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How To Show Attraction

How can a Christian woman show a Christian man that she is attracted to and interested in him without being overly aggresive?

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 ---Sandra on 7/6/05
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Use humor! Be yourself. Just relax. If it's meant to be it will happen without you trying so hard. Pray often for God's will. If the man isn't for you God will remove him. Remember, Christian men often prefer the old way of courting. Just be friendly and let him come to you.
---erik on 1/6/08

I don't understand this problem of agression. I have known nonchristion women who are very sexually aggresive with men and uncomely. But I believe that by nature, women are not really agressive when they are attracted to a man. They tend to show it by the enthusiasm when answering a phone call and energy during long talks over dinner. The countenance of inner joy to be with someone you truely enjoy and can communicate with. This is the sign that the man sees.
---jody on 5/17/07

I think it's in order that when you are VERY SURE that he is a decent man to tell him that you'd like to be friend with him.

Always be yourself.
---Albert on 5/17/07

Serpent? Sounds more like lucifer.
---sun on 9/18/05

Women are still women, and men are still men, whether they are christians or not. Most women know how to "relay" their interests to men without crossing scriptural "lines", God created opposite sex attractions for a reason. "There is a natural(wo)man, and there is a spiritual (wo)man", just be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Trial and error, or ask a friend, minister, etc, nothing ventured, nothing gained [playing hard to get can be a negative!]! Jn.16:24.
---bob6749 on 7/6/05

get togther and pray that you ar the ones God has brought into your lives, and use wisdom!
---thomas on 7/6/05

Don't indulge in playing the nonchristian games that so many play. A lot of us Christian men don't like that kind of thing. The typical dating schemes and techniques don't work on us because we're ot into the "double your dating" mentality. We want to find a good woman with good morals, a good head on her shoulders and a goodheart. If you have these, I think any Christian man you talk with will become attracted without any further effort on your part.
---Rex on 7/6/05

I think being yourself, is a good way to be around him. Plus, I don't think he would hurt, if you like my my gift to send to him.
Maybe you could send him a teddy bear, or something, with a note attached. On the note
you could tell him how your interested in him. I think it is as safe suggestion! BUT BE YOURSELF in every way you present yourself
to him. If he is not the right man, that God
wants you to have, God will let you know.
---Gary on 7/6/05

I was raised being taught that a lady (which equates to a Christian woman in most cases) should never be forward. Just be friendly and be yourself. I saw some good advice here from Erik, just let God do His Will and believe it's the right thing if you leave Him in charge.
---Heather on 7/6/05

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