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We Must Share ChristiaNet Computer

Are any of you, like me, members of a household where many share one computer and where several want to be on ChristiaNet at the same time? Of course we can't be and have to take turns.

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 ---Paulette on 7/12/05
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Sometimes I have the problem at my house but not usually bc our schedules are different. But that is about to change so we will see when everyones time frees up a little. So far I have had allot of freedom:)
---jody on 11/8/07

I have heard of that, please explain more.
---Carrie on 11/8/07

hi, well...i dont know what to say. It sounds to be a "problem" you must share one computer with family members...then be thankful you have a computer to share...because there are a lot of people in the world who long for basic, simple things in life...and not only to share computer...think about it and be thankful, share it and pray for those who dont have it or have less than you, me or lets say we.God bless you,
---el on 11/8/07

We do have more than one computer but we shared dial-up connection. Their was a little conflict until we got DSL.
---someone on 4/29/07

I'm just glad you and your family are here Paulette!
I do a little, but my husband does MAJOR program writing, so our computer room/office in our home looks like a NASA control room!

We have 3 large computers, printers,fax,scanners etc, etc...We are on cable and all 3 can run quite effeciently off one Modem, you might give that a try to run both of yours at high speed on a cable modem.
VERY fast without the inconvenience of dial-up! God bless!
---NVBarbara on 7/16/05

The wording the moderator has used as a title for my question has given some of you the idea that I am complaining. I think you've missed the point that we all want to come on this particular website!!!! I was making the point of how popular it is in my household and asked if it was with any of your families. One other member of my household has already submitted a response I see. We have 2 computers actually but only one is on the internet but we are thinking of remedying that situation soon.
---Paulette on 7/13/05

Congratulations! Your household is lucky to have a computer! Our quarters, composed of four units with 12 households per unit, are not even connected to the Net. I have to get to the office at weekends to be able to use the computers at my department. We have two units connected to the Net that are to be used for research (both by the 12 members of the faculty and by the physics students!). Taking turns is normal especially in the 3rd world countries where my country belongs.
---bebet3754 on 7/12/05

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