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Do You Dress Up For Church

When I was young we always used to dress up specially for church. Those clothes were referred to as 'our Sunday best'. We wore them only for church or very special occasions. Do any of you still do this these days?

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 ---Paul_James on 7/11/05
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We are always on display before our Lord so, as a Christian teenager, I believe we should show respect by always dressing in a modest and elegant manner. When we look our best we feel our best and do our best. I show respect to my community when I wear a nice skirt and jacket for school. I wear them to work out of respect for the customers. On Sundays to show appreciation for all the blessings in my life I put on my best suit and hat for church. Ever notice how no one is ever discourteous to an elegantly-dressed person? If we all presented ourselves that way perhaps there would be more courtesy and less strife.
---Michelle on 6/11/09

I dress my best specially for my Lord only on Sabbaths..if anyone else dont like it, too bad cos I see it how God wants me to dress myself for Him. You nit pickers better look at yourselves and ask if your heart is at the right place before you judge how others dress..its where the heart is what matters, not the dress you wear..
---operator on 3/19/08

I dress comfortable and casual. But never look down on someone else because they can't or don't dress their best.
---Mark on 3/19/08

Being dressed properly is a mark of respect and should be the main object of addressing a dignitary in an appropriate manner.Having said that how would you dress for a wedding or if called to meet the Queen. Here we are meeting The King of Kings.Matt22:11-13, has something to offer,I believe in this regard.
---Emcee on 3/19/08

I have a question then . . . where did "Sunday Best" come from, and why did people used to do it all the time? It seems vanity seriously applies to our society this day and age, not back years ago, so I don't know if that makes any sense to me.
I know what matters is what's in your heart and not what you have on, but I have to be honest . . . sometimes I get really annoyed when I see an usher at our church dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops.
---Heather on 3/19/08

Yes, when I go to church I dress up. Sometimes I dress up when I go shopping. By dressing up I mean dress or skirt and a blouse. I see nothing wrong with slacks in church if neat, talored, to fit properly topped off with a nice blouse. Hats and gloves were nice weren't they? Women do not always look like women in today's world.
---catherine on 2/1/08

I don't think dressing up is important and is really anything to be concerned about. It tends to focus on the outside of the cup & not the inside. It is an insult to those in need of food and the basic necessities of life to see money wasted on decorating ourselves. The bride of Christ should be clothed in righteousness & not a party dress. It is a tradition not a direction from God "to dress up". Our heart is what makes us the His bride, the rest is simply clothing.
---Nola on 1/30/08

It's not really too tricky to dress as nice as possible to please and honour the Lord within your financial capability and in accordance with scriptural modesty. It's simply keeping a just weight and equal balance between honouring him without trying to take part in a Sunday fashion show. A humble and modest person will wear their best just for him and not to be seen of man.
---Frank on 6/27/07

According to Jesus getting caught up in man made vanities, is a sin.
According to God, Dress is a vanity.
God told told Jeremiah Why dress yourself in scarlet and put on jewels of gold? Why shade your eyes with paint? You adorn yourself in vain.
and in james 5:2 he compares it to wealth and other things that are worth nothing to God.
and in 1pet 3:3
In fact some didnt believe jesus was God because he didnt dress like a king.
---Drew on 6/25/07

It is commanded in 1tim not to where expensive clothing... i know this because it says:
"Dress not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God."
Paul also says in cor that we worhip god with our live, not unspiritual vanities.
---Drew on 6/25/07

I believe if we spend money for "church clothes when there is over 29 million slaves, being sold for the price of your shows, and people die ever 3 secs from starvation, God is not happy.
Another reason God doesn't want you to get dress up is explained in james 2.
But honestly if i gave everything the bible says about this subject i'd be typing all night.
---Drew on 6/25/07

We wear whatever is comfortable clothing at our church, Crossroads Church in Newnan, GA, a Southwest suburb of Atlanta. I don't miss dressing up a bit. I have seen that clothing can keep someone from coming to service. Right now in the summer time most men wear polo shirts and sandle or tennis shoes. We have logo shirts sold at the church store in the lobby.
---Bill on 6/21/07

I agree with eloy on this. I was also raised to wear church clothes, specifically for church. It was ok but I think people should dress nice, clean and modest for church. As long as the clothing is comfortable, attractive and not revealing. I am ok. I go to church to praise and worship God and to be with my church family. I don't want to lose my focus on something as, mundane as clothes. Its about Jesus, not clothes.
---Robyn on 6/20/07

I was raised in the Church of God in Christ. I detested the huge hats, fancy clothes, large cars and all the other worldy trappings of this faith.When I became an adult I attended for a while. I was still offended. In church and outside people would barely speak to you and their hearts were not right before God. I have since left and belong to a non-denominational church now. This same trend is taking effect there, also. Its not the church, its the mind set and practices of the people who do this.
---Robyn on 6/20/07

I do not believe what we wear, as long as we are clean and modest, is of much importance. God is concerned with the inside of us. I have seen fashion used as a way to judge those within the church who don't have the money for "Sunday best" clothes, at least as others' define them. No one should feel embarassed about going to church because they can't dress to the nines!
---maryj9396 on 6/20/07

I would really like to attend a church where if you dress up and I mean really dress up you would not "stand out like a sore thumb" a friend of mine (with a sneer in her voice) described the few women in her church that still dressed up...if you we don't dress up for church where can or should we? the question in my opinion. But with the casual trend and people like my friend today's nice dressers seem to be just as if not more shunned than those that didn't dress up in the past. NRS
---Nadine_R_Stuth on 6/19/07

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I dress my Sabbath best for my God and Him only. If someone else dont like it too bad. I give Him of my very best.
---jana on 4/26/07

It is hard to tell the christin from none christains because they dress and look the same stand a person that clains to be a christian and a one that doesn't clain to be
a christain up beside each other and then ask someone
that doesn't know either one which one is the christain
---betty on 4/25/07

I still wear my best clothing most times. I always strive to be modest, as the Bible says. I would not want to disgrace my pastor or have God be ashamed of me for being half naked in His house. Church is a place to worship God, not a social gathering.
---Na on 4/25/07

No not really, except the days that i play bass for worship team...then i wear pants
---mark on 4/25/07

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My wife and I still do this (we are in our mid-30's) and we make the kids do it out of respect to our Savior. We were brought up to wear your best (doesn't have to cost a lot, but whatever is best in your closet).
We stand out in church like a sore thumb (everyone else in shorts and flip flops) but it is what we want to do. :-)
---Jay on 4/24/07

The important thing is to go to church and abide in God's Word. Dress to please the Lord and not anyone else. Ask the Holy Spirit he is there to guide you. He waiting to be asked.
---Arlene on 6/9/06

When we were younger our parents made us do the samething, dress up formally, but as I matured I learned better, and now I dress casually in simple and modest attire. God is looking more upon our hearts, and we should hate the garments stained by the flesh.
---Eloy on 1/30/06

On the other hand, there are a couple of things that I don't like. No shorts should ever be worn in the sanctuary, even if it means providing something for someone who only has shorts. Clothes that are too revealing also should be out, I do appreciate a beautiful woman, but that is not what I am in Church to appreciate.
---mike on 1/30/06

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I usually wear dress pants/shirt/tie on Sunday morning. Same outfit minus the tie on Sunday night. I do wear a suit for special occasions such as Revival, Homecoming, Men's Day, etc.. However, one of my best friends most always wears jeans and a casual shirt. I know him well and know his heart for serving the Lord. I have no problem with his or my own clothing.
---mike on 1/30/06

Whatever you dress in, don't look down at the other person. Some who come in suits look down on the shorts and T shirt person. The T shirt person looks at the guy in thre suit and thinks he's religious and stuck up. This is wrong. Every one should have freedom to choose.
---john on 1/30/06

Just stop and think about how you would dress if you were invited to meet the president. Then remember that the King of Kngs is far more important, so dress appropriately, bearing in mind that your best outfit will not be remotely like someone else's best outfit, so no judging each other. God knows the heart and the contents of your wardrobe (closet).
---p.m. on 1/30/06

I think those who attend church dressed carelessly, in blue jeans or shorts, show that they really don't care. Its a sign of disrespect and laziness.
---taylor on 1/30/06

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Personally, I like to dress nice for church, but am a firm believer in a come as you are attitude. If we don't compromise the way we look when going on a dinner date or to a job interview, then why compromise the way we look before God. It is true that He doesn't see the outward man, but he does see the heart.
---robert on 1/30/06

Clothes are just a cultural matter. For example: My wife and I spent 33 as missionary's in Puerto Rico. No one wore a suit on Sunday except the pastor. In fact, you saw very few suits at all - it's too hot. Worship has very nothing to do with clothes, but with ATTITUDE. Now that we have returned to the states, we find fewer suits in church than when we left. Many men have to wear suits all week, and "dress down" for Church. Their ability to worship has not been effected.
---WIVV on 8/4/05

Im young and I remember those days still, too. I don't think that God does not deserve to be celebrated and revered even in dress. best to follow the churches' guidelines.
---matthew on 7/17/05

Who cares how somebody dresses or looks?!! IF more people would just go to chruch for the right reasons and ignore what people are wearing or how funny they look, the world would be a much better place.
---sue on 7/17/05

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Yes I wear dressess or long skirts on Sundays, however I wear them daily because I worship Jesus daily. I also wear a bonnet style headcovering, between me& the lord. ,but I donot "dress up" because the bible warns us about wearing "outwardly" things as far as too much apparel, some try to get attention & we should dress modestly & go to church for God, not for a fashion show.
---candice on 7/17/05

I feel I should clarify my earlier post. I may have misunderstood the question. I certainly don't feel that we need to be dressed "fancy or fashionably" for church only with modesty and good taste. I hope I'm a little clearer now...(remember...I'm new to this-lol)Thanks for the welcome Elsie!
---Patra9397 on 7/17/05

In a play put on by our church, there is a scene where the dirtiest, smelliest guy in town came forward and knelt at the altar. Right beside him came the ritziest, fur-draped diamond-dripping lady in town. She knelt beside him & put her arm around him. When someone asked the pastor how she could do this, he replied "They're both seeking the same Saviour." Made me think.
---Ann5758 on 7/16/05

We don't have a dress code at my church. I always wear dresses, I don't feel right in pants. And at times I either wear heels or sandals, depending how hot it is that day. My Pastor sometimes wear a tie, and sometimes he don't, sometimes he wears bib overalls. But the bottom line is, we are covered, we're not fancy dressing, just good ole down to earth home folk, and to me that is the best kind.
---Rebecca_D on 7/16/05

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Yes growing up i was not allowed to wear make up, poilish and jewlery cause that was what Jezebel wore. I geuss I too have gone to church clothes. or if I know that there is a picnic after, I do get more casual.
---Laure5469 on 7/16/05

I "played "church in my matching shoes and purse..and then at 27 got saved when I walked in a "home Bible Sudy"in a pair of wore-out jeans!Today I dress nicely and modestly....but not in bondage about pants,earrings,nail polish,etc.God knows my heart.
---lovable_linda on 7/15/05

Modesty is very important, and I am all for that. However, I know people who have come to church dressed for work, because they have to go to work immediately afterward, as does my brother on some weekends. He can't deliver home heating oil dressed in a suit. My point is that those who can and feel convicted should dress nice, but not look down on those of us who choose to do otherwise.
---Madison on 7/15/05

Yes I dress up.I dress to see the king.I haven't read every ones BLOGs so I hope I don't step on toes. I was taught that like the people who went to a wedding feast of the king, you dressed up for the occation. Matt 22:2,11-13 but, God accepts us like the prodical son smelling like the pigs to. [Though I think he also cleaned up, before coming to the father.]
God will guide you to what is appropriate.the focus is God not the clothes, so at be clean and covered!
---Laure5469 on 7/15/05

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Insisting for others to abide by a dress code may have a negative effect. Having none may also cause some indifference. I guess we only have to understand that others have needs different from ours. What is important is our presence in church to listen to God's words. We only have to focus on Christ. That is the reason why we go to church!
---bebet3754 on 7/14/05

The discussion we have here is very similar to the church board meeting we had in 1973 when we decided what to do with female church-goers who comes to midweek and vesper services wearing pants. That meeting was caused by the indifference of males and other females towards ladies who comes to these services wearing pants. It created a rift! Looking back, I understood the men and their sympathizers. But I realized that the ladies who insisted to wear pants in these church services was caused by mere NEED.
---bebet3754 on 7/14/05

Patra, welcome to the CN Blogg: Please let me clarify my statement. I said that being neat and clean was enough when going to church; I agree with you about scanty clothing not being OK. I should have made that clear. Hope to hear from you again! It's quite a trip! Blessings!
---Elsie on 7/14/05

Eloia dressing casually for church can mean you feel close and comfortable in your relationship with God just like with your spouse and family, you can relax in your house because you know you are loved as you are and dont have to dress to impress them. Perhaps casual dressers feel the same about God. If a person feels "at home" in God's house its a good thing. To get offended by people's clothing shows a superficial love and is judging others and this is worse than dressing down.
---lisa on 7/14/05

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This is my first Blog. Here's my two cents worth: Our local schools do not allow my children to "come as you are". A dress code is set so that the environment is conducive to learning and out of respect. I feel we should respect our houses of worship (& God) also. We should be modest in our appearance. A bare midriff, too-low cut tops & thigh high shorts, are not modest in any setting. I do not want to offend my fellow christians nor my God - so I will continue dressing with modesty!
---Patra9397 on 7/14/05

Going to church should be about the preaching of God's word, edifying the saints. Not a fashion show. I have seen the way some dress to go to church, and have to just shake my head and laugh.
---geraa7578 on 7/14/05

1 Peter 3:3-4 3Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel;

4But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
---Diane_FL on 7/14/05

I'm just happy to see the people at church!
We get a lot of bikers and other tourists at our church. They are welcomed just the same as anyone else, maybe more since they sought us out during their vacations to worship the Lord with us!
---NVBarbara on 7/14/05

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Madison, I'm sure you've misunderstood what some of us are saying. It has nothing to do with being welcomed (based on what you wear) it is how you dress for God compared with how you would dress for other special occasions. The scenario you show us means that you would have dressed exactly that way for other special occasions also because that's the only way you could. God knows that and understands. What others think is unimportant. Eloia is not being judgemental, I don't think anyone here has been.
---Paulette on 7/14/05

Madison, that was a cruel thing to say. Not needed at all. You know what we mean. Just dress descent. You guys make everything so dramatic for a simple question.
---Lupe2618 on 7/14/05

There was a time in my life when I was so depressed I could not get out of bed, and did not do my laundry for a month. I struggled to go to work, and to church. My nice clothes did not fit, and all I had to wear were jeans and a sweater. Eloia, I sense I would not have been welcome by you at your church then. Thank God my church would welcome anyone regardless of dress. You are way too judgemental for me.
---Madison on 7/13/05

I'm not saying one should wear suit and tie, hoes, heels & white gloves, but ragged cut offs, tube tops and thongs are only appropiate at home or in the barn. The way some dress in God's house is dishonoring and speaks volumns of their heart attitude.. True your heart is more important than your clothes..but to dress DOWN says a lot more to everyone than you may think. Wonder what God thinks of this sloppy attitude before HIM?
---Eloia_N_ks on 7/13/05

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Sometimes dressing up for church can turn church into a fashion parade where every is checking out and commenting about who's wearing what. It can put you off going to church. I know I have felt the pressure of always looking "perfect" at church and I think it has a negative impact on the spiritual life of the church. The bible says not to adorn oneself with exterior attractiveness but rather focus on the inner beauty. That lasts longer than today's fashions, here today gone tomorrow.
---lisa on 7/13/05

Eloia: I would love to have a bunch of college students attend my church, and be able to minister to them. My daughter was very involved in Campus Crusade for Christ when she was in college, and she had trouble finding a good church near her college at which to worship. College students are our future, and they need Jesus as much as the rest of us. They are a mission field, and Bill Bright made sure they were reached.
---Madison on 7/13/05

It is a fact that God knows our heart and if we don't have respect He knows that too. Our actions are so important. Of course if you don't have any good clothes God knows that, but if you keep your good clothes for going out to parties and other places of the world instead of God's, then God knows that too. A person can do what he wants, that is your free will working, but shows a lack of respect for what he believes in.
---lupe2618 on 7/13/05

Sister Eloia, I feel the same way. many go like they live at home. Some worse. I too feel that respect is needed. We don't have to dress in expensive clothes but in a better way then the way many people do. I have seen some women dress in short dresses and what happens is the people take their focus from God's word and put it on them. He deserves respect. I believe that if people saw the pope in person they would act so godly in front of him, why yes to him and not yes to God?
---lupe2618 on 7/13/05

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I dress casually, as do most in my church, lightweight clothes
Everyone is clean and neat, but especially in the summertime its TOO hot for layers of clothes! Its noon here now and 106 degrees!
Even our pastor will often wear a short sleeved shirt that's made to be worn not tucked in, but dressy with embroidery like Filipino and some Mexican men often wear for "dressy" occasions. My brother got married in a very formal manner in the Phillipines, and that is the type of shirt he wore.
---NVBarbara on 7/13/05

I don't dress up, just for the sake of the poor in the community who might be ashamed to come to church at all because they can't afford nice clothes (believe me, it happens all the time). Respecting God means doing what He tells us, in love, and we are to do NOTHING which might keep the lost from coming to Him.
---Billy on 7/13/05

I agree with Eloia in a way. I think we should all think hard about how we would dress if we were invited to dine with either the Queen, the President or someone extremely famous. Whatever we come up with we should go one better for God's house. Yes He does look on the heart not the dress but He also knows if we have given more respect to 'a person' than we are giving to Him.
---Paulette on 7/13/05

Eloia: Is God more interested in your dress or your heart? It is obvious what you are more concerned with.
---Madison1101 on 7/12/05

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Our church is middle to upper income. We have a LOT of college students, which I have observed we overly cater to. Seems to me most of the congregation dresses down to come to church. If we were meeting with the Queen of England or a president..would we dress that way? Shorts and sandles....some look like they are going to the beach. It's THE HOUSE OF WORSHIP to GOD we not respect that fact?
---Eloia_N_ks on 7/12/05

Personally, I prefer to wear a dress or skirt instead of pants, but I don't judge those who dress more casually. I believe a person should be clean and well-groomed and have neat clothing, whether it be casual or dressy. It's also important to me to be comfortable so I can concentrate on the worship service.
---Nan on 7/12/05

I know people who go either way (casual or dressed up). I, personally, dress up for church, but that doesn't make me any better or worse than someone who doesn't, I believe it's a matter of what you're convicted (or not) about.
---Heather on 7/12/05

God looks upon the heart, not the dress, and he doesn't like white-washed tombs.
---Eloy on 7/12/05

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Cont'd. That family had escaped persecution in another land not long before. It wasnt long before the church rallied around and provided all they needed. I think we should go to church in OUR best but not worry that our best isn't like someone else's best. God knows what we have and what we do not have. How we use what we have is the important issue. I think we should attend church dressed clean, tidy and modestly but church is not a fashion parade.
---Paul_James on 7/12/05

I'd like to tell you why I asked. I was recently told of a lady (now deceased) who hardly ever went to church 'because she didn't have a Sunday coat and didn't want to be shamed'. Also in the church I used to attend we had a new family join us who were extremely poor (the father had just been saved). Certain people in the church criticized their clothes until one brave lady said "Isn't it better that they are here dressed like that than NOT here?" Cont'd.
---Paul_James on 7/12/05

When you go to someones house, you want to look your best for God is the Giver and Savior.He gave His son for your shortcomings. He should see your best side when you come to His house. If for some reason, there is an option of casual dress or not attending-yes go as you are. Laziness in dress and appearance should be frowned on by other members. It is just between you and God. He likes His creation to be glorified not slovenly decked up. That is you. Try to make a good impression
---chuck on 7/12/05

As far as possible I think it is a good idea to dress up for church if it is done in honor of our Lord whom we are meeting on a very special occasion.
On the other hand noone should be excluded from the service for not being dresses up, as long as the person is "decent"
---Pierr7958 on 7/12/05

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My church does not require anyone to dress up, not even the elders. Pastor sometimes wears a sweater instead of a tie. I think that makes church more welcoming to the regular folk who walk in off the street not dressed up.

I sometimes dress up. I sometimes dress like I do for work, not dressed up, but not casual either. I worship a Lord who looks at my heart not my outward appearance.
---Madison on 7/11/05

If our best is clean and neat, that's fine. We bring Jesus the best we have. Our Lord never brought attention to how people dressed when He was alive; why worry about it now. It's only the phariseeical spirit in a church congregation that makes this issue a problem. Blessings Bloggers!
---Elsie on 7/11/05

We dress in clean clothes. We can not afford to dress everyone fancy in the family. We ware somthing nice out of our everyday clothes. I don't let it get to me any more. Our- my focus is on praising the Lord and getting to know Him better. And I don't have to worry if a child comes up to hug me with dirty hands.
---Linda3939 on 7/11/05

Yes, I still do. Getting dressed for church is a personal decision. If the church accepts or allows "the come as you are" policy, then it is okay with me. As long as the clothes are modest, and appropriate for church services, then, it is basically fine.
---bebet3754 on 7/11/05

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I usually wear a dress to church. Being a stay at home mom, it's nice to dress up, especially going to God's house. However, my husband and sons wear casual khaki's and polo shirts. God just wants us to come!
---Cathy_Y on 7/11/05

As a child I always dressed in my Sunday best for church and today I still dress in my Sunday best except for a hat.I remember as a child ladies and young girls always wore hats.But today just getting people to come to church is a job,so if they come in jeans and tee shirts,Thank God they came.
---Gert on 7/11/05

I don't dress up, I dress comfortable. There are people who do get dressed up and put on their Sunday best, but that only happens twice a year. Easter and Christmas.
---Rebecca_D on 7/11/05

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