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What Are You Thankful For

Happy Birthday America! This is 4th of July weekend. What are you thankful to God for, in this great land He gave us?

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 ---John on 7/2/05
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First and foremost I am thankful for the freedom that I have in Jesus one can ever take that away from me...I am definitely thankful for the beauty of this country in nature and everything all around me and then I am thankful for the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so that I can enjoy freedom in this country...never stop being thankful for all that God has given us to enjoy in this great land of ours...
---Fran8674 on 11/11/07

I wish to publicly thank the Father for the Son, and what the Son has done for all will come to Him.
---Mima on 5/3/07

My gratitude is that I live in a Nation of Freedom and Choice. I am blessed with Parents who offered me a better Life than they had. I have no worries, for Jesus takes care of my burdens and trials.
---rosem4839 on 5/3/07

Thankfulness fills my heart as I think about how the blessings of God start new with each new day. He has blessed my husband and I to begin our life again after being separated for 10 months.
---Shelly on 8/1/05

I am thankful to God for his love forgiveness, mercy and grace for they endure forever, for my children, grandchildren and all of the people in my life. The trials and the victories, and for just truly loving me.
---rhond on 8/1/05

I am thankful for my salvation, and the continued work of God in my life. His many blessing to me. A Christian husband, 4 healthy sons, who are living for Jesus and who are interested in Him. So, thankful for God's protection, the power of His word and being able to share my faith with others.
---Linda3939 on 7/13/05

I give thanks that I am alive and in good health even though this small island is having a bit of a warter shortage. I give thanks that I can hear because I know there are some that can't hear and some have never heard.
---Judith on 7/12/05

I thank God for so many, many things! for knowing Him, for my beautiful, loving family, for my freedom, my health, my cat,for Christian Net, I have shelter from the outside and I'm never hungry. I could go on and on!
---sue on 7/8/05

I am soooo thankful for my daughter that God gave me back my daughter in taking her out of the drug world she was in and i thank God every day for her. Thank you God.
---yvonne on 7/8/05

I am so Blessed and so thankful for my daughter, for my salvation and compassion and understanding! I am thankful for the love I have of God and the Patience and devotion I know. For being Free and blessed. I am thankful because Jesus Christ Died on the Cross for us all and my sins are forgiven. By his stripes we are healed!
---angea7453 on 7/7/05

I'm SO thankful that Jesus saved me and set me free! I'm thankful for my precious husband, my family, especially my son. Too many things to list! I am very thankful for CN! I love joking with Elder, and all the others on the Humor blog. SO thankful that Z-Pharisee is back! Thankful that Eloy will find happiness soon! I love ALL my CN family!
---NVBarbara on 7/5/05

I'm thankful for every day God sees fit to allow me to be alive and all that goes with it.
---Heather on 7/5/05

I am thankful that I can live without my parents and I can pursue my education without thier support.And also God working in my life.
---rodaa5457 on 7/5/05

I am grateful that I can pursue an education without having to answer to anyone about it. In other countries women must answer to men about if and when they get an education.
---Madison on 7/4/05

I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to glorify Him in my life. He doesn't need me , yet He uses me. Praise His Holy Name!
---John on 7/4/05

my love for Jesus..<>><
---monique on 7/3/05

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Life. My Family, everything that is around me, his spirit. I could spend a 1000 years thanking God and I still wouldn't be able to express how greatful I am.
---Rebecca_D on 7/3/05

i thank God that each day we are one day closer to the end.
---Eloy on 7/2/05

I am thankful for God's grace and mercy. Having lived most of my life in direct contrast to His word I have finally turned my life around. God has been there to help and guide me all the way. I never would have thought He would render such immediate forgiveness for me. I thank Him every day. I am now begining to live a full and productive life.
---shara27848 on 7/2/05

I am thankful I can legally practice Christianity without the fear of torture or death for it. Praise God for that freedom!
---zoe5647 on 7/2/05

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I am thankful for this wonderful gift that God has given us called life. Each night I try to thank God for every breath I take and I want my life too be used for Him. I thank Him for my family and for keeping us in His fold.
May God"s mercy rest upon this nation.
---Lillie on 7/2/05

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