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How To Talk To People

Is there any way to talk to a friend who refuses to listen to other viewpoints? I hate being drawn into arguments, but I don't want to lose the friend.

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 ---mike on 6/30/05
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so blow it off, if your friend knows you or if there is communication, they know you dont like to dont. <><
---monique on 1/22/08

Donna, is right you cannot change people, only God can change the heart. Unless the heart is changed you will remain the same. Deep down nothing has changed.
---catherine on 4/11/07

You can't make anyone hear something they don't want to. More forceful arguments usually don't help. God has given us all freedom of choice. The Holy Spirit is the only One capable of changing a person's heart and it's not your job to do so. If you really don't want to argue, don't! Just listen or change the subject. Ask which is more important to you, the friendship or being "right". If you are a true friend, and patient, you will find the right time, and right way, to express your views.
---Donna on 4/11/07

A lot of people like to argue because they ARE seeking the truth. If what you have is not real they don't want to be made a fool of by accepting what you claim.
It takes at least two to argue. Let your friend argue and you keep calm and just continue to answer their questions.
You will not lose a friend but you may gain a brother/sister.
---Elder on 7/1/05

Give him a silent treatment. For once, don't argue with him. Just listen to him. If you are not going to talk, it will give him a chance for him to listen to himself talking!
---bebet3754 on 7/1/05

Let me help, I am one of those people who does not listen to other viewpoints very well. Love your friend as God loves you, forgive them daily, pray for them, don't raise your voice with your friend, make your point based on facts and disagree respectfully. The key point, Love Them, with your whole heart, they will see that, eventually getting the point. Let them see the Love of God and they will listen.
---Paul on 7/1/05

The words ... "I am not having this conversation" ... work very well. And then do it.
---DoryLory on 6/30/05

Well, may I suggest that you try a simular approach that our Lord and Savior Jesus used? Love the person but not their sin. Try to point out the golden rule of treating others as you would want to be treated. Allowing others to have their own viewpoints as long as they don't compromise the truth. Listening to one's words to determine their real needs. We are all created in the image of God, so don't we all need the same basic things? Love, understanding and empathy?
---Larry on 6/30/05

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