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It Is My Birthday Today

I dont know how everyone knew but I got a lot of birthday wishes from people on this site although no one here at blogs because I don't use my log in name. But just to celebrate with you all. I'm 40 today. Born on the 1st of July. WOW 40!!!!! So life begins now.

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 ---lisa on 7/1/05
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Lisa,May this special day be blessed for you with much love and happiness.Happy Birthday and God's Blessings and care on this day and all the days of your life.
---Darlene_1 on 6/4/07

Happy Birthday Love. May God bless and love you for another 40 years and more, with good health, wealth, faith, peace and prosperity. may there be joy too.
---jenny on 7/7/05

Dear Lisa: May God bless you richly on your birthday and forever. Let's praise Him together for you and all His creation!
Luv' you in Jesus, Granma Elsie
---Elsie on 7/2/05

Hello,Lisa: If yuo have your name in the penpal section then I am quite sure you will receive a lot of birthday greetings from the "angels" of CN. Since no one can access your private email, then it is good that you post that today is your birthday. "You are now 40 and the LORD never missed giving you challenges TO MOLD YOU the way HE WANTS YOU TO BE! You are now a year closer HOME. Happy Birthday!"
---bebet3754 on 7/2/05

Happy Birthday Lisa.
---Eloy on 7/2/05

I am 57 today and I love it. The only thing that really makes me think about my age is the my son is 36. God bless on the July 1 babies.
---Kathy on 7/2/05

happy birthday sweetie <><
---monique on 7/1/05

Happy Birthday!
---estera on 7/1/05

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a very happy day, and a very happy year.
---bethie on 7/1/05

Happy birth day Lisa
---Peter_M_Granados on 7/1/05

Lisa, Happy Birthday! 40 is a wonderful age to be. God bless you,Lisa.
---John on 7/1/05

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bless you all too.
---lisa_1 on 7/1/05

*sings* Happy birthday to you.
To Jesus be true.
May God's richest blessings
Descend upon you.
---Ann5758 on 7/1/05

Lisa, I want to just say, that I hope that you have a wonderful day today. I remember when I was 40, it was a long time ago. My wish is that you grow in the Lord and never waver becuase He is your Rock and your salvation. Keep learning more for we all have a purpose, Have a wonderful Birthday,
---Lupe2618 on 7/1/05

happy birthday to youuuu
happy birthday to youuuu
happy birthday to Lisaaaaaaaa
happy birthday to youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Bless you Lisa
---sue on 7/1/05

Happy Birthday Lisa! May God bless you richly and may you have many many more birthdays! God bless you sister.
---NVBarbara on 7/1/05

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Lisa, "Happy Birthday" God Bless You!
---Linda3939 on 7/1/05

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! They may have gotten your name off the Birtday List in the Main Chat Room screen. Hope you have a good day!!
---Misty on 7/1/05

Happy Birthday, Lisa! May your 40th year be blessed beyond measure!
---DoryLory on 7/1/05

Happy Birthday Lisa; best wishes, and God bless you
---antha6445 on 7/1/05

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Happy Birthday and many happy returns.God Bless.
---Dorine on 7/1/05

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