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Ex-Husband Is A Preacher

My ex-husband's a preacher. However, he has nothing to do with our children. They are 18 & 22 and they have harsh feelings against him. There were never restrictions on visitation. How can he minister to people and not take care of the gifts that God gave us? What should I do?

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 ---karyn8985 on 6/26/05
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I agree with Catherine. But I have a question: was he preaching before you and he divorced? What kind of father was he then? If not much--like Catherine said: don't expect much from him now. The sons are at very vulnerable ages to need their father. This heel sickens me. How can you treat your kids this way? I would not want him as my pastor if I knew this about him. Just keep trusting God. Do not let the bitterness build up toward him. Trying to get your sons to not hate this evil man is going to be a hard job,indeed. But for their sakes, I hope they can put the pieces of their lives together and move past this, with no lasting effects, to their lives.
---Robyn on 8/7/10

I think you should not do anything. God will deal with him. Tell your sons to go on and live their life and let God handle their Dad. He is going to reap all this in due time. My ex did the same stuff and I raised my son to love him and pray for him. Don't let them develop any hate or judgemental attitude. Their Dad will reap all this. Just live and enjoy their life.
---Lisa on 3/27/08

Remain calm, there is an old saying that says," the mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine".
---Mima on 3/27/08

This man, like so many, is an unsaved preacher. Do not expect much from him.
---catherine on 3/26/08

Pray for him. As far as your family is concerned, try and talk to him without getting angry. Get him to see that he still has an investment in his children.
As far as his ministry is concerned, stay out of it. Anything else would be evil. Let God handle it. This is good advice, take it or there could be consequences. God bless you.
---John on 3/26/08

Karyn, there is another side to this story and your ex is doing a great job working 4God. whatever the reason u r apart I dont know but know this, u will do well if u support him in his ministry and perhaps, God will join uboth again if u pray about it. No doubt in time, he will take to the kids again. I will pray for whatever u choose..God bless..
---jana on 5/17/07

Jack, I don't have hard feelings towards my EX-husband. I learned long ago that I had to let go for it not to destroy me. I had the responsibility of our kids. I believe that what we do, we have to answer to God for. Why would my ex not have the same accountability? I have never spoken a bad word to my kids about their father. I was hoping that by the time they were old enough to ask, he would have come around. When that didn't happen, I told them to ask their dad. TY for your response. Karyn8985
---Karyn8985 on 6/29/05

i see the EX in front of your husband, so estrangement usually comes along with it. It takes both parties, not just one, to have a right relationship, and the children being harsh against him could keep him away.
---Eloy on 6/28/05

Dear Karyn: This is a sad situation for you; however, your ex-husband brought this upon himself. He is going to have to reap what he has sown. He probably believed God came before you or his children. Apparently you have done all you can do in this situation. The rest is up to God to handle. Pray diligently for all of them. Be sure you harbor no bitterness; that will come back to bite you. Just stay away from the situation and DON'T say anything negative about their dad. Watch God work!
---Elsie on 6/27/05

All you can do is pray for you ex-husband as well as your children and trust God to deal with the situation in His time and His way.
---Heather on 6/27/05


If you harbor no hatred against your ex-husband, why do you still feel that he will have to answer to God for what he has done?
---Jack on 6/27/05

Karyn, is there no room for forgiveness, even for your ex-husband?

Perhpas God is notwhere near as fastidious as you want to think He is? (Are we not ALL cracked vessels, yet God chooses Whom he chooses.)

If your adult children have harsh feelings against their father, perhaps they need to bring this before the Lord themselves. Why should their own dislike of their father affect God's sovereignity?
---Jack on 6/27/05

Dear Friends in Christ, Again, our Father has answered my prayers. He sent me a room full of Angels. As for the ex: I have no hard feelings towards him. Our saviour has helped me overcome that. I would never do anything to hurt his ministry. I am just at my wits end with his child. My ex will have to answer to God for what he has or has not done. We are on good terms and have been for years. Again, bless you all and know that your support, prayers and love is graciously accepted......Karyn
---karyn8985 on 6/27/05

Ditto John. Even at 18 and 22 young men still need their father, perhaps more than when they were small! He's not setting a very good example of being a man. Reassure your 'boys' that he loves them, and talk to him calmly about spending time with them. My son went through the same thing with his father.If you care to talk, my penpal ID is 'barba7434'. God bless you.
---NVBarbara on 6/26/05

1Ti 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, is worse than an infidel. My x was a pastor and left the faith because he didn't want responsibility of pastorate and fatherhood. Left the state to escape support payments. He cannot minister to people, not living the life. God WILL hold him accountable. The Lord will deal with him. Otherwise, the blood of those he offended will be on his hands. Pray and don't lose your faith in all this.
---anon on 6/26/05

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