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How Do I Help My Husband

How to deal with husband who has drug problems, denying counseling, tried stopping his addiction by his own strength, claimed he prays (Jewish), yet display addiction personality : manipulation, self denial & centeredness. At times, finds my dependence on my Christian believe offensive to him.

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 ---Margie on 7/5/05
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First seek the Holy Ghost on him so he could get saved. The only way he can truely get rid of these problems or adictives is get saved and give it all to God. Regardless if he is Jewish, or whatever you have the same God that can hear prayers. Maybe he just don't know how to quit these things. Show him love and support and keep praying. If he don't want to quit he wont'
---Rebecca_D on 2/21/08

Attend Al-anon or Nar-Anon or some sort of support group for spouses of people with addictions. They have websites.

Seek marital therapy with a good therapist who can break through his denial and address his addictive behaviors in a safe setting.
---Madison on 3/21/07

Normally, a person with a problem such as this has to "hit bottom" before they acknowledge the problem. Until then, about the only thing you can do, is be there for him, and pray for him.
---WIVV on 9/18/05

thank you so very much for all your reply. I know that I need to pray for him constantly and for me. I will look for Naranons for family, and just keep on find counsel in God's words. God bless you all
---margie on 7/10/05

I know you probably want to leave him right now, but try to support him. He isn't doing drugs to hurt you and he is NOT putting drugs above you. It's a sickness. He needs help right now.Pray a lot for him and you.
---sue on 7/5/05

Excellent advice from Madison. There really is nothing you can do to help him. Just help yourself by going to a meeting for families of drug addicts. You will learn a lot.Your husband cant do it alone. He needs professional help and Gods help.
good luck, you guys are in my prayers,
---sue on 7/5/05

There are Christian support groups around. in my state I attend a group called Most Excellent Way. Look around, and see if there is anything like that. Tell him you want him to attend meetings, or go through a rehabilitation center. If he refuses it is time for you to consider seperating from him until he chooses to sober up, and get it straight! I am a recovered addict, and when others stopped supporting my addiction, that is when I saught help, and turned my life to Christ!
---zoe5647 on 7/5/05

Your husband needs counseling and maybe someone to help him realize he has a problem. If his drug problems are serious he may even need drug rehabilitation. In all occasions pray for him. Let him know that you want to be there for him and that you will be with him every step of the way. Remember that you are not dealing with your husband, you are dealing with your husband on drugs. Drugs can change a person so drastically, that its scary! Im praying for your husband.
---kim on 7/5/05

You are his wife, not his doormat which means, don't let him abuse you. God did NOT create you for this purpose.
Set boundaries and stick to them.

If he chooses to continue in what hes doing, leaving the situation does not mean divorce is in the future. It just means that you aren't willing to put up with his behaviour.
---Paula on 7/5/05

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