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Can I Date A College Guy

I'm 14 but I'll turn 15 in the fall and the guy I like will turn 18 next year. We decided to go out when he goes to college. Do you think it's okay to be dating somebody 3 years older then me?

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 ---Dani on 7/7/05
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What is the status of the relationship..meaning what do you two do together? Is he a christian young man or does he go to church...many times people limit themsevles because of age...really it has to do with the mental age of people.
---Monee9564 on 3/11/08

I think it is just fine to date someone three years older than you. Just be careful cause he may break your heart by cheating on you. So make sure he's a honest guy, ok? Have fun with this cutie of yours!
---whitney on 3/29/07

at 14 going on 15 you are still young yes you might know your body, but i think you are too young to be dating at the moment, if it is meant to be it will be , my thought is give yourself time to grow, go out with other , guys in a group, dont rush into some thing at the moment
---irene7395 on 3/24/07

There is nothing wrong with this age span. What is important here is the maturity level. For you and your peers its, "Wow! I'm dating a college guy!" For him it's his collage buddies saying, "Robbing the cradle, aren't you?" If your maturity level is not correct, you will get prideful, and he will bow to the pressure from his peers.
---WIVV on 8/4/05

It's not a sin. Whether it's wise or not depends a lot on you and him, and the type of person you each are. Can you avoid the temptation to sleep together? Can you honor God with your relationship? These are the things you should ask yourself and pray about. Think carefully about it before you decide.
---Billy on 7/7/05


On the positive side of this problem, I have a daughter who started dating her husband when she was 15. I never expected it to last as long as it did, but they have now been married for 11 years, have 3 beautiful children and a great life. Good luck.
---Denimari on 7/7/05

Someday 3 years will not make a lot of difference, but a high school girl of 15 and a college boy of 18 would probably not have much in common. If your parents approve, date guys your own age for a year and then see how you and the college guy feel about each other. You're young, don't rush anything. Pray about all your decisions and God will lead you.
---Nan on 7/7/05

You'll turn 15 before he turns 18, so there will be only 2 years difference (he'll still be 17). I think as long as it's ok with your parents, and he is polite & respectful, it should be ok. Have fun, but be a bit careful, too, ok hon?
---Ann5758 on 7/7/05

I don't think it is a good idea. Better you enjoy a fantastic senior year at your HS. and let him get a good start in college. Then next year may be it would still work, even though then You will have to focus on your studies FIRST but could be part of the picture too.
---Pierr7958 on 7/7/05

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