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What to do when your friends have no faith in Christ or God? You are a firm believer and feel alone. What should you do?

Moderator - Make friends on ChristiaNet here and in the penpal section.

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 ---Simon on 7/7/05
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Learn to minister and witness to your friends.
We fuss and disagree here sometimes but we all "Eat at the same Table."
Sometimes a dissembler will show up but they get run away.
So, join in the fun, debates, attacks, complements and don't take anything personally except instruction from the Written Word of God.
If you take things personally your head will "Swell up" or "deflate."
You will not leave the way you came. Just ask the "Forum Family."
---Elder on 8/11/08

The moderator is right! Join us here at the Bloggs, chat and penpal section at CN. Welcome! Share your ideas! Have fun while gaining friends and learning at the same time!
---bebet3754 on 9/19/07

well my advice to you would be maybe go to church make different friends, join your choir in church, join the pen pal section. be with friends who also feel as you do.
---irene7395 on 4/3/07

Simon, God bless you. You can always come here for friendship, prayer and advice. This is a good oportunity for God to show you new friends in Christ. Pray for that. He's faithful.
---John on 4/2/07

We're hear if you need someone and with God you are never alone.
---EJ on 3/27/07

You can click on someone's id in bottom of their reply and see all the blogs that they answered. You can know more about people this way too
---pat on 7/12/05

Know that the Lord is your best friend. He won't allow you to go through anything alone. As christians we have all felt alone at one time. Ask God to teach you how to pray for your friends.
---Donna6946 on 7/8/05

Hi I feel the same! I am always a odd ball, and left out because I don't smoke or drink or swear or act hurtful to other's. I am always singled out as a holy roller. Or a God freak. So I am alone with God and My beautiful Daughter. God has never left me or forsaked me by the way! I reach out here as best I can but I am shy and worried that someone could hurt me here! All you can do is trust!
---angea7453 on 7/8/05

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