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Moving Out From Boyfriend

I have told my boyfriend that I was moving out and he is insisting that he is going to change and make things better. He is not saved and I just have been recently. What should I do? I don't want to hurt him, but I can't marry him either? Please all remember me I need strength.

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 ---lynnm on 6/29/05
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C.M., this blog might help you with your decision.
---Bob on 3/2/08

Welcome to the family of God!

Jesus taught us that our love for Him has to be so absolute that our love for anyone else is hatred by comparison. NOT that we have to hate anybody but that we will always choose Him first if there is a conflict of loyalties.

Your boyfriend "changing" has nothing to do with the fact that fornication is sin. Just moving out is not enough. Determine that you will choose what is right over what is convenient or what feels good and stick to it.
---Bruce5656 on 11/19/07

You should seperate for the moment and allow your friend to make his own mind up after you are gone what he should do. Your in a trickey situation all men are not the same but to pretend that he will get saved is a farse. He will do anything to stay with you it depends on what he is like . If he depends on you he'll stay because he can if he is independent and intelligent he will make his own mind up based on his love for you and his understanding of God.
---Carla5754 on 4/10/07

What I going to tell sounds easy but will hurt. First, living with him is wrong...not married. Secondly, believer and nonbeliever do not work for godly matters. Third...leave...take the heartache and spare yourself a bad choice. Finally, do not look at what could have been...your dwell on it too much.
---micha6835 on 4/8/07

Congradulations Lynn:
God will forgive you if you ask and you can put this behind you and look toward making yourself the best you can be in whatever mission you set for yourself with God as your partner and confidant. He does not make threats and ultimatums. Beware of worms who crawl back smarter than they were before they hurt you.
---chuck on 7/2/05

You've got the strength girl. I was in similar circumstances, but I finally gave up my own destructive will. The Lord knows best, and we have to obey Him for our own good. It's hard I know, but God is very clear on this - believers are not to marry unbelievers, they will pull you down and destroy your faith eventually. If your boyfriend does not want to accept Jesus, there's nothing you can do. If you stay in this relationship sorrow and tears will follow you. You are in my prayers. elmar3686
---elmarie on 7/2/05

I just want everyone to know that I took that step and moved and I appreciate everyones prayers and I know I did the right thing. May GOd bless you all.
---lynnm on 7/1/05

You are on the right road in your thinking. Now you have to do. You have given unconditionally and he has not made any committment. "Going to Change" is another one of those things one says when they try to get someone else to change or put up with bad habits and attitude. DO NO BE FOOLED any longer-get your life together and be able to stand by your faith. You are the one who is getting hurt by being less than you could be. God loves you but you hurt Him doing what you are now.
---chuck on 6/29/05

The only relationship that would last is the one that has God as the foundation.
Do not be deceived by your boyfriend saying I will change.Delaying one's salvation is not good at all.
It is better to seek the face of God for a saved partner.
---Samuel on 6/29/05

Dear Lynn: Stay strong and do not have sex or live with this boy friend. It is against God's will. You obviously have a loving heart! Bless you for that; however, you cannot compromise yourself either. Hang onto the scripture, "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians4:13). Move out now! Blessings on your new spiritual journey with Jesus!
---Elsie on 6/29/05

You are doing the right thing in moving out. We are not to be unequally yoked or to live with someone before marraige.
Everyone says they will change when faced with loosing something. He has to change for himself and not anyone else. He can not become a christian just to keep you he needs to accept Christ for himself.
You are in my prayers. Keep God close in your heart for strength.
---M. on 6/29/05

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