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Can God Heal Me To Have Children

Can God heal me, when the doctors say I cannot have children?

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 ---Ade on 6/30/05
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You are asking a difficult question. Certainly, God has healed barron wombs in the bible, but not all. I offer that I have known two Christian couples that were told they could not have children but conceived anyway. Each of those couples were prayerful and faithfilled. Neither expected it but accepted God's will. Doctors can be wrong and God does care for His people. Did God intervene? From my perspective, He did.
---Charles on 4/23/08

You must speak what the father speaks and believe that it is and it will be. Yes He will if you will believe. The angel of the lord spoke to mary and said she would have a child. She in turn repeated the words said to her, believing it was so and it was. Learn from her it was written for us to take heed.
---Lillie on 8/15/07

Yes God can. He can do anything. Whether he chooses to or not is another subject. I pray your womb will be healed and fruitful in Jesus name I pray. Amen
---Robyn on 5/22/07

Yes! He certainly can.
Many can testify that God has blessed them with a child in the face of Dr's insistance that it could not happen.

Consider Sarah. She was beyond child bearing age but she had Isaac at 90! Gen 17
---Bruce5656 on 5/22/07

He may have something better for you. For example: I'm adopted - my foster parents also had a hand in raising 57 other welfare children. But, they had no children of their own. Had they had children of their own, it's not likely they would have been so influencal in the lives of people like me - my wife and I retired from the mission field after 33 years. (When they got me out of an orphange, I was to be dead before my first birthday.) This story is also repeated with some of the other babies.
---WIVV on 9/16/05

Hi I was told at 20 I could Never have children. And when I was 25 I got pregnant with my daughter. Even tho she is handicap I love her dearly! I have not had any more children but that is ok because God has truly blessd me with my daughter whom I love with all my heart.
---angea7453 on 7/7/05

God is a God of compassion.I married at 16 with no intention of having children right away.I wasn't sure about being able to since I had a condition when younger which could have been a problem.Six weeks after marriage I started having morning sickness,doctor said I was a month pregnant,but due to a physical defect,not the same condition I had before,one I didn't know about, I shouldn't have been.The doctor said women like me, with that condition, can't even have children.He's God of the impossible.
---Darlene_1 on 7/1/05

you can my friends if it is what God want in your life. Sara was old enough and god give her Isak so pray The lord in Jesus name
---maissa on 7/1/05

The Lord loves to answer a request like this - in His way! Matthew 19:26 says, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." However, if the Lord does not wish for you to give birth, then if it is His perfect will, you can adopt. There are thousands of children waiting for their "forever family". Never cease praying! Blessings Ade
---Elsie on 7/1/05

I too could not have children and did adopt. Although I was not "saved" at the time, I know now the Lord intended for me to be the mother of this child. I can look back and see the plan He had for me and I'm so thankful! My daughter is Autistic and has seizures. She requires sacrifice and unconditional love - only God could give me the ability to do all that. So trust in Him for what His plan is for you. Like we always hear, we don't always get what want but what we need.
---Linda on 7/1/05

Yes God can.
---Eloy on 7/1/05

YES! After 11 years of trying to have a baby, a man of God prayed for me and I did have a baby. My sister also was told she would never have a baby. At 38, She and her husband believed the word of God together and confessed for several mo. that they would have a child. She had tryed many differnet things over the years to have a baby but nothing happened till she tried faith. God heard and she had a baby. Our children are gifts from God.
---Linda3939 on 6/30/05

I've heard that Roller Coasters can cause a miscarriage or abortion. Why do we let this happen? Why don't we do something about it? Women of child-bearing age should NOT be allowed to ride roller coasters!
---Jake on 6/30/05

My mentor could not have children but she has many in her bible study that she feels are as her children. I am one of those and I cant have children either but they are placed in my life to show then Gods love thru Jesus Christ.
---Flo on 6/30/05

Yes, God can heal you! If it's his will for you to have kids it shall come to pass. God also give us the desires of our heart sometimes, if we are in his will.
---Elaine on 6/30/05

Dear Ade,
Sometimes it is not the question if God "can", but it the question is if God "will". Probably God has an other destination for you. Lay your wish in God's hand, accept your situation as it is. A change in your situation only can be caused by God. So release your problem when you layed it to God's feet. He will take care! Did you ever think about adopting a child? You could be a great blessing for a child. May be that's the thing God will for you? Pray about it.
---Ernst9433 on 6/30/05

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God gave Sarah a child at 90 years old, and she was barren, he can give you one. God is no respect of persons.
---Rebecca_D on 6/30/05

Have faith... and ask
With God all things are possible....
God said that we have not because we ask not
By his stripes we are all healed...
Have your Church annoint you and pray over you...
And asked God if there is a reason why....
---dakota on 6/30/05

God can heal you and does. I was in the same position. Told by a famous specialist that I would never have children,on the way home I clearly heard God's voice ask me who do I believe Him or a mere human? 3 years, many miscarriages later I had my daughter, lost another baby 2 yrs later then had my son the next year. That was without any medical intervention..just a miracle from God and a lot of unwavering faith on my part
---Karla on 6/30/05

Yes, if it is his will that you have children only God can make it happen. I know. Dr's had told me that I would never have children. I had always (since little girl) wanted a son. I was crushed when I learned I would never have child and was looking into adoption when I became pregnant. I now am raising my almost 14 yr old son and have given him back to God to do his will.
NEVER underestimate the power or love of God.
He knows your heart and hears your cries and dreams.
---Marla on 6/30/05

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My mother had her first child at 19 years old and because of complications she miscarried after that. She was told that she could never have anymore children.

However, my parents prayed that G-d would give them more children and they patiently waited on Him.

Years later, at age 38, my mother gave birth to me and at 40 she gave birth to my sister....after that she cried out to G-d, "NO MORE!" And that was it!:-)
---Ahava7439 on 6/30/05

God can do ANYTHING! Bear in mind this may not be His plan for you. Perhaps you have been chosen to give a home to a homeless child, only time will tell. Stay in the Word and in prayer and let Him lead you.

BTW I was told I couldn't have children, after 6 years I conceived a baby boy, he's now 31 yrs old!
---NVBarbara on 6/30/05

"HE settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children." (Psalm 113:9)

"Sing, O barren woman; you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy ..." (Isaiah 54:1) -- After finding this verse, a woman who couldn't have children, started continually praising God that she was a happy mother of children. It worked ... she was blessed with a baby!

"NOTHING is impossible with God." (Luke 1:37)
---DoryLory on 6/30/05

Have faith trust God and he will work it out.
---valer6644 on 6/30/05

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I am sure He can. Whether he does is something different.
---earle9893 on 6/30/05

Yes absolutely God do heal and heals, The bible says whose report should we believe, we are to believe the report of the Lord, not that of the doctors, God has done it before and he is still able, more than able to do it again, YES ASSUREDLY, HE CAN GIVE YOU CHILDREN
---Precious on 6/30/05

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