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Man Is Serious Or For Fun

I am in a relationship with a man I met on Internet. We went on well until two weeks now,we haven't communicated. We stay in different countries. Last time I wrote him email he said he's been busy these days hence his silence. Should I consider him serious or he was just in for fun? Advice what to do.

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 ---Nellie on 7/13/05
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Hi Nellie,
I would give him a chance. Maybe he has been busy. Write him another letter in a week or so to say Hi, how's things going. Then wait. Give him a chance to get back to you. I get busy to at times and can not always get back right away to all my e-mail. While you wait, say a prayer for him. If he does not get back in a couple of weeks...let it go.
---Linda3939 on 4/2/07

He's not in it for more than a serious relationship. While he states he is in a different country, he might be your next door neighbor just trying to get personal information. Forget him and move on. I hope you didn't give him any personal information, such as where you live, bank account number, etc.
---WIVV on 8/9/05 too? I am so sick and tired of the fake men especially on this website....I am about ready to write men off totally as there are NO honest men left anywhere....the more I deal with men the more I see they're nothing but liars and users...drop this guy...he isn't worth it!
---fran6775 on 8/6/05

Pat, you sound very bitter and angry. You perhaps should not see your xhusband in every American man no matter how many times he tried to `kill you'. Your hostility toward men is so sad. I will pray for you.
---kenneth_lambert on 7/15/05

I agreed with Alan8869 of UK. It sounds like an uncertainty relationship if you have not met him. Well my advice is: If you dont see a future with him, it sounds like its over.
---Lisa on 7/13/05

It is not like in the old days when one had to find pen and paper, sit down and write, find envelope, stamp, go to post-office and mail letters.

Now we have e-mail. I find it hard to believe that anyone would be too busy to take a couple of minutes to drop someone a line ot two..

There are many game players out there..
---Eagle on 7/13/05

Pat, that's very unfair. You shouldn't lump millions of men together like that and say they're all the same just because they live in America. People are individuals, wherever they live. Don't you want to be judged on your own merits? If you do, then please offer the same courtesy to others.
---Billy on 7/13/05

known fact: many guys are not writers when it comes to emailing. Not that I make excuses for them. A guy does not think about the last time he talked with the women he liked he just knows he will get to it.....soon. A women though counts every second she does not hear from her prince charming, she thrives on those emails no matter how short.
Maybe he really is busy or has trouble getting the words down. Give him a chance and tell him how you feel. Ask his straight out where you stand
---M. on 7/13/05

You are "in a relationship" What does that mean? Have you met him?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/13/05

Sounds like an american man, they like to play games! "Too Busy" usually means too busy writing other girls and playing the same game with them. I write to one for 2 years in a third world country and he ia a busy man too but he always has time to IM me, even if it is only to say "hi" and let me know he is thinking about me.
---pat on 7/13/05

though some men are honest on here, some are very careful ladies!!
---case on 7/13/05

I'd give him the benefit of the doubt until/unless I had evidence otherwise. I've never had any luck with long distance relationships (to say nothing of relationships that came about via the internet), but I know some who've had successfu; relationships in both circumstances.
---Heather on 7/13/05

Hi all, come on with writing advice because I am in the same situation...though am about to face him with the facts...if he is soooooo busy then do not write for least not with me...and I pray about it as well as am waiting for advice (practical one) from you out there.
---el on 7/13/05

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