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Should Boyfriend Attend Church

If my boyfriend does not attend church, and I do, should I leave him? Or should I pray for him that God touch him and wait until God does? I am in love with him, but I know it's important to be equally yoked.

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 ---karyn8985 on 6/26/05
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I was in the same situation last year. I loved him very much but he wasn't a christian. I prayed for him so he would hopefully become a christian. He just didn't want anything to do with God. And that wasn't good. We broke up this year. It is better not to stay with him as it is against the bible and also will have even bigger problems in the future. (marriage, children)
---Court on 11/24/07

Do both! You didn't mention if you were a Christian. I'll just assume you are a Christian, (bad move on my part). If you are, leave him. Even if he started to attend church - that doesn't make him a Christian. Tell him if he ever becomes a Christian you would like to continue your relationship, but until that happens, you must stop seeing him. (Don't make the mistake of thinking you can change him. I've spent too many years in in the practice of marriage counseling to know that won't work.)
---Ray on 7/21/05

Ask your Pastor. What does he tell may not like the answer.
Pray for your boyfriend to be a Christian
---Larry on 6/28/05

well, i am going through the same thing. you can stay with him while praying for him. he can and only will get saved if you not only preach but live by example. the problem is that you have to be 100 percent strong in resisting all temptations sexually. if you give in and make love to him, he will regard the whole christiniaty as a shame!! good luck!
---Lizzy on 6/27/05

Thank you Brothers and Sisters for your care and concern. I prayed this morning and our Father answered my prayers this evening. God is awesome. He has never let me down. Any advice is greatly appreciated........Karyn
---karyn8985 on 6/27/05

If you don't pray for him, then who will? It very well maybe your prayer that gets him saved. I wouldn't leave, your not married. Shine a light that he may see God in you. Invite him to church, if he says no, leave it at that but don't give up. What about the women who's husband's aren't saved and they are, (became saved while married) do they leave their husband just for that reason? No, they pray for his soul.
---Rebecca_D on 6/26/05

It is not "important" to be equally yoked. It is a command.
---Bruce5656 on 6/26/05

Yes you are right you are not to be unequally yoked and by being with someone who is not a christian you are showing him that you do not follow God's laws. Yes of course pray for him. Always pray for him.
You must communicate to him though why you can not see him BUT, be carefull that he does not just attend church to please you, He must make the commitment for himself and no one else.
---M. on 6/26/05

Invite him to come to church, and go from there. If your church has an alter call, he may just go up and accept Jesus. This is not a guarantee but you would be giving him a chance to be equally yoked.
There is a young woman in my church, her name is Christy. Christy is a very dedicated person for the Lord. Her boyfriend used to come to church with her every Sunday for a year. He never got serious about Christ though, so she ended it and she met a wonderful guy who loves the Lord and her very much.
---John on 6/26/05

I think you should let him know how important this is to you, and you should also pray about it; if it's meant to be, God will work it out
---antha6445 on 6/26/05

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