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How To Get Soulmate In My Life

I met my soulmate on here but we had an argument and now he won't talk to me what should I do to get him back in my life becasue I love him very much.

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 ---jennifer on 6/25/05
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Ah, matters of the heart. As difficult as it may be I would wait for a while. If God knows you, ask Him to help you, my friend.
---catherine on 8/9/10

well. if it had not been for the Lord showing me my friend I would never know that he is my soulmate. the Lord has shown me visions of this man. even after I almost messed it up twice. so I know the Lord has sent this man my way. before i met this man the Lord showed me a vision that I would be happy one day.
---Diamond on 8/8/10

Tell him that you are sorry you got into an argument.He should be willing to forgive and forget. If he does not accept your apology HE probably IS NO SOU-LMATE OF YOURS! and you should keep looking.
---Pierr7958 on 4/29/08

Amos 3. 3 says "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?' (in Christ). You say he is your soulmate, but his refusal to speak to you speaks otherwise. Do not force what God has not ordained. Pray and seek guidance.
---ericka on 7/26/07

I believe that God has made all of us a soulmate, it's just a matter of finding them. If out of your life due to a disagreement then i find it hard to believe was the right one. Christians have to forgive each other after an argument. So, if he was your real soulmate & a good Christian then this would not have happened like that. So i'm sure the right one is out there, you just have not met them yet. God Bless You, for i too am searching for my soulmate from God. Bright Blessings to you.
---Canda8644 on 3/17/07

Oh Brother.
If he was really your soulmate, you wouldn't have to figure out a way to get him back.
And the fact that you love him soooo much tells me it's infatuation to the max.
---ClingWrap on 3/17/07

I am going through exactly the same situation as Jennifer. Thx for all the good advice, felt like God was speaking to me through many of the replies

It's really a red flag when a guy doesn't talk to you for days on end, sign of possible immaturity and definetely not a good thing for a relationship.

Am going to completely step back. If this is God's will, it will happen. If not, there's someone better waiting for me somewhere.

Jesus be praised.
---Melody on 8/20/05

5. My advice it to trust in the Lord. Many times when things don't work out is because God might have been looking out for you and also for him. We don't know why, but we have to believe that God does. All you have to do is work with Him, GOD, and be the person you are. Meet people and let God govern your life. Keep Him your focus and things will work out for you. There is many nice guys out there, not everyone is the same. Sometimes the guy God has for you is so close already, you might have missed him.
---lupe2618 on 7/27/05

4. I have also known sisters that have met others and things work out so great. They meet and things just click. I met someone myself and we always talked about God. After a year I had known a lot about her. When we were going to meet I was scared she might not like me in person but I had already told myself that if she didn't, it would be fine cause we would have made a friendship and that would be enough for me. We met and things have worked out supper.
---lupe2618 on 7/27/05

3. I believe that man do work in a different manner then women. They look at things much different. I believe he came and saw someone else other then the one he had been writing to. Whatever the reason it just didn't work out. I believe if it was God's will for something to happen, it would have happen some way that would keep them still talking and working things out. Man don't think with emotions so much as women do.
---lupe2618 on 7/27/05

2. In the case of my sister in law, she had made plans already to get married and where she was going to live. When he decided to come, he came and left the next day giving excuses why he had to leave. My sister in law was crushed. I knew something like this was going to happen because she had got ahead of herself and was working on her feelings and not depending on God. The reason he left could be many things.
---lupe2618 on 7/27/05

Jennifer, I don't normally answer this kind of questions but I read what everyone said and I believe most of the answers were right on. especally Latrice and some others to go in prayer. I have a sister in law that met someone on the net and she talked to him for a long time. They begin with God and went from there to what their needs were. No more God involve and just their feelings. It is easy to talk about what we need and those things on the net.
---lupe2618 on 7/27/05

Runyamhere, I'd like to rephrase your statement: "Jenny, it would help you to know that SOME men will flee commitment at whatever chance."

Please, do not put all men in the same basket.
---Albert on 7/4/05

Jenny, it would help you to know that men will flee commitment at whatever chance.Chances are he might not be mature enough, believe me, i once made up an argument just to ditch a girl.It usually happens when the guy is not the initiator of the relationship. Keep praying, God will give you someone.
---runyamhere on 6/30/05

Take it as a red flag that he isn't your soulmate. Communication is a very basic need in a healthy relationship. Step away from him. Maybe he will mature and come back to you. If not, it wasn't meant to be and consider yourself blessed that you were given such a strong signal that this wasn't right for you.
---Eg on 6/27/05

Jennifer, idont know if this will work, but since he had a toungue before foresure he must know what to say just one morning wen yu wake up ..tell him GOOD MORNING ( BY HIS NAME) JESUS LOVES YOU AND I LOVE YOU TOO. then wait and see and HEAR if he does not then you know what you have to do ,yes forgive HIM AND MOVE ON.
---peter on 6/27/05

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Sorrfy for yu that your feeling are hurt. Actually if he was your soul mate he would not want to hurt you however, if he has his reasons and he TRULY is your soul mate in Gods eyes he will come back on his own. From experience you can not make anyone do anything they do not want to do.
---patty on 6/26/05

My soulmate, now my x, would not speak to me for days at a time. Toward the end of the marriage, he did not speak to me for six months, not a word. To me that was not a man meant for me, this is a form of mental beatings, not to speak of the other physical beatings I got. And that old saying 'SILENCE IS GOLDEN' is a lie. Immaturity comes in all ages and stages of life. I would be very prayerful.
---anon on 6/26/05

Hi Jennifer :-)! I "met" my wife in a christian chat room on one of the many christian sites that you can find on the internet. And the 2 main things we looked for and prayed about is God's perfect will for us and His perfect peace. She lived in Norway and i was in America, we were roughly 4,000 miles apart, and it was our awesome God the brought us together. Do not let the things you want take your focus off of Jesus.
---norwa8776 on 6/26/05

You don't have to worry Jen...if God design him for you, he will come back to you. Pray and let the will of God prevails. You are very precious in the sight of the Lord. He knows what is the best for you...and He knows what he is doing. Be strong and draw near to the Lord more and more.
---mi on 6/25/05

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I think you already know what you have to do. Seek God if it is God will he will restore you guys relationship. Sometimes we fall so fast that we do not take time and seek God on the decisions we make. All it does is keep us in confusion and out of Gods will. Just apologize for any wrongdoing you have done and pray and let our Father work. Be Blessed
---Latrice on 6/25/05

I suggest you just pray. If he is truly your soulmate and God has that for your will, have faith God will work it out for you. Be patient and focus your attention on the most High while you are seeking him he will fix your issue. Be Blessed
---Latrice on 6/25/05

If he truly is your soulmate, he will be in contact with you again. Don't pursue him, just wait and pray for God's will to be done, and be prepared to accept His will whether it's what you want or not.
---lisa_1 on 6/25/05

I am sure that you have heard this before Jennifer. If he is the one that God has for has for you, he will come around and wil see the you are the one that He has chosen for him. Don't stress about what may or may not happen...All things are in His hands. Don't try to win Him back in your strength, but ask God to Bless him; And above all, seek His will for your life. Jennifer, just because a guy is a christian does not mean that he is the guy God has for you.
---norwa8776 on 6/25/05

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Jennefer I do not mean to hurt your feelings or burst your bubble but a soul mate does not get into an argument and then not talk to you. Sorry.......... I would move on ......
---rachel on 6/25/05

You must clear your conscience by apologizing to him. Then leave it in God's hands. If he has stepped away from the relationship because you had an arguement then I would re-examine the relationship. Give him some breathing room to figure things out and you do the same. Let God be God and allow HIM to put it back together,if this is the "right" one for you. God loves you and will only do what if BEST for you.
---Karen on 6/25/05

here have to pray and ask God to renew your relationship and beleave him for it in Jesus name and I am praying for you also,may God bless you speedly.
---willa3577 on 6/25/05

How do you know he is your soulmate? Is he God's choice for your life. If he is than pray and ask God what is his will and if it is his will than he will make a way. He can soften this man's heart to forgivness if it is his will for your life.
Pray and see if this man is your choice or God's.
---M. on 6/25/05

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The first thing we should ever do as Christians is to pray before making any decisions or taking any actions. Seek God's guidance. Ask Him for wisdom. If its God's will for you to be with this man, and he is truly your soulmate, chosen by God, then it work work out. Pray about it, then release it to the Lord. Don't do God's work for Him. He is the restorer of relationships.
---Erik on 6/25/05

If he is the one God has chosen for you, nothing will keep him from you, he will love you no matter what! Gods choice will love you for you! And if he will not desire to resolve an arguement, he is not ready for a relationship and needs to grow up. Communication is a priority in any relationship. Without it, a relationship will not work. But when God puts 2 ppl together, they will both be ready.
---Pat on 6/25/05

Jen,Love is the key.You know this.Take a step back and hold.Think of ways you can love this guy.Don't smother him.Be kind and gentle.Always treat him with respect and honor even when he's got a good slap coming.Apologize to him whether you were right or wrong in the argument.Tell him how you feel and that you want to start again.1 corinthians 13:4-8 should help.You deffinetly want to talk to God on this matter.He's your Dad. He wants to be involved in every part of your life.He will take care of you.
---Chuck on 6/25/05

Jennifer I wouldnt do anything but say you were sorry. And I wouldnt do anything to try to force someone back into my life. If he wont even talk to you that is an indiction to me that he doesnt love you as much as you think you love him. I was in a relationship for TWELVE YEARS with a guy I believed was my soulmate, but it just wasnt meant to be on his side of things.
---Janet7433 on 6/25/05

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Pray about it and let God handle it. Had the two of you actually met or were you just talking on line? I only ask because the same kind of thing happened with me on here as well. I will keep you in my prayers kiddo!!
---Elaine on 6/25/05

Any man who acts as immature as he does isn't worth me...I had been talking to someone for almost 2 years and we were supposed to meet this weekend and he stopped all communication a week ago so I told him not to bother's a head game that people like to play....move on as God has got someone very special in mind who deserves you a lot more than this man does....
---fran8674 on 6/25/05

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