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Are We Afraid To Talk

Should we be afraid of the Islam religion? Why not admit we are all in big trouble? Since it is the only one that shows murder in its religion why are people afraid to say what it really represents?

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 ---Lupe2618 on 7/13/05
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Just take the sharia law and you'll find out how primitive Islam is. They are a couple of hundred years backwards in civilization.
---Caring on 10/22/07

As a non-Moslem. I would not be considered an innocent, therefore it would be perfectly all right to lay in wait for me and to kill me. I too have read the Koran. And that is what it says.
---mima on 10/22/07

well Islam religion doesnt include murder,they can do it to fight for themselves,to protect them.but they also are good people.lets not generalize them,as like christians they dont deserve to be judged.only God knows...
---mimi on 10/22/07

You won't hear in in the media, but EVERY SINGLE mainstream muslim organisation in the USA, Europe, Austrailia, leaders of most muslim countries (including Saudi Arabia), the Arab league etc.. have spoken against terrorism. Google it! The Quran forbids murder of innocents. Its not just talk - we believe it. There are 1.5 billion muslims in the world. A handful are terrorists. Muslims died on 9/11, 7/7. There is no great conspiracy - islam doesn't even have a hierarchy to plan anything. Pure paranoia.
---Khadijah on 3/9/07

The 'kill infidels' verse is never quoted in context.Summarised for space: Al-Baqarah 2: 190-194
Fight...THOSE WHO FIGHT YOU, but do not transgress limits; for God loves not transgressors. Kill them (those who fight you) wherever ye catch them...for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; BUT FIGHT THEM NOT UNLESS THEY FIRST FIGHT YOU...until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice; but if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression.
---Khadijah on 3/9/07

The mainstream Islamic opinion is that Just wars are permitted to fight oppressors and self defense. Nothing else. He who has killed one innocent soul, it is as if he has killed all humanity. And he who has saved one soul, is as if he has saved all humanity (Quran 5:32). ie. Defending your country if it is attacked is ok, carpet bombing civilians with misiles is not ok.
I could also put many OT verses out of context: "You shall destroy all the peoples ... showing them no pity." (Deut 7: 16).
---Khadijah on 3/9/07

Actually, Lupe, does Islam include Murder in its religion?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 3/6/07

Lupe, Romans 8:28-39, I Jn.3:11-'20' is good 'ointment' for such a time as this! Christian believers have 'embedded' lightning rods [God's Holy Spirit inside], so it's not so much 'our' questions or remarks, you correctly noted, as it is the times we are living in! [Please excuse any typogrammical errors when present]. God Bless You & Maranatha! [A Brother In Christ Who's Been There Before, Many Times!].
---Bob8749_[Elishama] on 7/22/05

3. Yes, there is a spiritual warfare going on, which effects the phyical world. We do have to be careful because it does effect many. The Christian faith has been taken such a bad rap. When the name Christian is posted on some news, they will give it the most, but if its Islam, they are singled out as individuals. Somewhere there is a force against Christianity. Very powerful force. But no matter what I think I should not have posted the question. Thank you for your response.
---lupe2618 on 7/22/05

2. The problem is when I realized it was going to have a negative response I had hit the key already. You see, I had been noticing that every time something that pertains to Christ or the church is used so terrible by the none believers, liberals, ACLU in this country. They don't want anything to do with Christ. And yet when so much is happening because of Islam, everyone is so careful not to say anything against them. My purpose was to show that Christianity gets all bad rap.
---lupe2618 on 7/22/05

Bob6749, I agree with you and that is why I was sorry I posted the question in the first place. My intention had negative results and was of no help but troubled me after seeing the answers. I never wanted to post something that even got people all riled up. I thought about what other Christians were thinking about how everything Christian that is bad is mentioned on the papers, tv, and everywhere but yet what is happening all over the world is been treated with gloves.
---Lupe2618 on 7/22/05

cont.3: It seems the public hearings is simply grandstanding by some, showing disunity, character assinatuons etc, in "..such a time as this".
Too many issues eroding America's existence to play with. Hopefully all are cautious here in our witness, not fearful, or denying our faith, "wise as serpents, harmless as doves"! These are "perilous, perilous times" for all, needing the armies of heaven to end it! Jude 14-17, Rev.18:11-16, 17-21. God Bless & Maranatha.
---bob6749 on 7/22/05

continuation: There's been nattle's ever since between good and evil, or Go(o)d and the (d)evil one. Anyone not being aware of this at home [& abroad, esp. Christians] are living in an unreal world, seeing this has been plainly stated by some calling us the big satan. Secular and Christian opinions vary greatly on this topic, so I feel it can be self defeating to post things on a christian web site adding to an already long and complex situation that could possibly lead to Armeggeddon.
---bob6749 on 7/22/05

Lupe, I was simply saying war's or conflict's have always been physical manifestations of what's going on in the spiritual realm, from Lucifer's rebellion recorded in Isa.14:12-17, Ezek.28:12-19.
Lucifer, now satan then got control of God's 'recreation' when he bequiled Adam, through Eve in The Garden In Eden where he had ruled in the previous creation or world recorded in the above scriptures. A world we really know nothing about.
---bob6749 on 7/22/05

Bob67 you wrote a lot of stuff and I didn't understand one of them. Can you make yourself clear maybe a little? I would like to hear what you have in those verses you put down, it could help. thanks for your answer
---lupe2618 on 7/19/05

Thank you Tommy for suggesting the search. I'll do that and see what I can find.
---Paulette on 7/19/05

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No earthly wars/conflict's from Lucifer's rebellion [Lucifer's throne was on earth, war in the heavens!] without spiritual overtones, the serpent beguiling Eve, to present. Ethnic cleansing/genocide, secularism/atheism, etc? Spirits of "anti-Christ"! It'll take The armies of heaven to win this "real world war", [Armmegedon/"Jacob's Trouble"], and final battle 1,000 years later, preceeding "The Great White Throne Judgement(s)". Hope this helped. Maranatha.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 7/18/05

Knowledgable law abiding American's know we're troubled in many areas. Terrorists already stated their goal(s), anyone claiming ignorance heads are in the sand. Guess they have "wheat and tares" too. Debating on [Christian] website's can be counterproductive, like some politicians grandstanding during this complex war. Us Tentative? Cautious? "Wise as serpents", hopefully! Midddle eastern conflicts usually rekindle "End Times" talk/fears. THIS ONE'S REAL! Maranatha!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 7/18/05

(Cont#4)I wanted to end here that Christians dont have the monopoly of the world. This world is to be shared to all of humanity irrespective of colors, race or religion. Thus, for us to be living in peace and harmony, we must understand each other. Understanding comes only from learning. Let us learn more about them. By doing so, we would also learn more about ourselves! I really hope I didnt offend anyone with what I have stated. I wish to say I hope all of us would have a pleasant day!
---bebet3754 on 7/17/05

(Cont#3)But I realized that without me knowing their religion is tantamount of having me making them embrace of what Ive known. Life is never a one-way traffic! I realized this late though. If I have only started earlier then I am quite sure I would be more effective. I believe that the seriousness we deal with our belief system is the same seriousness we deal with our lives.
---bebet3754 on 7/17/05

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(Cont#2)Aside from that, being a Christian in my country holds no magic at all. The type of Christianity that was spread in my country was never free from any ASTROCITIES. My forefathers suffered because of the type of Christianity imposed on us that even Jesus Christ Himself would frown at! I hold that with EDUCATION, we would begin to understand our similarities and differences. Thus, we would start making way, giving each one what is due them while holding what is due us.
---bebet3754 on 7/17/05

Lupe: Dont be sorry. Being threatened by the word Islam alone is already a point to consider. Have you ever thought of us (the dangers we are facing), who literally lives with them (reasons, argue, agree or disagree, even struggle with and for them), just to make this side of the world a better place to live in? At first, I was not interested with their religion because I am only interested with the education of the youth who holds the Islam religion.
---bebet3754 on 7/17/05

some muslims give islam a bad name just like some christians give christianity a bad name. Not everyone is what he or she claims to be. We cannot judge one group for the faults of others.
---mirita on 7/16/05

Not all muslims are angry or evil,just like not all christians and angry or evil. In every religon you will find angry people or find supremacist. I think people should look to their own religon first before attacking another beliefs cause no one is perfect. There are peaceful muslims as there are peaceful christians. We have to study the quran carefully to be sure it they really talk about killing infidels. Maybe someone corrupted what it says, just like people currupt the bible and twist words.
---mirita on 7/16/05

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Paulette, in answer to your quandry about what the koran says. Type in "koran" or "Quran" into any search engine, you will find many places you can read english copies of the Muslim "holy book." There are indeed many references to "killing" infidels in there, and the context is not difficult to understand. Many Muslims are like many Christians, they don't know why they are what they are, other than family ties, because they haven't or can't read their teachings.
---tommy3007 on 7/16/05

Lupe, don't be sorry. The issue you have posted is interesting an timely. I appreciate you for having posted this. I only wish that we will be more understanding of the human beings behind the "political stand" or the "religious banners" that are being held high.
---bebet3754 on 7/16/05

I sure don't want to answer you Alan on this one. It would serve no purpose. I want to say to everyone, I am so sorry for posting this question. When I posted the question I thought it would have another purpose other then what it is doing. It was a mistake for putting it and I am responsible. I hope this is the last answer. It is not doing the purpose I had intented. Please forgive me. I will make sure next time I post something that will be for help. thank you all
---lupe2618 on 7/15/05

Of course we should not be afraid from anyone or any religon.. we should only be afraid of God. Leave all to God in prayer and God will deal with anyone, and anything that is wrong and or against the truth sooner or later.
---vilma on 7/15/05

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We cannot condem, or hate muslims, just love, and pray continously for them as Jesus commands us to do. Everyone has a right to salvation. Not all muslims are bad, just like not all christians are bad. Not any religon, or people is perfect. We are quick to condem muslims for terrorism, but lets not forget those christians who put bombs in abortion clinics. Lets stop attacking one anothers beliefs and just do what Jesus commands: Do not judge, but Love, and pray for another including enemies !!!!!
---vilma on 7/15/05

Read all the replies about God being a jealous God. Christianity demands love and loyalty to Christ as Saviour and Lord. We celebrate God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We don't actually have to know what Isalm represents - just that it does not see God our way. Why waste time studying to be a something other than Christian? While we can respect others, we should have no desire to be others.
---Barbara67 on 7/15/05

We cannot recognize Mohammed as a prophet simply because he wasn't one.

He claimed that Jesus didn't die on a cross.

Mat 20:19 And shall deliver him to the Gentiles to mock, and to scourge, and to crucify him: and the third day he shall rise again.

Jesus stated plainly that he would, and did.
Deuteronomy 18 says that a prophet who speaks falsehood wasn't sent by God.

Even if Jesus lied Mohammed was no prophet.
---Pharisee on 7/14/05

The way I look at the question, I could feel that so much fear is generated by the word ISLAM. Don't you know that there is a Christian religion in my counrty that ARMS themselves (the church is being guarded with rifles and armalites)! They do this because they believe that God wants them to protect themselves. If you are afraid of Muslims, then I am more afraid of Christians who can be very tame on the outside but fierce lions in the inside.
---bebet3754 on 7/14/05

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Chuck is right! I am living and working in an environment where 99.99% are muslims. Just like us, Christians, I observed that they are also struggling to keep themselves right with Allah. The worries of Muslims with regards to their own salvation is similar to ours! They respected and recognized Jesus Christ as a Great Teacher. What about us, did we recognize Mohammed a prophet?
---bebet3754 on 7/14/05

Gerra7578:you are on the right track this is where it all started from Abraham, Iassac & Ishmael Sons
---Emcee on 7/14/05

We should fear nothing. If God is with us, who can be against us? That verse about destroying those who won't convert to Islam referred only to pagans. It excluded any people with written scriptures. Islam is nothing more than a twisted, vulgarized form of Christian heresy. That's one thing that makes it especially hard to fight it- so much truth is already mixed in with the lies.
---Billy on 7/14/05

If I had an Islam neighbor, I would introduce myself as an interested neighbor.. Should beliefs come up in conversation, I would want to know more about them, the Koran and their beliefs. How can I judge them without knowing them as individuals? Like all religions and ethnic groups, there will be good and bad. Find out where your neighbor stands, he may be ready for conversion and he may hate you. Know before you judge their attitudes. We must build a relationship before getting to theology.
---chuck on 7/14/05

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Paulette,it's true,I have read the part of the Koran which says to convert Infidels to Islam and if you can't, destroy them.Infidels being, anyone or any religion which doesn't embrace Islam as the true way.I didn't see Christians and Jews mentioned specificaly, but they would be included since they don't follow Islam.Even so, it is the Fanatics who kill those of other religions.I think the Koran also has directions to be tolarant of others.Confusing.
---Darlene_1 on 7/14/05

The Koran contains two sets of revelations called the Mecca and Medina revelations. The Medina revelations are friendly towards other religions.The Mecca revelations are hostile toward Christians and Jews. This is why Islam can present itself as a religion of peace. Problem is Muslims understand the Mecca revelations overide the Medina revelations which teaches Jihad against the "infidels." They also have another "holy book" called the Hadith which is hostile towards other religions.
---Rick on 7/14/05

I am still studing it, but from what I have gathered, Christianity comes from the seed line of Abraham through Isaac. Islam however follows the seed line of Ishmael, the other son of Abraham, from the bondwoman. Again I will be studing it further, so decline to comment more until then.
---geraa7578 on 7/14/05

Has anyone on C.N. read the Koran and understood it? I sometimes wonder if people take verses from the Koran out of context in the same way they do with the Bible, just to prove points. I'm told that the Koran says 'kill all infidels' and 'kill the Christians and Jews' (or words to that effect). It certainly sounds very definite but does anyone know if this is true and in what context are these said? There are quite a few verses in the Bible that people would be horrified at if taken out of context.
---Paulette on 7/14/05

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I guess we have to understand that the declaration of "Jihad" is one of the Pillars of Islam. Aside from that, Christianity and Islam have different reference frames. Thus, it is not advisable that we have to judge Islam followers from our point of reference. For peace to prevail, let us understand and respect their belief system while hoping that they will understand us too.
---bebet3754 on 7/14/05

My understanding is that the religion of Islam does advocate and encourage the murder of anyone who does not choose to belong and believe as they do. To judge the religion is not the same as to judge a person's salvation or value. I believe the end times can be closer than we think. There is lots of Christian persecution happening around the world, but Americans are being kept from hearing about it. I think persecution will befall America very suddenly. Then, it will be too late to fight back.
---susie3458 on 7/14/05

Islam does not necessarily condone murder. As any christian sect, there are hypocrites! And different sects that believe differently than the intended. Their main problem is they do not accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, Which is the only way to Heaven. We need to pray for the Islams of the world because there are some wonderful people that are muslims.
---Pat on 7/14/05

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