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Christian Kids Harming Themselves

Why do so many Christian kids start self-harming. My 15 year old daughter cuts her arm on a fairly regular basis, but can't tell me why. Have others been through this with their kids? If so how did you deal with it?

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 ---Geraldine on 7/11/05
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part 2: let her know you care and are concened about try to get her to open up by letting her know you are there to listen she may be crying out for help but dont pressure her that will push her away try christian counseling i would get a pastor if you can to come and anoint your house and pray over it there may be a demonic spirit when she sleeps pray for her lay hands on her interceed on her behalf God will inteviene if he sees you are sincere it may take a while but it is God's time not ours
---andre9789 on 4/25/08

How long has she been a Christian? Is she active in her church? Who are some of her friends? Are they Christians also? Or, are they non Christians? A lot of questions to be asked before a good answer can be given.
Without knowing too many details. If her friends are non christians, she maybe trying to fit in with their lifestyle, and it is causing her anxiety(self harming).Is she being forced to go to church and so on?Some teens rebel against this. Many more reasons...
---Robyn on 8/28/07

i am sorry to hear you are having to go through this with your daughter ya'll are in my prayers i dont have kids buit my sister used to do it actually still does i am 20 she is 23 she started at age 12 the therapist she was seeing told my mom it was an attention thing she didnt want anyone in my mothers life but her she even tried to kill me before she was hospitalized 30 something times in one year for suicide attempts all you can do is love her
---andre9789 on 8/28/07

Hey i understand to a degree what your daughter is going through. I used to self-harm.I have recently stopped.With her self-harming doesn't mean suicide!! its a way to release frustration and anger. Its her way of coping with it all but u might want to suggest elastic bands on her wrist so she just pings it instead or even holding ice-cubes as a way of release there r loads just look them up or even go to recoveryourlife it has loads of helpfull information
---Lisa on 7/29/05

I have prayed continuously since I found out about this, I've spoken to my daughter who says she doesn't know why she does it but it makes her feel better. She refuses to speak to anyone about it and I'm afraid to force her into therapy incase it turns her away from us. We've told her how much we love her (she's always been told that not just since the cutting started) and that we are there for her but she won't accept outside help. PLEASE pray for her.
---Geraldine on 7/15/05

Faith in Christ does not necessarily preserve one from the mental and emotional issues that self-mutilation are mere symptoms of.

My heart goes out to the both of you.

My prayers are with you.
---Jack on 7/14/05

So I know cutting is hard because I watch my daughter go thru it everyday. Prayer is awesome! And is a powerful tool!!
---angea7453 on 7/12/05

My Daughter is Bi Polar Manic Depressive and has been cutting since she was 8 years old. My daughter has been thru all the therapy counseling and I pray for her everyday! She cut's to release the pain the hurt confusion. My daughter is very angry with God and she wonders why she was born handicap why she was born different looks different feels different. It is harder more so at this age. she stopped breathing when she was 1 month old and suffers fom sight brain damage.
---Angea7453 on 7/12/05

Another thing you might want to do is check out the music she's been listening to (especially the lyrics) and the movies and reading material that has been entertaining her time and thoughts. Also find out if she's been playing any kind of roll-playing games (on-line or otherwise) such as Dungeons and Dragons (I believe there are others). All of these things can create an open doorway for demons to torment your daughter.
---DoryLory on 7/12/05

You need to get her to a psychiatrist and therapist who can help her work through the emotions that she cannot deal with any other way.
---Madison1101 on 7/11/05

I have a 17 yr old daughter that went thru this ..I must say it was a trying time for my family was a psychological problem stemming from a trauma episode she did not know how to handle the emotions from it so she turned to self was a way for her to release the emotional damage ...I do suggest getting Christian Counseling with her that helped us tremedously plus it gave her the biblical support she needed as well...
---Sandy on 7/11/05

My daughter is 15 & use to cut herself also. The one time she talked to me about it was when she told me why she did it. It released the pain on the inside & was better to feel it on the outside. She doesn't do it anymore. I'll tell you what I did. I prayed & still continue to pray for her. I got her help because she wouldn't talk with me. Continue to pray & seek professional help for your daughter. He will guide you if you ask Him. God Bless!
---Bridget on 7/11/05

Sounds like that she may have a evil spirit in her. demons can get into children, some will dissagree. I would rebuke it out of her.
---Rebecca_D on 7/11/05

Teens normally have a difficult time expressing and understanding their feelings. They want to have control in a chaotic world; some turn to self mutilation. Your daughter needs help from the professionals. It's not the end of the world, but you must pay attention to it. The advice of the other bloggers is very good!
---Elsie on 7/11/05


A friend of mine has a sister that does this.
It is a severe problem and needs to be addressed immediately with a doctor. I will keep your daughter in my prayers - please have her evaluated to determine the proper course of action.
---DeniMari on 7/11/05

This is a very real problem and your daughter needs prayer and the help of a good psychiatrist who specializes is this type of behavior. She cuts herself because she feels that's the only way she is in control. She needs therapy to find out why she feels this way. You will both be in my prayers.....God bless.
---Nan on 7/11/05

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