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How Do I Start In Ministry

My heart is with God and I went to seminary. How do I get started?

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 ---Dixon on 7/1/05
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Have you been called or do you "desire " the office?
If not called be careful.
The last thing Christianity needs is another well meaning preacher that heeds man's teachings above the Spirit of God.
God can bless the desire just as he will bless those whom he has called to the ministry.
Pray that he will guide you to the proper Spirit led and anointed man of God that He chooses.
Not just any open door in a synagouge of satan.
---Frank on 11/26/07

The seminary should have been a source of beginning for you. Did you ask them for assistance on this? Pray and ask the Lord for guidance,also. There are churches looking for pastors. Are you a pastor or minister, evangelist etc...? We all have different callings. You can always minster at hospitals, nursing homes, street ministry,shelters. Everywhere there are lost and dying people who need Jesus. God bless you. Stay encouraged.
---Robyn on 11/25/07

At seminary..they didn't help you onto a path/ suggest how to use your knowledge? Did you complete the course?Read the prayer of Jabez at Chronicles 4:10. That which furthurs the Kingdom of God, will be granted.
---Rebecca on 11/24/07

Hi. I dont know how you can get started, but I would not advise you to start without the leading of the holy ghost. When God ask us to do things for him he always provides the way to do it if we wait on him to...
---Dianne on 5/9/07

Get started doing what? Here are some general ideas that can be used for any occassion. One: Make yourself available to God, with no strings attached. (Knew a fellow once who felt called to be a missionary, and will go as soon as God gives him $500,000 for savings.)Two: write down what you want to do! Three: Write down a plan of action on how to get there and put down target dates when you would like to complete each step, and write down the date when actually done. (Be realistic in date setting.)
---WIVV on 8/17/05

Dixon, Please write more! You "went to" or you "want to go to" a seminary? How do you "get started" in what? The moderator said a "ministry," but I'm not at all sure what you mean. I could put you in touch with some seminary students, if you'd like to know why they felt called by God. Or just ask your pastor how you could contact someone from whatever seminary he went to.
---danie9374 on 7/2/05

Dixon what has the Lord told you to do?
---willow on 7/1/05

I would make sure God called me before I would do anything like that. One can't just go out and just start. They could but if God didn't call a person to do that then they will be messing up God's plan. I would pray about it, to see if this is your calling.
---Rebecca_D on 7/1/05

First make yourself available. Next grab yourself a handful of Gospel Tracts and go out on the street and begin to pass them out and tell people about Christ.
Next get involved with a local Church ministry, attend the services, make your desires and Spiritual ministry gifts known and offer yourself.
Serve where God places you.
Then let God open your ministry
---Elder on 7/1/05

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