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Financial Bind Trying To Help

Please pray that my son will find a job very soon. If not, in just a few weeks he will lose his apartment and his car, and he can't pay the child support his daughter needs and deserves. His father and I are getting in a financial bind trying to help. Any suggestions?

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 ---JJ on 7/13/05
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There are jobs out there, and if your son really wants one, he will take anything to do what ge needs to do. If you and your husband are giving and giving to pay his bills, he will not worry to much about getting a job. I would only help in aeras such as making sure he has food to eat, and maybe a little gas money to go looking for a job.
---a_friend on 1/6/08

Everyone needs to pray for this young man. I am in a situation where my child's father cannot find a job and will lose his driver's license and may even go to jail but because I feel that she really deserves the support I cannot drop the case with DSS. Even though I still care about his situation I have to put our child first. I hope everything works out.
---Heidi on 4/30/07

somebody: Godbless you for helping your friends out. You're in my prayers.
---sue on 7/15/05

Welfare - aid in the form of money, food, clothing, etc, given to those in need; relief from a local government or other establishment.

Another option - You become the bank; take over his mortgage and house ownership in your own name. This way he has a place to live and you have protection against getting in a bind that will leave you in debt.

In the meantime - am praying. - Job for son.
---barbara67 on 7/15/05

Bankruptcy - One who is judically declared insolvent, his property being administered for and distributed among his creditors, under a bankruptcy law.

Financial bank/money counselling - Some people find that this consolidates all their loans and bills and helps them to make smaller payments. See bank manager before it is too late.
---barbara67 on 7/15/05

When I turned 18 my folks told me they were no longer going to let me live with them when I finished school. Got job at fastfood place to pay my bills. God is faithful. don't like fast food? look for something better. if some one doesn't baby, you growup 1 place I work now is for sale, and will have to start looking again, I have 2 kids to look out for, my ex left. I take what jobs I can. I have 2 min. wage jobs, no insurance.every bill is paid there are lots of jobs, just not high pay or glamorous
---Laure5469 on 7/15/05

i'm willing to pray that for u. But u have to have faith first even before u ask to God.
faith is very very important. i was having same kind of problem but i did believe first i ask to God then he did it. God is faithful.
---zufan on 7/14/05

Part 2 The Lord has given us the grace to give them $200 a week to help them out.
It may sound cruel because we only help our daughter with pocket money now, but God is honoring our giving.
You have to invest in someting that is worth investing.
Besides, we have another daughter who is getting married on October 15th. We could use prayer also!
Tell him to go and get that job. God bless you!
---Somebody on 7/14/05

JJ, I have a 26 year old daughter who just doesn't want to work. She is always sponging off of others. The more we tried to help the more she just laid back and enjoyed the ride.
I can't count the apartments that she lost. My wife and I invested a lot of heartache, time and money in her and she has not learned much so far.
On the other hand we have a friend who cannot work because of health reasons and his wife works only 2 days a week.
---Somebody on 7/14/05

I am sad to hear that you are putting yourselves in such a bind. Similar thing happened 2 me. My parents tried to help. I lost my car anyway. I lost a lot of things that allowed me to have a lot of "friends". I learned a lot and I got really close to God. There are lots of programs to help your granddaughter in the usa. Sometimes you have to let your kids make their own way to allow them to build their muscles. Sometimes miracles happen.
---Amy on 7/14/05

Please pray for this guy. Jobs are HARD to find now a days. Especially jobs that pay enough to pay rent, car payment, food, etc. While your at it, please pray for my husband, ken, that they will keep him longer than 3 months at his new job. Sometimes a company will hire a person then lay them off just before their 90 day probation so as not to have to spend $ on insurance benefits.
---sue on 7/13/05

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