 1...) & Holy Spirit. Each is co-equally "God" in essence; but, mutually distinct in functions, i.e., agreed upon authority. (John 10:30, 17:21, etc.) Be encouraged, it all fits!
---Leon on 6/28/05

Thanks for your input, Elder, but you didn't address the verses I mentioned in Ephesians which, I'm sure you'll agree, were written long after his resurrection and ascension. I.e., if Jesus had a God when those verses were written, he still has one today.

Eph 1:3 "... the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ..."
Eph 1:17 "... the God of our Lord Jesus Christ..."
---Jeffrey on 6/28/05

The Lord Jesus Christ is "God the Son" but in the issue he forsake his Godhead status, putting on sinful flesh, in the flesh, no one is righteous. He had to obey all the laws like anyone else. only after he was found guilt free and shed the flesh did he get his God head status back.
---geraa7578 on 6/27/05

Correction to prior post: Matt. 19:16-24.
---Leon on 6/27/05

Jeffery, when we minister we must point people to God. When Jesus became flesh He was our example and He laid aside His Deity.
He always pointed people towards the Father.
We must remember that He also laid aside His Deity and became man. He needed water and food for His body just like any man. He could multiply the fishes and bread which no other god could do.
Don't get confused over His Deity v/s His humanity.
---Elder on 6/27/05

Ok, so how do Eph 1:3 and other similar verses fit with your beliefs? In other words, how can there be One Who is "the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Eph 1:3 et al)? How can there be One Who is "the God of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Eph 1:17)? How could Jesus pray to his Father and call Him "the only true God" (John 17:3)?

You know, if it's really the Word of God, it ALL has to fit together because God doesn't lie!
---Jeffrey on 6/26/05

David .... The Bible says that in the beginning was the Word (that is righjt at the beginning of everything) and that "The Word became flesh" (that is Jesus taking on human form.
Does that not show that Jesus WAS God, all the time?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 6/26/05

Jesus was and is good. He healed many people because he had compassion them. He showed through his miricals, and his sinless life that he is God the Son.
Mat 19:16,17
Jesus is saying, if I am good (which I am) I must be God.
Mark 1:1 Luke 1:35 22:70 Jesus is the Word. John 1:1-5,10-14,3:15-18 20:31 Acts 8:37 4:15 5:5,10,12,13,20 1John 4:2,3 5::5-7,20
---Ulrika on 6/26/05

and at that time the Spirit of the Holy God enters man. Jesus was NOT God, he was filled with and anointed by God to carry out his plan. God and the Holy Spirit are the same...The difference is the manifestation, one outside man - one inside. Like having a glass in a sink full of water...Same water inside the glass as outside. In heaven there will be God on the throne and Jesus at his right hand. There is no seat for a third member.
---David on 6/26/05

Jesus was the male son of Mary. He was filled with the Holy Spirit when he was 30. He had authority in the earth because he was born of a woman, he had ability to accomplish Gods work because he was filled with the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) God is a Spirit.. God is Holy.. God is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit dwelt in Jesus fully. God is omnipresent (everywhere) except in the heart of man until the time man accepts God (see next)
---David on 6/26/05

I have always thought that the rich young ruler was a bit proud of himself and thought he was righteous because he kept the Law. Then again the word bootlicker comes to mind. Maybe???
---Phil on 6/26/05

There is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit....when God came to Earth as Jesus He was flesh to teach us about God the Father....Jesus is God but He was in the Son form to bring others to Him as God the Father....hope that helps!
---kelly on 6/25/05

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Mark 10:18 (also Matt. 19:16-14). I believe Jesus was "good"-naturedly acknowledging the fact he is God. It seems Jesus was coaxing him towards "the truth" of the matter though he knew the young man wouldn't get the revelation.

Note: The young man 1st called Jesus "Good Master" then the 2d time he called him "Master" as he persisted in his intellectual pursuit.

Kinda reminds me of when Jesus (Jn. 14:6)was standing before Pilate (Jn. 18:33-38).
---Leon on 6/25/05

Mark 10:18 says that. 'And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? None good but one God.' He was talking to a rich man, a man with many gods. Not that he was hiding the fact that he was God, he was saying to the man that was asking about eternal life to do what he said, sell what you have and come follow me.
---gregg8944 on 6/25/05

Jesus was giving God the glory,it gives us something to think about.
---willa35777 on 6/25/05

The verse you quote is actually found in Mark 10:18 and Luke 18:19. I think that Jesus is asking the man WHY to see what He answers? We don't seem to be given the answer in this passage but we know that Jesus is God. Maybe Jesus was testing the man to see if he was aware that He was God. I will be interested in the answers of others on this one.
---Xanthi on 6/25/05

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One commentator offers this explainatin:
"It is a mistake to suppose that Jesus denies his own sinlessness, or disclaims divinity. The perfect goodness of God was a universal doctrine of Judaism; and it is evident that the Lord was here building the young man's thoughts toward the recognition of Jesus as God. It is the equivalent of our Lord's saying, "Look, don't you know that if I am good, as you say, then I am therefore God?"
---Bruce5656 on 6/25/05

I think you meant Mark 10:18, not Mark 6:10. Typically, Jesus responded in this way to those who were searching so that the Holy Spirit could convict them that He indeed was God.
---Jerry6593 on 6/25/05

sorry I meant .. mark 10 ; 18
---v on 6/25/05

Jesus was God in the flesh
---shira_5965 on 6/25/05

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The scripture is Mark 10:18. Jesus said this because he is self-abased. And as in Luke 17:10, we too while serving the Lord are not to sound a trumpet in front of us or boast, but we are to say, "i am an undeserving servant and just doing my duty." Please read Psalm 22:6; Philippians 2:7,8.
---Eloy on 6/25/05

I think the Scripture reference should be Mark 10:18 (not 6:10).

This is a quote from my study Bible: True goodness is the prerogative of God, yet the man had called Jesus "Good Teacher." If Jesus was only a teacher, then He did not deserve to be called "good." On the other hand, if He was indeed good, then He was God. Whether or not this is a veiled claim to deity, Jesus directs the man's attention to God, the ultimate standard of goodness. (Spirit Filled Life Bible)
---DoryLory on 6/25/05

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