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My Husband Has Seperated

My husband has seperated, because he is interested in another woman. I have agreed to give him some time to determine what he wants -- or should I say "who". I do not want a divorce. Please pray that he gets right with God and makes the right decision and rturns to me and our children.

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 ---Patty on 6/28/05
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God bless you is my prayer. Know that "greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world."
---cathy3834 on 5/18/08

My husband of 22 years left me and our three children seven years ago. I prayed for God's guidance. He was always there, working in our lives. There were times I questioned God. My husband did choose the other woman, but God healed my broken heart. I have grown closer to God, experiencing amazing truths through this. I will pray that your family will be healed. I know this is the worst storm you have been through, but remember, storms never last. God will get you and your children through this.
---Debbie on 9/27/07

patty,remmember your husband is a fragile
human tempted by satan,so praise your Lord
and you will see results..P.U.S.H.=pray-until-something -happens............
---sixta9684 on 4/9/07

My heart goes out to all of you who have suffered through this attack of the enemy. Infedility is rampant and effects more than just the wife, husband & children. The entire family - brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, etc - is hurt. We have to pray for healing throughout when the enemy invades this way.
---Shelly on 8/23/05

This is similarly what I experienced. We are together again. He needed time to think about 'who' he wanted. Allowing him to do that encouraged him to burn the candle at both ends. It wasn't til I stopped giving him the freedom to come & go between the two of us that he took the time to think about how wrong his indecisiveness was. There is no ? when it comes to a God given family & a mistress. He decided on his family but because of the 10 months it took him to decide I have doubts about his sincerity.
---Shelly on 8/23/05

my heart hurts for you/children.i'am in the same situation but mine left us for a man.separated now and leave it all in gods hands,the hurt,pain,anger, and pray that god heals him,i'am free of him.i deserve better.
---inez on 8/23/05

After 10 years, my man also needed a year to find out what he wanted in life. I found there was a younger woman. For the next 1 1/2 years he goes back and forth between us. Then he says he loves me, always will, and has wonderful memories, but he has decided to stay with her. I pray that you have the strength not to allow your husband to play with your emotions.
---Dee on 7/23/05

Patty: I am in the same situation. Husband said he had enough love for 2 women, how disillusioned he is. Each day I bind the demonic spirits that attack him and I know God will prevail in this. We have been apart 4 years. Husband had affair with this woman when they worked together.
---Linda on 6/29/05

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