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Ex-Mother-In-Law Problems

Husband told me to hide, if he meets his ex mom-in-law in the flea market, fearing that she will feel hurt. His ex-in-laws excommunicated with him for 20 yrs when he separated with his 1st wife. He was legally divorced. His ex wife phones him often. We got married few months ago. What do I do?

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 ---Rose on 7/12/05
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Keep the line of communication open. Talk to him about how you feel and how important it is to you. Many men don't realize how important these things are to their spouse.
Be ready for some stuggles in this area of your life. You didn't just marry a man, you married an whole package. Family, friends, customs, traditions, and faith. Single people would be wise to take this into consideration before they get married.
---john on 1/21/08

Get an annulment, he never really married you.
---dan on 1/21/08

You should never have to hide regardless of who he meets in public. I think you should tell him that you will not do so and, if he insists you do, ask him if he is ashamed of you. We all have a past but we should never let it affect our present or future in this way. It is totally unfair on you.
---Xanthi on 1/21/08

I really sypathize with you and will keep you in my prayers. Your new husband doesn't sound like he ever let go of the past. It is an insult to you and your marriage to expect you to hide. His ex-wife needs to get a life too. The question is whether you will continue to hide. He needs to grow up. Remaining on friendly terms is fine, but he needs to realize that you are his wife now. You two need some serious guidance on this issue and I sincerely hope that you get the help you need.
---Judy on 3/21/07

Your hub has made a silly mistake. He should focus and put importance on you and onthis marriage. There is no excuse for the mistake he has done.
---Linda on 7/14/05

The way I see it is that hub didn't want to upset his ex mother in law because of her age. It looks like she doesn't know hub got remarried.
---Frank on 7/13/05

Our former Pastor and present Pastor warned him that if he doesn't cut the ties between him and his ex wife and ex-in-laws, unpleasant things will happen to us.

So, this is a repeated nuisance he constantly causes me. I was relocated when I got married. I have no next of kins and my family members are 10,000 km away. I am not happy with such marriage life. He does not take advice. He is 66 yrs. old but needs to grow up.
---Rose on 7/12/05

I have nothing to hide and I refused to do so. He didn't feel or understand the pain he caused me, instead, he quarrel with me and cut my wounds.

I believe that his ex wife is behind all these. She plays the innocent as always with great pretence to cover her motive. She has her ways in manipulating him.

I blame my husband for giving importance to her and her family by sacrificing me in such manner and that was not the 1st time he did such unwise act. I have enough. I need to breathe.
---Rose on 7/12/05

I too will be praying for you.Sounds like your husband wants the best of 2 worlds,past and presant.He is telling his inlaws which are not his inlaws anymore that he is still single & that is wrong.Talk to your pastor,see what he has to say.Than get him to talk to your husband.He really needs to grow up.He is using you and God doesn't want us to have that happen to us.
---Bonna on 7/12/05

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