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Women Contacting My Husband

I married a few months ago and some of his old relationships continue to want to contact him, though they know he is married now. He is open with me about it and not making any attempt to return their calls, e-mails or I.M.'s. Why would a woman want to contact a married man? This puzzles me.

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 ---Deb on 7/8/05
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My guess is the old saying about wanting what you can't have. Just pray about it. Seems like your hubby is doing the right thing in avoiding them.

God bless.
---Dorothy on 3/9/08

These women have a bigger problem than you have. I'm pleased to hear that your husband has told you about them and that he is not responding. He is dealing with this the correct way and eventually they are bound to get the message.
---Xanthi on 8/1/07

They are contacting him because for some reason they think they "see a ray of hope." In time, they will get discouraged and stop - as long as they aren't being encouraged. At one time, being married was an automatic "hands off", but not in this particular age. Until these ladies are certain this marriage is for real, they will keep contacting him. It's good he is telling you about it. You might write some of these "admirers" and remind them he's now married.
---Ray on 8/4/05

Predatory females know no bounds.
---ralph7477 on 8/3/05

I am curious to know, since you are married and probably moved into a new home and new phone..yes?
If this is come they have his number and his e-mail?
---Marie_Jacquelyne on 7/12/05

Some women cannot accept the fact that they cannot have the man they wanted. So, they'll try to possess your husband in spirit by "showing" their presence in their ways. They will give up eventually when they REALLY KNOW that, they can't.

There are different ways in dealing with such hassles. Based on my experience, I had my spouse to phone these people to tell them that it was not wise to call and that it would upset me if they do.
---t3 on 7/12/05

They delight in making trouble, like satan himself.
---Heidi_2 on 7/11/05

Easy women want UGLY men too!!!
---Rhonda on 7/10/05

1st cliff- thats the wrong advice....I married an ugly man and still had that problem......LOL
---karyn on 7/10/05

Thanks to all of you for your comments. My husband did send a strong e-mail to one of the women telling her to not contact him or me in any manner. He sent this without my knowing about it, and then, showed it to me. This particular woman even asked me to be friends with her. I guess I want people to have a strong respect for marriage, and see that isn't the case. God bless all of you.
---Deb on 7/10/05

Because he is taking, he isn't single anymore. To those women, it is fun sneaking around and having an affiar with a married man, vice versa. They want what they can't have.
---Rebecca_D on 7/9/05

There was a lady who contacted my husband after we were married, he realised it was not helping the trust factor so asked her to stop contacting him and when she didn't he changed his email address, if it is hurting you (at all) your husband should put these other women aside, they now have no place in his life. He has cleaved to you alone.
---Maxine on 7/9/05

To all you girls looking for a husband....marry an ugly guy and you wont have this problem!
---1st_cliff on 7/9/05

In todays world anything goes. Some people do not value marraige. It is good your husband is open with you about this. And he is doing right by not answering thier messages. Has he written them and told them straight forward that he does not want them to wrote him any more? If they continue it may take him telling them to leave him alone.
---M. on 7/8/05

It's these times that we're living in, some have no respect for marriage anymore. Some women find it alluring to want something that they cannot have. Both your husband and yourself should put your foot down and not tolerate the callers, tell them you don't appreciate it. God doesn't like home-wreckers.
---Eloy on 7/8/05

I can see your point, since your newly weds. I correspond with a male friend. We're friends from years ago, We email and im each other, we dont feel there's anything wrong with it. We're both happily married. We dont do anything wrong at all. But I'm sure there's some out there that would feel we're wrong, but if I thought God frowned on this, I wouldnt have any contact with him anymore. Until I feel God'sconviction, I guess we'll continue corresponding. God Bless in your new marriage!
---Peggy3873 on 7/8/05

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If he wants to send them a strong message he should change his email, I.M., phone and any other number they are contacting him through. If this behavior is allowed to continue it might be mistaken as interest.
---DoryLory on 7/8/05

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