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Can I Marry A Muslim

I have been apart from my husband for 11 years. I struggle with divorce for a long time the marriage is over. I meant someone and have dated him, the problemis he just became a muslim he want to marry me. I have tried to explain that I can see him anymore. It hurts help. What should I do?

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 ---Marva on 7/6/05
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Your "not out of my faith" doctrine is just as bigoted,rather than biblical IMO..
---alexia on 9/14/07

Alexia - my comment was not in regards to your husband, other than you as a believer should be praying him into the kingdom so that he might recieve the blessings in this life as well as the next.

What I absolutely "rebuked" you for was giving unscriptural advise on a christian site.
Now your allowed to - but I'm going to call you on it everytime!
---Andrea on 9/18/07

I tend to follow what Jesus says as best I can discern it. Paul had an agenda, and I dont believe all he said was meant literally. It was church specific. You make God like humans, with human traits. I dont think God hates, condemns, or punishes EVER. You believe in a God who constantly puts you to the test by showing you one thing and telling you to disbelieve it or be condemned.
---alexia on 9/18/07

Alexia: "I think God's a whole lot bigger than you do guys. I dont worry at all about my husband's "salvation."

I wonder, how you know how big we/others think God is. I Know "God is MIGHTY to save", and what an awesome God He is! While we were yet sinners He lay down His life for us, that's pretty big to me, in fact incredible. Ultimate love.
You say you aren't worried about your husbands salvation even tho you say he's agnostic, do you then believe he is saved?
---Christina on 9/17/07

Alexia - then it was Paul who is bigoted

2Cr 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

but you stick with your self-made religion - it seems to be working for you and your husband.
Do you at least pray for his soul?
---andre5846 on 9/14/07

I think God's a whole lot bigger than you do guys. I dont worry at all about my husband's "salvation. and the analogy to racism is well taken andrea. Your "not out of my faith" doctrine is just as bigoted,rather than biblical IMO..
---alexia on 9/14/07

Alexia, I am assuming you are christian in your beliefs though your husband is agnostic. It's wonderful to be happy in a marriage, but i wonder, as a christian, is your heart burdened for your husbands soul? Wouldn't it be wonderful if he knew Jesus as Lord and savior?
---Christina on 9/13/07

2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
---denna7667 on 9/13/07

alexia - I pray you and your husband live a long and happy life together and one day he may embrace Christ.
It is still not advisable to tell a christian that it is okay to marry an unbeliever.

and what on earth does that have to do with marriage btw different races. If you marry a person of a different race you can still be equally yoked!
---Andrea on 9/13/07

I would agree that Jesus left no wiggle room for divorce, something protestants, demoninational or otherwise ignore. However,I choose not to follow it. I believe God is more about love than living a life of misery in silent obedience to something in a book that Jesus may or may not have said.
---alexia on 9/13/07
apparently you have your own religion
- may be you should get into a church with some good bible classes.
---Andrea on 9/13/07

Andrea, at one time people openly said you couldnt marry out of your race. It was no more valid. I follow Jesus, and frankly religion would not likely prevent me from marrying anyone was I not already happily married to an agnostic.
---alexia on 9/13/07

I would agree that Jesus left no wiggle room for divorce, something protestants, demoninational or otherwise ignore. However,I choose not to follow it. I believe God is more about love than living a life of misery in silent obedience to something in a book that Jesus may or may not have said.
---alexia on 9/13/07

Get away from him. For starters, you are married and it is sin for you to be dating men at all. Also, unless your husband committed adultry, you are bound to him for life. That means that you are unable to remarry until he is dead according to the Bible. So the fact that this man is Islamic is not relevant because you really cant marry him anyway. For the record though, the Bible teaches to not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever so that you could not marry a muslim.
---jody_martin on 9/13/07

Alexia - you failed to mention how many marriages end in divorce bc of differences in ideologies, families - not to mention the extreme treatment of woman in Islamic countries.
Are you a Christian. Would you want your children raised muslim.
No you cannot marry a muslim and expect God to bless your marriage.
You can go to school with muslims, you can work with them, you can be friends and be good neighbors, but you are not supposed to marry out of your faith.
---Andrea on 9/12/07

of course you can. Discuss your respective interest in faith, your practices, determine how any children will be raised. Plenty of mixed religion marriages work fine as long as both sides respect the other.
---alexia on 9/12/07

You will be drawn to into a cult, where you will face Mecca when you pray 5 times to an Idol called Allah, just leave the Bastard, he is still fresh in the devil's pangs.Allah is an idol, he has 3 daughters, Al-Manat, Al-Lat and Al-uzah, they will torture you slowly as they are of the Devil.
---Gray on 9/12/07

You should not be contemplating any kind of future with a muslim if you are a Christian. You say he has just 'become' a muslim. What was he before? This sounds as if he probably wasn't born in a muslim country but has been converted. This being the case he will probably be very keen to get others converted and you might be his first 'catch'. Be very wary. Also bear in mind the attitude of many muslim men to women. It will probably not be what you are used to, especially after marriage.
---Xanthi on 4/21/07

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Yes you can marry and be unequally yoke together...but be fore warned. You will experience great tribulation and regret for years to come. It would be best to wait for the man the LORD brings into your life because it's better to stand alone than with the enemy of Your Savior, Jesus Christ. You do not worship the same God and the consequences are disaster. WAIT...and PRAY.
---Eloia_N_ks on 7/12/05

If you do decide to marry him, it will be difficult but it can still work. You will be tested to the utmost degree but if you stay focused on God, He will still calm your storm.

Love and Blessings,
---Maha on 7/9/05

My marriage is very painful and I understand why the Bible clearly states that we should not marry unbelievers. Your aim is to be equally yoked. You need to surround yourself with believers. At the same time, you can't shut out the unbelievers in your life. Being a true Christian means accepting all and loving all. But marriage is teamwork. On your team, you need someone who is on your side.
---Maha on 7/9/05

When I was Muslim and Christians tried to get me to change, I was like a stone. It wasn't until I got married and fell to the darkest place in my life that God came and saved me. He sent a good Christian man my way when I served in the Air Force. He prayed for me in the name of Jesus and to this day I have found everlasting peace.
---Maha on 7/9/05

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Marva, I am in a lot of pain and tears and I don't know how long it will last because I'm trying to wait and see if my muslim husband will change. I learned a long time ago that I cannot discuss religion with him. Islam makes perfect logical sense, but to understand Christianity you have to believe with the spirit.
---Maha on 7/9/05

I do not blame myself for her changing. She changed because she was not wise enough to defend her Christianity as I was for Islam. Besides At that time I thought islam was right. Now I know it is not. She let herself fall. Everone is responsilbe for their own salvation. I do pray alot that God will change her back as I do not know where she is so I can talk with her again. Be very prepared if you want to marry.
---hossan on 7/9/05

I was muslim for 35 years and I am now christian. I agree 100 % what vilma has said. Marva, as an ex muslim I will say one thing. you have to be ready and know enough about both religons before you can marry him and defend yourself because he can make you change your beliefs. I did that with my ex who was christian. She was not stronge and wise in her christian beliefs so when I talked so well about Islam she believed. I can only pray for her now that she will come back to the truth.
---hossan on 7/9/05

Manoa this is what you said: Muslims are not evil, they are human beings just like us. "We" as Christians are "as bad as they are". First You said they are NOT evil but then you contradict by saying, WE are AS bad AS they are ! make youself clear. What you should have just said is, No religon, or people is perfect, only God is perfect.
---vilma on 7/9/05

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Manoa.. sure God can change use her to change this man, but it can take 10 days or 10 years, is she ready and strong enough to wait it out ? She has to be strong and have studied hard about her beliefs and his so she can defend herself enough to not let him change her instead. No one said muslims are evil.. they love, pray, fear, and have faith in one God just as christians do, the only difference is they dont believe in Jesus is only way to salvation. To them he is only a prophet.
---vilma on 7/9/05

I pray to God to show you the right way. Only He can do so.
In Islam, it's clearly instructed that husbands respect their wifes and take good care of them. Some muslims do not obey because they are just humans, this has nothing to do with Islam by itself and does not represent Islam.
Woman in Islam should be treated as a princess not even as just an equal partner. She's the wife, mother and daughter.
---Ahmed on 7/8/05

I can only hope that people will read what Vilma has written. I was married to a Muslim for 25 years, then sadly divorced. Believe me, what she says is accurate. If you are a Christian, DO NOT marry a Muslim!! You will be married "unevenly yoked" which is a disaster waiting to happen. If I can save heartache for just one person, this Blog will be worth it.
---Elsie on 7/8/05

Dear Marva,
About marry a Muslim, the Bible is very clear! Read 2 Cor.6: 14 and make your own conclusion!
---Ernst9433 on 7/8/05

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Dear friend, before you act on a decision submit it first to Jesus Christ.We as Christians can only give you some good advice but Jesus is the Way, The Truth and The Life.I believe that if it is God's purpose for you to be involved with this man, everything will come into place. Muslims are not evil, they are human beings just like us.We as Christians are as bad as they are.We should not be judging people because of their faith.God can use you to change this man into His Mighty and Glorious image.
---Manoa on 7/8/05

My final words and I'll quiet up. Trying to urgue you beliefs in Jesus with a muslim will be hard, they will always ask you a question from your Bible which to them is a contradiction because they believe the bible has too many contradictions. They know how to get you even if you know alot about the Bible. They will make you confused, depressed, and make you doubt if your beliefs are true and make you think if maybe their beliefs are right. I know what I'm talking about, I went through this.
---vilma on 7/8/05

If you want to marry him anyway after all I said, be prepared for years of pain and tears. He maybe a good man, but that does not mean you will be fully happy. If you want children with him, he will make them muslim. As I said read the Bible well, study about Quran and Islam, and study this fake book of barnabas, look at christian web sites that show you how wrong Islam is.
---vilma on 7/8/05

My advice is pray alot, do not let this man convice you to believe something else. In the bible it says many will try to confuse and make you believe in something different than what you have already believed, so watch out for lions. They will try to confuse you by making their beliefs look so good. They are wise. But the bible also says those who think they are wise are really fools. I warn you as someone who loved a muslim, Ask God to change him soon, or to take him out your heart.
---vilma on 7/8/05

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Study well your bible if you still plan to marry him, Study the Quran, then Study false book of barnabas, and put it all together and you will know what I am talking about. There are web sites that you can go and they tell you why the book of barnabas is accepted by muslim's to prove their beliefs, and in the christian web sites,it will show you why this book Gospel of barnabas is fake. And it will show you alot of contradictions in the Quran which proves the quran is not perfect as muslim's claim.
---vilma on 7/8/05

They believe in the Quran and because of some fake Gospel book called: Gospel of barnabas. They claim this Gospel was written by barnabas who was an apostle of Jesus. This gospel states Jesus as saying he was not the son Of God and is not the messiah, and it also says, that Jesus had prohpetized about mohammed as the last and final messenger of God. This book was proven fake and the author was not barnabas from the bible but a man who hated christians. Tell this to a muslim and he will not believe it.
---vilma on 7/8/05

When you try to show a muslim any verse in the bible to prove your beliefs, they simply answer you by saying the bible was corrupted and changed. They don't believe in all the books especially the books inthe new testiment about Jesus being savior. They just believe Jesus was a prophet nothing more. So if you try to throw verses to them from the new testiment about Jesus as savior and only way to salvation, they will just laugh at you.
---vilma on 7/8/05

I was involved with a muslim for 4 years. I loved him deeply, we got along good, but when it came to beliefs we never agreed. I showed him many verses in the bible and give testimonies to him, but muslim's are too deep into their beliefs and no one can change them if you think you will. Only God can change him. But do you want risk years of pain waiting for God to change him ? Also a muslim man will make your children be muslim no matter what as what my ex told me when we planned to have children.
---vilma on 7/8/05

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My husband and I were both muslim when we married and 2 years ago I became Christian. Our marriage is extremely difficult. I feel like there is a wall between us. I am also pregnant with his child and I can't imagine how hard it would be to raise the child. I too, grew up in a interfaith marriage. I grew up confused and my parents fought a lot. Please don't do it. You can fall in love again.
---Maha on 7/8/05

Kirarira, I used "unbeliever" only to mean "non-Christian". We know that God is love, and to attack Islam is not my purpose. You know the imams and the hadith can be wrong (even they would say this). You know the Koran commands you to accept the words of the Bible. If you love God, don't you want to know more about Him? He promised us, anyone who seeks Him will find Him. All I say to you is this- read the Gospel of John, or sign up for a Bible study, and follow where God leads.
---Billy on 7/7/05

Muslim men consider their wives as property. How could any woman voluntarily enter into such a relationship?
---Jerry on 7/7/05

Add no pain to pain! the bible is plain about this. the man might not be evil even at the long-run, but there shall and will be belief conflicts, which might be sso so divastating, this i know by the spirit, except the man is not a serious muslim.
---Austin on 7/7/05

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I can speak from experience. Do not marry this muslim guy. I was in love with a muslim guy. He was what I thought everything I needed. But I asked my cousin for advice. She said even the Devil was the most beautiful and the angels left God and followed him and then they were all condemned to death. So stick to your christian bible and beleifs. You dont want Satan as a father in law my Pastor T. would say. I know its hard but wait for the blessing when you obey God.
---alice on 7/7/05

It hurts me Mr Billy to say that Muslims are non believers. Any person who believes in God , xtians , Bahais e.t.c, are all believers.We have seen Muslims protecting xtians being killed by fellow xtians Islam has come out openly and told us that Muslims can marry peaple of the book which are clearly motioned in the bible.As a Muslim, wouldnt want my Muslim sister to marry a non believer for non believers are not God fearing thus being dangerous.
---Kirarira on 7/7/05

I understand your pain but marrying a man who is not a believer as yourself will only add to the pain in the long run. You did right by telling him you can't see him anymore.
God sees your heart and will Vless you for keeping his commandments. Wait on God he will bring the one for you in his time and his time is always right even if we do not think so at the time.
---Marla on 7/6/05

I was a Christian and married a Sikh for 15 years. It ended up in a divorce with lots of heartache for my kids and I. My kids left with me, but oh, what a heartbreak. If you marry a non-believer, you not only bring pain and hurt to yourself but to your kids. God said to be unequally yoked. Please listen to God's Word, and stay focused on Him. Keep yourself for a good Christian man whom God will bring your way. God bless You. I will be praying for you.
---Snowdrop on 7/6/05

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Don't do this; I know you're hurt, but you would be disobeying the Lord by becoming more involved with this man. I know many people of the Muslim faith and the women are treated like chattal by their husbands. I find this is true especially of people who have converted to Islam. Run, run fast.
---alana on 7/6/05

The Bible clearly says not to be unequally yoked. God never brings a christian and a muslim into marriage. Muslims deny the deity of Christ. The best thing you can do for your muslim friend is to pray without cease for his salvation. That God will open his spiritual eyes so that he may see the truth. Keep talking to your friend about Jesus. Plant the seed and let God do the rest.
---erik on 7/6/05

I don't know much about the muslim but I was a nonbeliever when I got married. I was saved when I was 26 and I am forty two now my husband was a christian when I met him. My husband and I have grown in our faith and love for god together. I don't believe that all nonbelievers don't make it. I have been married for 22 years this past june so I feel I am the one that beat the odds of being a nonbeliever and not making it.
---debbie23453 on 7/6/05

obedience to God's Word is what is most important. The first and foremost requirement is that your spouse should be a Christian. The grief you will have in the future in dishonouring God by taking a husband outside of God's will is beyond description. God is God and His wisdom and commandment must be obeyed and not our emotions.
---Tony on 7/6/05

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run, sister, run. You will not change him. He will change you if you marry him.
---shira_5965 on 7/6/05

We're told not to marry unbelievers. If you do, it's asking for heartache. You might remind him, the Koran says the Bible is the inspired word of God, with no errors. Ask him how he can believe that, and not be a Christian. He might say the Bible has changed since it was written. If he does, remind him the Koran was written in the 7th century, and it said at that time the Bible was without error. We have MANY copies of the Bible which are older than that. He may not listen, but you can try.
---Billy on 7/6/05

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