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His Mom Is Leaving Him

How do I comfort someone who is hurting over their mother leaving? He is 16 and in a home but I talked with him all last week and the one time he mentioned his mom, I didn't know what to say except sorry. I don't know what he's going through. I have both parents.

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 ---Cathy on 7/12/05
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It sounds very sad. I think he might feel rejected and lost. Help him to realize that God cares for him and if you are a Christian, ask him if you could pray together for him to feel the love of Christ fill his heart and the Holy Spirit comforting him.
---Junia on 3/27/07

the only thing you can do is be there for him ,comfort him ,let him talk things out some times words are not needed ,just being there is help, holding his hands ,hugging him .
---irene7395 on 3/26/07

Billy is so right. Support his need to work through this, and let him feel the feelings. When he shares how he is feeling, validate that without putting his mom down.

I would encourage him to read Psalm 13. David felt abandoned by God, but was able to see how God does not abandon us. Remind Him of God's unfailing love.
---Madison on 7/13/05

I'm a family counselor. Don't try to fix the problem for him, don't say anything bad about his mom, don't tell him things will all work out. He needs to work through his grief himself. If you just let him talk when he feels like it, and gently remind him you care, it's the best thing you can do. Encourage him to pray often about his situation, and to think of any good times he had with his mom, not dwell on her leaving. Hopefully that will lead him into thankfulness and forgiveness, and healing.
---Billy on 7/13/05

I agree with Linda, just be there to listen. Maybe dont say anything bad or negative about his mother, after all she is still his mom and I'm sure he doesn't want to hear anybody talk bad about her even if she is being selfish.Just pray with him and be there for him.
---sue on 7/12/05

Linda has summed it up for you nicely, all I can add is AMEN. (Hoping others on this website will join you in your prayers)
---Nan on 7/12/05

The boy's mother has to be a very confused and selfish woman. Help him understand this and that it is not his fault. Actions of parents are often taken upon their children...a false guilt. She may come around and see the error of her ways and he'll then have to forgive her for both their sakes. Like others have a friend and listen with TLC.
---Eloia_N_ks on 7/12/05

Just showing him compassion is all you can really do,and praying for him.Listening and showing you care is like balm to a hurting heart.
---sherry on 7/12/05

Mothers want the best for their kids.Sometimes they have such hard time with themselves, that they cannot stand it.They think they are bad company for their kids and they think it is best for the kids not be in touch with such parent.From the point of view of the child it is not fair and he needs to have much love towards mother.I wish you could forgive your mother some day.But take your time, have mercy towards yourself also.God loves you and knows about your concerns. - I love you too. Riitta
---Riitta on 7/12/05

The best thing you can do is listen.
Don't try to have all the answers, just be a friend and let him talk.
And pray for him in your quiet times.
---Linda on 7/12/05

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