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How To Properly Date

Is there really a future in a relationship where they are conditions everytime. If you don't come on this date then we call it quits. If you don't do this then forget about me. This is a relationship whereby you are far in different countries and issues have to be sorted out before you get together.

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 ---Mada on 7/1/05
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Dealings that are conditional are okay in business but in affairs of the heart, they are a warning sign of insecurity. Call the bluff-while praying about the right thing to do. "Quits" may be the beginning of you freeing yourself from a controlling type of person and getting on to serving your God and yourself in a far better role..
---chuck on 9/28/07

Any relationship that has consistent ultimatums put on it is not a relationship, but an effort to control you! Read Ephesians, it will tell you how a women is to be treated, and how a man is to treat a women. If your relationship does not fit this mold, then maybe it is not one you should be in.
---zoe5647 on 3/24/07

There is no future for you with somebody who wants to control and manipulate you. It is a form of witchcraft and is designed to bring you under his total control. Don't do it -- end it now.
---Helen_5378 on 9/4/06

sounds like joyce meyers, Bible says 'WIVES submit unto your husbands, even unto the Lord." the husband is the head of the home. but it is to be a 2 way street.
---r.w. on 9/3/06

I learned the hard way. After 17 yrs of marraige and 2 wonderful daughters, I chose to obey God and leave verbally abusive, angry, controlling husband. Don't start if you see any signs of these. These issues worsen over years; they're harmful to you/children. When you're seeking God, trying to live filled with Holy Spirit, and raising children in His love, God will rescue you if your spouse won't turn from selfishness, but it's sooo much better to never go down that road. God is blessing us so much now!
---Stephanie on 4/8/06

"Conditional" dating or being in any "conditional" relationship is a form of controlling another persons emotions, thoughts and or actions...all are a form of abuse..beware of "conditional" relationships
---Chara4953 on 4/8/06

Any relationship that starts out with a lot of control and conditions will most likely end up abusive. I say, get out of it now. We are to submit to one another, not control one another...both are to submit...not one submit and one control.
---joyce_lefler on 4/8/06

What you're seeing now is what you'll get in the future. Do some serious thinking and decide on the course of action you'd want to take.

Only condition I posed on my wife is that she's not allowed to get hurt without my permission.
---Albert on 7/5/05

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