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How Can You Go To Hell

Why do some say that suicide is the only thing that can seperate a person from God and send a person to hell? I thought that not excepting Christ was the only road to hell. Comments anyone?

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 ---Seeker on 6/26/05
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You can not say "Forgive me for what I'm about to do" then do it and expect the Lord to forgive. He's speaking to them and if a person really had the love for him, if they really was HIS, if they really have a relationship with Him, they would hear his voice calling to them telling them "NO". Suicide is murder. Who do you think is telling them to do it? It's not God. It's Satan. To do the devils bidding is a sin.
---dayce on 7/20/08

I don't know what you are reading Greg, but Samson is not in the book of Hebrews (what verse or passage are you referring to?), nor is there a "Hall" of faith.

Did someone tell you this?
---more_excellent_way on 7/20/08

What about the book of Hebrews? The chapter of the Hall of Faith, Samson made it in that chapter and he knowingly gave his life and he asked God for the strength to do it.
---greg on 7/19/08

I have been saved for over 21 years now. I believed in the traditional view of hell for all that time. After much research, I know annihilationism is absolutely scriptural. I looked at all the texts that speak of the fate of the unsaved, I see that their fate is complete destruction (the second death), not life or eternal existence there. (Matt 10:28, Rev. 20:15, Phil 3:19, Rom 6:23, James 4:12.) The wages of sin is death, not eternal torment!
---doug on 10/10/07

Destruction is indeed their just punishment. It is capital punishment forever, while the righteous inherit life forever. Yes, hell is eternal (for the devil), but unbelievers perish there (John 3:16) they are destroyed (Matt 10:28). This is what is called the conditionalist view. The lost are absolutely not immortal. The only people who gain immortality are those who fulfill the condition in scripture, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Must read Romans 2:7, 1 Cor 15:53.
---doug on 10/10/07

Why do we need to seek immortality (Rom 2:7) if all have it? They obviously dont! That means most will die and not live forever! (John 6:51) Believers are the only ones who get immortality at the resurrection. (2 Timothy 1:10) All others are destroyed in hell after the judgment. (Matt 10:28, Rev. 20:14-15) There are many, many more scriptures to show this is the biblical view of the lost. For more information today, do a web search on Conditional Immortality.
---doug on 10/10/07

The unlearned say many things, but the truth which is revealed in the Holy Bible is, there are three kinds of people who go to hell: the wicked by nature who never heard the gospel+ the person who heard the gospel, but rejected it+ and the backslider who never repented or returned to the Lord.
---Eloy on 9/30/07

I don't know the answer, but the Bible says that God knows our needs before we pray and I believe he knows what we would ask Him for forgiveness for as well. He and only He knows our hearts and it is He who has the compasion,mercy and grace or judgement. Sin is more about the condition of the heart of a person and that is what I believe God looks at. If a born again Christian dies suddenly with unconfessed sin pending, I do not think he goes to hell for it. Suicide may be viewed in this manner as well.
---splaa6685 on 9/29/07

How can you go to Hell? For most people it won't be too difficult. Lets put it this way. If a person has been saved, cleansed by the blood. I simply refuse to believe that God all powerful would allow one of His own to take such a drastic step of unbelief.
---catherine on 9/29/07

Rejecting God's only "Begotten Son" Jesus Christ is truly what sends a person to hell. Recieving Him or rejecting Him is what will determine where you are going when you die. As far as suicide, if someone chooses to end their own life, then I believe that they are playing God. We all have an appointment with death, and I believe that God should determine when that time will be, not any human being. He is the Creator, we are just the creatures.
---Cynthia on 9/29/07

You are right. Not accepting Jesus as Lord is the only sure fire way of spending eternity in hell. What some folks would say is that the person who committed suicide is going to hell because he/she didn't accept God's help at that time. I would be willing to go so far as to say that each of us every day in some form or fashion reject His help.
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/07

Well you are seperating yourself from God when you take your life. and techanilly that person isn't thinking that God can help them, they are thinking that no one can help them, so therefore they are rejecting God, and all that he offers. Satat comes to kill, steal and destory, but God give life more abundantly, how can one gain a new life with God if they didn't have God in their heart when they died?
---Rebecca_D on 11/5/05

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the unpardonable sin that wil send someone to hell.
---joe on 11/5/05

You are correct! How the idea of suicide got into the picture, I don't know. To my knowledge, there is no Scripture to document this idea of suicide being an automatic cause of someone going to hell.
---WIVV on 11/4/05

I have no idea about this question the moral or spiritual implications but a few times I've wanted to die and decided not to and I'm glad I didn't. The bad things in this life are temporary you fight through them. If we didn't know pain, how would we recognize joy? God didn't put us here to have it easy, he put us here to choose him following him isn't safe. If we die tonight how will we know if we could have made it to the dawn? God doesn't want us to give up.
---Katz on 8/26/05

When this happens again - ask for a chapter and verses in a good transalation. (Don't settle for church doctrine or scripture taken out of context.) You are right, the only thing that will cause a person to go to hell is not excepting Christ as the only Savior.
---Ray on 7/19/05

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Rebecca, I believe that Damian is a lost person in search of something and it isn't God. He even made a joke about it. Don't be surprised because the lost get into these websites to make fun of something they don't understand. As I said before the lost don't care, they are lost and love been there.
---Lupe2618 on 7/12/05

Damion; surely you don't believe what you just said? If you don't believe in heaven or hell, then you can't believe in God. Why do you believe what you believe, and how did you come to this knowledge? Just curious. Are you an Athiest?
---Rebecca_D on 7/11/05


Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the reason we believe in an after life. I do believe that hell is darkness and heaven is light. If you have a speck of light in you there is hope for you in heaven. Hell is made up of pure evil. It is eternal and designed for those who are voide of light.
---maha on 7/11/05

Nobody is going to hell and nobody will go to heaven. If you die your life ends. That's it, please people wake up from your dream and face the truth.
---Damian on 7/11/05

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I know of a person who was a christian for 40 years, they found him one day, he shot himself. Satan has alot to do with this, but the person listening to him, is allowing him to do such things. Suicide does seperate you from God, it says in the bible that our lives aren't ours to take. this person chose to end his/her life. They don't all of a sudden just do it, they pond on it, plan it out, feeling worthless, helpless, while satan is feeding off of their fear, while making them sick in the head.
---Jo on 7/7/05

Jeannie, I don't know who you are addressing, but I am in agreement with you. Linda
---Linda_Smith on 7/7/05

Linda, Jesus said, I will not lose even one the father has given me. Jesus also died for every sin that we commit or have committed and have yet to commit! Which one didnt he pay for on the cross.
---Jeannie on 6/29/05

Not accepting Christ, Blasphamy of the holy spirit (because the is the only sin that you can not be forgiven for) and some suicides. That's it.
---angea6336 on 6/29/05

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It depends on the frame of mind you were in when you committed the act. If you were insane I do not believe that God punishes those that were tormented and tortured.
---angea6336 on 6/29/05

If you were sane and you decided to take your life in your own hands and you don't care then yes, I believe you go to hell. There is only one scripture the gets close to this answer and it tell us that if we destroy the temple of God (which is us) then he will destroy us. God doesn't send anyone to hell but we can send ourselves there out of rebellion. We tries every way he can to stop us but we always want to be in control.
---angea6336 on 6/29/05

Linda, it was well put. I don't know why some Christians cannot see that the good we do, is Christ through us. Not what we think we can do. Our strength did not get us anywhere to begin with. I wonder why we still think we can make things right with God without God working through us. That is why many judge others when they see them commit suicide. So long as we are human we will always fail. We can try and try on our own strength but we accomplish nothing without Christ doing the work Himself.
---Lupe2618 on 6/29/05

Amos 9:2, for suicide, and plus "thou shall not kill". Let's agree that we disagree. I believe that the ones who end their life go to hell. You, I really don't know what you believe.
---Rebecca_D on 6/27/05

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The soul in hell is exactly what I am talking about. The soul and the eternal spirit are not the same. The torment of the unrenewed carnal mind does affect the will and emotions.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

Also Barbara, the fear of hell is not what qualifies a man to be saved. What Jesus did is what qualifies a man to be saved. We don't get saved because we are afraid of hell. We are saved because we believe in Jesus. Shocker, huh? If you try to get a man saved by scaring him to death, you will have to keep him saved that same way...and God is not the author of fear.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

But if all he had been taught was how to do a bunch of things to earn God's favor instead of how to draw from the well of life within him, then that would explain everything now wouldn't it? The Word tells us, "All our children shall be taught OF THE LORD, and great shall be the peace of them." Did God fail this boy? Absolutely not. You are placing your faith in that boy's inability instead of in the ability and everlasting love of a Father for one of His children.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

Our faith is in that but if we don't know it and know His heart for man, our faith is useless unto the saving of the soul (mind, will, emotions, and thinking faculties) and the very best we could hope for is to experience the death that the carnal mind brings. The adversary is after the soul to bring death to the body because if you lose your body, you lose mobility in the earth...and people need us here to bring them Christ.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

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This is why Father God so adamantly exhorts us to enter into His rest. Until we do that, we are constantly striving against sin and warring with that carnality. Jesus has already strove against sin and won.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

At that point, I had absolutely no doubt that I would have went right into His presence. You know how I knew that? Because even though the carnal mind was ruling my thoughts at that time, He was still speaking to me. That is how I know that He loved me no matter what and that I was (and would have been) received and accepted in the Beloved. There is a very distinct separation between the spirit and the carnal mind.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

The natural result of that is to do away with what he believes is separating him from God....himself. I have been through this and have wanted nothing more than to just put off my body (actually asked Father to let me do that) and go into His presence where I would not be at war with myself or with God anymore.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

Gives a whole new meaning to hell and torment. I have been there. I truly believe that a person who commits suicide is already experiencing the torment of feeling like he is unable to reach God...alienated (in his mind) by wicked works (those things we try to do to earn God's favor) and all because of a false image of the Father. That carnal thinking is in direct opposition to the grace available in his spirit by joint union with Christ and he is at war with himself.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

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Depression then becomes despair to the place where it SEEMS there is no hope because there is no way that he, in his own strength, can do those one hundred and one things necessary to bring him into the favor of God. That is what the adversary, the accuser of the brethren, tries to do...get you to believe a false image of what it all seems like instead of what is true. The person becomes so worn out trying to satisfy that false image of God and believes himself better off dead than alive.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

What happens next is they become distracted by the circumstance and will actually begin to believe that the circumstance is a result of God judging them, which is not true. Distraction leads to discouragement. If one is not encouraged in Christ but instead discouraged further by "well-meaning old covenant keepers" who have a list of one hundred and one things one must do to draw nigh to God, then discouragment quickly becomes depression.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

They may be going through something that seems so overwhelming that they cannot receive the comfort that is readily available to them and the more they try to do to receive it by "pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and doing better" (can only be received by faith and all faith is rooted in what Jesus did), the more that comfort eludes them. Just doing better is nothing but a mask when the heart wound isn't healed.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

Barbara, not necessarily. Many Christians know that life in Christ is supposed be better than what they may be experiencing. The more they try to experience that life in their own strength (regualation and laws), the further they are driven from it. They become ashamed and afraid.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

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Where the the Bible verse saying that you go to heaven if you don't? And where is the Bible verse that says you go to heaven even if you smoke, drink, curse, do drugs, etc. after you are born again?
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

The people who kill themselves lost their faith. It isn't terrible for them? They are in hell how can that not be terrible? If he has never been taught that is his parents fault or whoever took care of him. God doesn't have pleasure in death so what makes you people think it is okay that one kills themselves? You can believe that the sinners, unbelievers go to heaven but as for me I will stick with the word. Where is your scriptures backing you up saying one don't go to hell after commiting suicide?
---Rebecca_D on 6/27/05

You might be right. However, if we think we will land up in hell, we really might choose to keep living. By using/choosing suicide, the only one we punish is ourself.
The biblical destiny of people who commit suicide is often talked about. And is it accepting or excepting?
---barbara67 on 6/27/05

When one receives Christ, that blood has been sprinkled on the lintel and doorposts of the heart...and if you will look at old testament example, nobody ever went back to Egypt to remove the blood. It became a part of that wood and wood, in the Word, represents the humanity Jesus joined Himself to when He was nailed to an old rugged cross.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

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Our names aren't written in ink. In can be blotted out. They are written in blood...and the blood will never lose it's power because it is the testimony of the death of an old man. How do I know that it represents the death of the old man? Because Jesus is alive and ever liveth.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

See, He did something about that striving. Now He doesn't have to strive with man. He had a man hanging on a cross drawing (by His love) all men into Himself. When He ascended, He sent the Comforter, the Holy Ghost, to reveal that love and testify of Him. No more striving. God is resting and we are to enter into that same rest. His covenant now is a covenant of rest and peace, not striving against man loving man with an everlasting love.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

By the way, when God said, "I will not strive with man forever", He then turned around and had a man build an ark...and when the flood was over He said, "I will never again destroy the world with a flood". What He was saying there was what He had just done would never be done again. I can think of something that He did 2,000 years ago that will never be done again and that is the death of His Son who was raised from the dead and ever liveth.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

"God said that he won't always strive with man" = OLD COVENANT.

New Covenant = "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to usward, not willing that any man should perish but that all should come to repentance (change of mind)."

"And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the WISDOM given unto him hath written unto you;"
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

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Father God is looking for HIS offering, His Lamb. We gather to that offering, we bring that offering, we eat that offering, and we offer that offering by faith. Without that offering, you don't have anything to offer him. That is how bankrupt Adam left much so that God had to make Himself an offering. Thank God He gave it not only to us but for us and as us.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

I will say this: if you are trying to do what only God could do in Christ, you are going to be tormented because you will never be able to satisfy God. You'll just get swallowed up in "earth" (the carnal mind).
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

You can't go into the realm of the church very far and not find at least one person trying to get rid of his old man, trying to die to himself, or trying to live a life only Jesus could live anyway. That is why Romans 6 deals with "knowing this, that the old man is dead", "reckon yourself to be dead indeed unto sin and alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord", and "yield your members"...all in that order and all by faith.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

Gregg, the point of Judas hanging himself was not was him trying to redeem himself for his own sin by a hanging. If he had only waited a little while, Jesus' hanging would have been Judas' hanging. He tried to do in his own strength what only Jesus could do. That is the spirit of antichrist. John calls him the son of perdition and that spirit is what is revealed in 1 Thess. and is consumed with the breath of God's mouth (the revelation of Jesus Christ).
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

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Truly Rebecca, I am not attacking YOU (who you are in spirit). I am coming against that old covenant mindset with the revelation of Christ. The carnal mind is not only death to us but to others also and it is enmity with God. Thank God He rises up to the prey! Let the Lord arise and His enemies be scattered! When we judge and condemn others, we are driving them away from God instead of to Him
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

It is because you believe that of our Father that you condemn this man so adamantly. What if he had never been taught how to draw from the well of salvation? Faith does come by HEARING and hearing by the WORD OF GOD. At least the possibility remains that he cried out which is more than most of us do in our daily lives He so much wants to help us with. You cannot condemn him (you don't have the authority to do so) without judging yourself. .
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

You are right in that the person didn't "feel" God's presence but our faith is not in what we feel. Our faith is in the work of Christ. What if that person in that state of unrenewed MIND (not spirit) did cry out for help but the only voices he could hear were the condemning, judgmental voices he had heard all his life? What if those were the only voices he recognized because the image of the Father was marred in His eyes? Even you, Rebecca, believe that God condemns us when He doesn't.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

Should we all just expect to "go to hell" since God Himself doesn't differentiate between the sin of not asking for help (independence and pride) and asking for help but not recognizing the help when it came? The word tells us that improper discerning of the body of the Lord Jesus causes weakness, sickness, and premature death. All sin is the same to God and He took care of it all in Christ on the cross.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

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Rebecca, take a pencil and piece of paper and list all the men that "no man" includes. When you finish with your list, let us know please. It shouldn't take long. To unloose God's grip on a man, you would have to be stronger and mightier than God Almighty...and He just simply loves His children too much. Like I said before (if you even read it), we all refuse His help in many ways every day and in many ways don't even ask for it.
---Linda_Smith on 6/27/05

Thats why every moment we live we should make it for God. We all make mistakes and God knows our weaknesses and our hearts. He knows each person and that is why our lives are in His hands. We act and do many things but only because God allows it. We have our being because of Him. That is the God I know.
---Lupe2618 on 6/27/05

You see Rebeca, when someone dies or commits suicide, it is not terrible for them, they are dead. it is terrible for us. We have pride and don't want to lose someone. If it is our child or brother or close relative it hurts a lot. We will miss them not been with us. But to God the book is close for that person. He is not suffering, we are. God knows the time for each one of us. and when it closes it closes. The one's that continue to suffer is the people left.
---Lupe2618 on 6/27/05

God never abandons you as His child. You might leave and go away for a time but you will always be His child. You are never out of His sight and He will make ways for you to come back because He loves you. He will let you get in trouble to teach you something but He doesn't send you to an orphanage. He tells us He will never leave us. We can leave His presence but we are still His. That is our security Rebeca, His promises have meaning to the believer.
---Lupe2618 on 6/27/05

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don't depend on God many times but it doesn't mean we don't love God. We fail as humans all the time. If our salvation counted on our every failure no one would make it. The battle within us is a spiritual battle that last till we die. But we now have Christ that speaks for us when we do fail and the reason is because we cannot do it on ourselves. Even the good we do, we cannot take credit for it. When someone repents and ask for forgiveness and becomes a child of God, it is forever.
---Lupe2618 on 6/26/05

Why do we think that our sins are not paid for? Why does repenting somehow supersede the blood of Jesus? By the law is the knowledge of sin and where there is no law, there is no trasgression. Jesus nailed the law to the cross. Regardless of how or to what extent you get decieved, if you are reborn of the incorruptable seed of God, you are heaven bound! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! The gospel is almost too good to be true!
---sam7044 on 6/26/05

Rebeca, there is no one that walks this earth without sin. Well, maybe with the exception of brother Eloy. The faith to believe is not from us but from God. People don't lose faith when they commit suicide, the lose hope in their life in their way of thinking. They cannot find a way out and for the moment count on their own dependence. They could be depressed on something terrible that happened to them. It has nothing to do with not loving God. You and I many others
---Lupe2618 on 6/26/05

No one can pluck us out of God's hand, but each person can pluck themselves out. God said that he won't always strive with man. Once a person dies there is no time for repenting. Does Thou shall not kill mean anything to anyone anymore? Without faith one can't please God. Where is these people's faith? A saved person can commit suicide, and go to hell. If one doesn't repent of something, then how does one go to heaven? Their heart isn't pure from sin. They heard the gospel they rejected it.
---Rebecca_D on 6/26/05

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Suicide is the only sin we can commit which we can't repent of. Any unrepentant sin we will have to answer for on Judgement Day. Does that mean we will lose our salvation? The Bible clearly says that once we are born-again we cannot be snatched from God. We will still have eternal life but there may be consequences however concerning rewards in heaven.
---erik on 6/26/05

Sister Linda, I don't know where you have been but welcome to the questions. I have read many other questions you have answered and you have a great understanding of Scripture. Praise God for we do need you on this answers. You are grounded on God's word very well, for the glory of God. thanks again
---Lupe2618 on 6/26/05

Without faith in Christ there is no salvation. I would like to read a scripture that tells us that suicide stops you from been saved. I know many believe that. Many Christians stop depending on God at some time or another and depend on themselves. I see it all the time but to think they lose salvation, wow, I guess it could be since many believe you can lose it anyway, nothing is impossible for them.
---Lupe2618 on 6/26/05

What a shame, Christ paid for all sin, for all men, for all time. The only way to go to hell today is not excepting what the Lord Jesus Christ did on the cross at Calvary. Revelation 21:8 tells us who will be in that second death, the Lake of Fire. Ephesians 1:13 states once we believe, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise.
---Gerald on 6/26/05

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Sin is the only thing that separates a person from Holy God. People say that about suicide because that is what they were wrongly taught, but the Bible says the only three ways to go to hell are: being wicked by nature and never heard the gospel message; hearing the gospel but rejecting it; and being a backslider who never repents.
---Eloy on 6/26/05

If one thinks about it, it does seperate you from God. My Pastor knew a man who went to church for 40 years and then all of a sudden he commited suicide. there is an evil force that's pushing a person to commit suicide. When one gets to that place they think God can't help. They can't feel his presence, they give up hope. Just because they have excepted Christ, that doesn't mean their names are written in perament ink.
---Rebecca_D on 6/26/05

Linda, I think, has said all that needs to be said, and beautifully.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 6/26/05

I have known of Christians who have committed suicide, and I believe that they will be in heaven when they get there. I believe there is only one unforgiveable sin: blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Suicide is not blasphemy.
---Madison on 6/26/05

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There is a sin that LEADS unto death. Judas Iscariot betrayed the Lord. He went out and hung himself in a tree. The bible tells you that if you offend 'one of these little ones,' it would be better for you if you were to tie a rock around your neck and throw yourself in the ocean. So, suicide is a result of the separation.
---gregg8944 on 6/26/05

I havn't seen anyone on Christianet saying that this is the only thing that can send a person to hell. You are right, not accepting Jesus as the only Saviour is what will separate us from God. I sit on the fence regarding suicide sending a Christian to hell. It's certainly an act that we cannot repent of but God knows everyones thoughts and heart and He will understand why sometimes a person feels that suicide is the only way for them. I just pray that life never gets so bad for me that I contemplate it.
---F.F. on 6/26/05

I think that it is best for us NOT to assume that those who committ suicide automatically go to hell. Samson pulled down the temple on himsel but I believe he will surprise us by showing up in heaven. As for those who reject God they will surely experience hell!
---Pierr7958 on 6/26/05

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