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Foster Online Spiritual Growth

I struggle with this. How does a person encourage, nurture and/or foster spiritual growth in a completely online (never meet the other person face-to-face) relationship? Do you have a story about how someone has helped you grow spiritually online?

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 ---Carol on 6/29/05
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Hello,Thankyou bro.Steveng, for answer me.Always, I am afraid sometimes people might be thinking I am too forward.Yes, you right becuase yes, sometimes can't get out.You definitely, got a point because that why I can't hardly get.out.I am in need some spirtual sister or like 2 or 3. Got always cooking something good! I love to cook! Last time I cook Ribs ..the pastor took most of them! He think I didn't know! Ha! Ha! God bless you, love of JESUS. ELENA
---ELENA on 12/28/12

Elena, nothing is impossible when you have God. Remember? The remedy in your situation is if you can't go to them then have them come to you. Have people visit you on a daily basis. Invite them over for a get together. Not a lot of people, just or three where you can read from the bible, sing psalms, pray for one another. You don't need denominational churches, those building where people go to, for it is written where two or more are gathered whether on the street corner, a home, at Starbucks, at a park, or in the medical facility - Jesus is there also.
---Steveng on 12/28/12

Hello,Bro.Steveng yes, it good what you are imply but person like myself I would love to meet & be able have a face to face joyous time with my virtual pals but because of my condition it is impossible. I have alot of medical.issues besides cancer. I thank God I am able by his mercy almighty God wow! Do as well as I do all the glory goes toHim! Today a lady help me to get home. It humbles me. I have excellant hearing but I have trouble out sometimes. I don't go out much.God bless you.I believe healing come yes! Be glad to travel.
---ELENA on 12/16/12

Bless you bro.Steveng you know some of us are older!
I have met people from online friends came to Mich. From Ohio, Indiana. New york.had family or on their way get.married.we talk sometimes.Anybody really want to meet me & the Lord lead it fine. Everything takes time & people both are on one accord. Respect. & all that.Now when I up for it the church take me to the sing-a-long. Public welcome.we have a great time! Really nice.
---ELENA on 12/16/12

Do you send e-mails or post messages to God on facebook or blog?

The true maturing of christians come from face-to-face relationships not from virtual people. Sure, one may send messages of the knowledge of God, but where is the personal relationship, the true fellowship, the genuine love relationship of hugging, or kissing, or the pat on the back, or a conversation over a cup of coffee - the true caring of being there when someone is in need? Three things are missing in a virtual friend - genuine love, trust, and fellowship.

God wants christians to have a personal relationship with him not a virtual relationship. So how important is to have a pesonal relationship with one another?
---Steveng on 12/16/12

Carol on 6/29/05
The answer is E-mail.
My pastor sends our regular E-mail to strengthen and encourage all members
He also has two services each weel via conference call open to everyone world wide. Lots of people come to the conference call to hear an encouraging word two times perweek
---francis on 12/15/12

How delightfull! I love CNT. You can always find something different on here. yes, speaking for myself, if I was not being spiritually or helped
would not have been so long. It was very different but, I have made great virtual friendships, we are all real people so, I have no is good. Thank God for this opportunity in JESUS name.He deserve all praise! ELENA
---ELENA on 12/14/12

I love 2 read the blog questions. I love 2 read the answers.
I have even asked some of the questions & tried 2 find some of the answers. Other times I have concluded nothing I would say could make any difference.
Sometimes I love the fact that many people agree. Sin is sin. It is a group saying "please don't sin - don't hurt yourself"... & just as directly don't hurt the reputation of the Christian life.
---barbara67 on 9/23/07

It is perfectly capable to have a totally online relationship with someone and yet never meet that person....I have been richly blessed by many that way and when the Spirit of God is working in your heart and the other person there is no idea of what encouragement and communication can do in someone's life...I have been experiencing that even with online dating and it amazes me what God is able to accomplish that way....
---Fran8674 on 3/11/07

I have always had trust issues, with a very abusive childhood background. It has been hard for me to learn to trust anyone, including God. I suppose that's why I have the question of how can it happen online when you may never see that person's body language or eyes to know if they're sincere. I will pray for you, Maureen.
---carol on 8/26/05

Love this question and comments. Especially the comment regarding trust for the Lord when we have never seen Him! That's a really good point. I have been through an awful lot of "bad stuff" - Satan just attacking like crazy - since becoming a Christian and find that I don't have the pure trust in God that I once had. Pray for me Pls.
---Maureen on 8/25/05

Hi, once again! Can't help myself; just love to blog. A wonderful thing happened - a lovely woman from Australia began writing and now I, too, have a new Christian sister in the Lord! How glorious! Can't wait to see where God takes us via cybernet.
---Elsie on 7/23/05

Some people write over & over. Elsie often replies. I even look for their answers. You can challenge them on anything & everything or send short thoughts to them in the way that we are doing.
Penpals never see one another.
Bible references help, too.
Stuff like read Proverbs 27:10 and Proverbs 18: 1-24 help.
While no one really trusts completely, some trust is reasonable. Further more, most of us trust God - & we have never seen Him.
---barbara67 on 7/4/05

Carol-You have to use your own judgement on if you can trust that person or not. I don't believe you can just meet someone and trust them immediately. Like I said, I've known my mentor for almost a year, but it took probaby 2 months b/4 I REALLY opened up to him. Try trusting with something small and build your way up if you feel any doubt. PRAY about the relationship with that person...God will direct you. You also have to remember, that person is trying to see how much they can trust YOU also.
---Misty on 7/1/05

Some of you have mentioned building online mentoring or friendship relationships - but I'd like to know, HOW did that relationship grow? What made you decide that you could trust this person that you've never met, perhaps to tell them things that you don't tell even your closest family?
---Carol on 6/30/05

I have an eMail ministry that reaches a million people around the globe each week. The responses I receive are incredible! You should try it!
---Michael on 6/30/05

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Dear Carol, I am new to this blog forum. I asked 3 questions and received lots of answers immediately.Doing this I have found 1 if not 2 lovely friends. They are helping me to build my relationship with Christ. Will I ever meet them ? I do not know. What I do know is that God has sent them to me at a time when I really needed them. And I thank him for that daily. Good luck lady. Bless you.
---Karyn8985 on 6/29/05

Dear Carol: "Blogging"has enlarged my spiritual world and given me food for thought. It certainly has sent me scurrying to the Bible (which is a really good thing). Every blog I read enriches me spiritually. What more could we ask? If you have a particular spiritual mentor online, then you are even more blessed! Let's keep on blogging!!
---Elsie on 6/29/05

I have an online spriritual mentor that I've known for almost a year now. He has helped me through many struggles in my life. I have never met him in person and since we're both married I don't see that ever happening. But you know what? I don't need to meet him in person. I know God sent him to me to help me grow, challenge me spritually, and let me see things in God's light. I love my mentor with a spriritual love and I wouldn't trade his friendship for anything in the world.
---Misty on 6/29/05

People read books, magazines, newspapers and watch TV by the hour in order to find the answers to life - so why worry about a blogs?

I just worry about wrong answers.
---barbara67 on 6/29/05

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