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Can I Marry A Non-Christian

I was married to a pastor and after five years of severe domestic violence, I got a divorce. Now I have this friend who is not a Christian but wants to marry me. He is very loving and we have a lot in common. What must I do?

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 ---eilee4833 on 7/6/05
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refering to Matthew6:32-33,Father knows what you need indeed, what God believe nice all will be given to you, better to focus on things in His kindom first, and let God take the control. I would say wait, stay with Spirit and ask what He want you to do, if your heart is willing to listen, you will hear His voice.
---June on 7/5/10

From the Bible would be to say to look at is 1 corinthians 7, especially 12-16. summary: if a believer and an unbeliever are already married (one becomes one, etc.) they should stay together. However if an unbeliever asks to leave, then the believer should let him/her do so.

I would say important to stay, encourage, love, teach and let her see what a loving christ-centered person can be and pray that she may enter into that relationship with God through Christ's sacrifice also.
---davebobste on 10/29/07

Hi.I think that you are going to be equally joked with a sensitive person that is willing to take care of you.I think that the dichotomus thinking dividing people among beleivers and people of the world is misleading.For he is caring for you he has some good deeds and God walks with him, alhtough he might not realise.All the best.
---Luis on 10/28/07

This other man is a sinner and can say and do anything without God in his life. If you know the word you know that this is not a man to marry if you are called to serve the Lord. You would be jumping from the frying pan into the living fire. Pray for you husband you were once without God through your life you could very well end up saving your unrepentant spouse. you've had poor choices lately STICK close to Christ before you sin in word and deed.
---Carla5754 on 10/15/07

I have a unusual problem that maybe someone can help, google doesn't reveal much. I married my wife, she says she was a christian, but now i find she isn't. What do i do now? I'm already married and committed, i love her, but turns out she never really got christianity. I want her to find Christ, but don't want it to be for me, it has to be for her...
---Trevor on 10/14/07

A person who is a Christian should act like one. If you know what the Bible reads and do the opposite, that is a sin. The Bible says Christians are to marry Christians. It is not negotiable. I believe it is impossible for this man to be "the one" if he is not a Christian. God grants us everything from food-relationships. He may have sent you this man so you can tell him of the wonderful God we share. Until this man confesses Jesus his Savior, you need to obey God's Word. If not, it will not last
---Brittin on 10/8/07

Relationship is between 2 person matters.Religion matters are not suppose to get involve.It's the 2 person who is getting married in the end,not the religion going to be married with you.
---Alex on 4/1/07

Though the Bible says that you must be equally yoked in Corinthians, I believe that there are many non-Christians that are "equally yoked" to Christians. People believe the things that they learned when they were growing up, and it's not easy to dismiss those beliefs. If this person is the one, then you should marry him. You cannot compare every example in the Bible to everyday life because we're not those people. As for Samson and Delilah, you are not Delilah and he is not Samson. :)
---Athonia on 1/12/07

Thanks to all of you for responding. I'm so greatful to be a part of this family. Please join me in prayers for God's will to be done in mylife. Love you all.
---eileen on 8/24/05

if you are a christian you need to find out if he is willing to be taught to become a christian person.
---robert_moody on 7/7/05

I find that bringing Samson and Delilah example is a joke. Different times, different situations. Also we can't totally depend on Paul's rules since he spoke about conditions that were present 2000 years ago.
---Albert on 7/7/05

Looking for just a "Christian" person is not enough to assure peace in your relationship. Compatibility, chemistry, mutual interest are of extreme importance for a marriage to be successful.

I know of "Christian" couples who are living a life of arguments and pains.

Good to pray God but we also need to do our homework and put our efforts.
---Albert on 7/7/05

I hope this scripture answers your question.2 Corinthians 6:14 - Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
---Cheri on 7/6/05

Dont do anything that is clearly oustside of the Word of God. Niceness is not the key, but whether or not He is the one that God has chosen. Be careful and pray for God's guidance!
---Tony on 7/6/05

Hi, Maria!
Yes, sometimes, unblievers can act nicer than CHristians, in some cases. But also, keep in mind that not all people who say they are Christians, really are. Just as the Pharisees were religious but did not know God. True obedience and surrender to GOd are needed for ones to be true Christians.
In spite of how nice and enjoyable your friend, is, don't disobey GOd by marrying Him. It is always a big mistake to disobey God.
---Debby on 7/6/05

Jesus' teachings about divorce are found in Matthew 5:31-32, 19:9; Mark 10:11-12, and Luke 16:18
---antha6445 on 7/6/05

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Sometimes people of the world can be more loving than christians. Is confussing. Christians are to love as christ loves us. Am in situation where man who is not christian is best friend. I pray to God for strength to keep my value to marry believer. Was married to non-believer. know problems when unequally yoked. Can loose faith and can be very lonly.
Ask God to fill empty corners of heart to give strength to wait for one HE would choose for you. In end you will rejoice in your choice.
---Marla on 7/6/05

I reply to jacqu549 regarding marrying a non-christian and committing adultery. I am a christian raise up in a multi-racial country. Some of my family members married non-christians and they are very happy. Some christians are just pretending to be christians. It is the heart of the person that count, not the religion.
---Amy on 7/6/05

Eileen, being loving and having a lot in common now will not ensure a great relationship in the future. I'm sure your relationship with your ex was not violent at first. Perhaps you might want to determine what YOU could have done (since you can't change another person) to make it non-violent. Only if you change yourself, will you have a chance at a better relationship in the future.

As for marrying the unbeliever, I've seen it many times and all I can say is, "You'll be sorry!"
---Jeffrey on 7/6/05

Ellie, WHAT MUST YOU DO? Pray first and seek Gods answer not man's. Who knows you might be like esther. God might be putting you in a place (for such a time as this). You might be the changing force for this guy. If you want to be really bold, Convert him first then marry him. LOL. I bet if he sees the spirit of Jesus in You he can't help but fall even more in love with you. Pray and let God do his mighty work in your life. He gives good gifts you know. Your brother in christ Martin
---martin on 7/6/05

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Your first answer to this question has no bibical reference that you are comminting adultry if you marry a non-christian. If you are divorced, you are not married, you can't commit adultry. Paul does state that if you are a Christian and divorced, then you have to marry a Christian (1 Corinthians 7)
---Steven_Wilkey on 7/6/05

My Sister, the bible says that you should not be yoked with unbelievers. II cor. 6:14). That is the trap of the enemy to bring u to shame. If you did not make it with the Pastor my sister you better pray for God's Direction. Remember Samson who married Deliah and what happened later - Samson lost his eyes. If you marry the non-Christian you are committing adultery. Read the Book of corithians will help u understand what the Servant of God Paul was telling the Church.
---jacqu5949 on 7/6/05

When you say he's not Christian, does he belong to another denomination or religion? I still have problem deciphering "Christian" as quoted on these fora.
---Albert on 7/6/05

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