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Can I Steal A Singers Recordings

A gospel singer in my area is paid to perform including food and transportation. Is it acceptable for me to take his recordings without paying for them since he is already being paid?

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 ---ebia.8757 on 7/13/05
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Ask him (or his representative). If he agrees that the recordings are already paid for, or that he's willing to let you have them free for whatever reason, fine. If he wants payment, pay him. Taking things without asking is a bit shady and dishonest, if you're not totally certain the items are already paid for. It's much better to be sure.
---Billy on 1/5/08

Of course not!
Since when is stealing "acceptable?"
This singer has worked long and hard to make his recordings. His recordings are something he lives on as well. I get paid for my job but that does not mean that just because one person pays me everyone else should get thier work free.
a person like this does not make allot of money. They have to survive to.
They have morgages or rent just like you do.
Stop being so selfish and cheap. Pay the man for his work.
---Shaz on 4/1/07

Bottem line, No!
---WIVV on 8/6/05

cont'd. This was impossible to achieve I'm afraid and the best she could do was give them a copy of her audio album (to use on their radio station instead) for which she had already paid copyright fees. Some people's entire livelihood comes from their songs, we must not take them without paying.
---Paulette on 7/16/05

My daughter's friend is a singer, well known in her own area but not famous. A hospital television station asked her if she could let them have a video of her 'show' to entertain patients. She had no objections to providing one free (a friend agreed to do the video without charge) BUT to do so she would have had to have had the permission of every lyricist, musician and composer of the 20 or so songs comprising her show and hope that they would let her use the songs for free. cont'd
---Paulette on 7/16/05

If you done that you could very well lose your voice to sing, or people won't get blessed by the songs. It is wrong. I was going to make a CD, with the orginal music, I had to contact every person that wrote that song, and the person who sang the song to get permission. Some songs cost around $100 and up. So I didn't go that route. I would be afraid of what "might happen if I took those songs, or music without permission.
---Rebecca_D on 7/15/05

cont'd. I was at a gospel concert once where the main singer commented on the number of video cameras present. He pointed out that although he didn't mind them filming him they were breaking copyright laws because he did not personally own the music he was performing, and to do it legally they needed the permission of the owners of the works also.
---Xanthi on 7/14/05

Regarding the comments made about recording a performance etc. One must bear in mind that by making an unauthorized copy of any peformance you could be stealing the copyright of several different people. The singer, the song-writer and the musicians who perform for the singer, whether it be on a backing tape or live. cont'd.
---Xanthi on 7/14/05

Ebia, does "Thou shalt not steal" mean anything to you?

"The laborer in the vineyard is worthy of his hire," and these recordings are the FRUITS of his labors. He didn't get to use the recording studio, or orchestra, or manufacture the records for free, did he?

The Bible lists depriving the laborer of his just wages (as you are doing here) together with willful murder, oppressing the poor, or the sin of Sodom as "sins crying out to heaven for vengeance."
---Jack on 7/14/05

I thing the original question here is not one of physical theft of a tangible object but the recording of a public performance.

1. Does the artist mind if you transcribe the performance?
2. What are the stipulations in his/her performance contract?
3. Is it reasonable and customary for recording to be allowed at these performances?
4. Are the transcriptions to be used for public viewing or a commercial purpose?
---phia4633 on 7/13/05

What do you mean since he is already getting paid. It has nothing to do with anything. Don't try to justify a WRONG by thinking like this. Thieves think like this, and that's why it causes a chain reaction because he may be bitter with you and this could cause him to sin and believe it or not in some circumsatances people get murdered for stealing, because people can get passionate about their stuff!
---Been_there on 7/13/05

I think we should realise that the Moderator is the one who has introduced the word "steal" in the heading to the question.
Ebbia may not realise that what she was proposing is in fact stealing.
To answer you Ebbia ... he has been paid to perform at the function ... He has not been paid for recordings which you may take away with you.
If you do take them away, you are stealing, and that you must know, is wrong.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/13/05

The golden rule: How would you feel??
Ask him.
---sue on 7/13/05

ebia, are you serious? I cannot believe you steal and want to know if its O.K. If you stole anything from anyone, you should carry it back plus pay for it seven fold.
---shira_5965 on 7/13/05

If they tell everyone they must pay for his recodings and you take them without it,you are a thief.Thiefs are sinners, and sinners go to hell.It is too often the hidden sins which take a person to hell.Him being paid to perform and being paid for merchandise is two different things.Don't take them!!!
---Darlene_1 on 7/13/05

No, it is not right for you to do that. Definitely not the Christian thing to do.
---stephanie on 7/13/05

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He is being paid to sing live that's all. If you want copies of his songs whether it is music manuscript or recording of his voice on tape or C.D. you should go through the usual channels and buy copies. If you make copies without his permission or the permission of the song writer and publisher (sometimes that is all the same person but not necessarily) you are stealing. This is a persons livelihood. Would you take a builders ladder, bricks and planks because you paid him to do a building job for you?
---Xanthi on 7/13/05

If they are not your recordings, then they are not yours to take; read the 8th commandment
---antha6445 on 7/13/05

Since when is stealing acceptable? How would you feel if somebody did this to you? This may be the singer's only means of income. Think again before taking anything that doesn't belong to you.
---Pam on 7/13/05

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