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How Many Books Spoke To You

Just wondering about books you have read that really spoke to you. I loved "The Dream Giver", by Bruce Wilkinson &, "The sacred Romance,Drawing Closer to the heart of God" by Brent Curtis & John Eldridge.

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 ---Marla on 7/16/05
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The witness of Luke spoke to me, actually every book in the Holy Bible speaks to me.
---Eloy on 12/7/07

"Needless Casualities of War", John Paul Jackson. Reminded me of some truths and precaution.
Bless you!
---Ilga on 12/6/07

It depends on what you mean. Books that touch your heart are not always the same as ones that feed your mind. I can say that C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and George MacDonald are the three writers who have touched me most deeply, and I read a lot. Nobody else has ever come close. In Tolkien especially you have to dig a little to get at the theology, but it's always worth it.
---Billy on 5/21/07

The BIBLE and a book called Unbroken Curses, written by Rebecca Brown & Daniel Yoder both are Christians.
---Kristin on 9/2/05

the bible is the only book that stands out, though I like reading about the acomplishments & testmonies that God has provided I donot read much outside of the bible because this is what will save me, Gods word, not what a person sells on bookshelves.
---candice on 9/1/05

Greetings---I like all the Authors/books mentioned previously, and would like to add
Watchman Nee, "Sit, Walk, Stand".
Jeanne Guyon, "Experiencing the depths of Christ" Francis Frangipane Books stir me up too! But obviously the Word of the Living God IS first and foremost.....YES indeed!
---Mary_D on 8/9/05

Indeed Elsie, I read "Mere Christianity" by CS Lewis about once a year. Corrie Ten Boom's books are also a blessing.
Its not as old as the others, but I very much like Max Lucado's writings. "The Applause of Heaven" is a favorite of mine.
---NVBarbara on 7/24/05

Hi readers! Suggest some oldies, Oswald Chambers, Andrew Murray, Tozer, C.S. Lewis, Tolstoy; for basic theology, "The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life" Hannah Whitall-Smith; "The Practice of the Presence of God" Brother Lawrence; "A Passion for the Impossible": The Story of Lilias Trotter" missionary in Algiers (1888-1928). Also I'm a student of CHRISTIAN mysticism, "Wonderful and Dark Is This Road: Discovering the Mystic Path" by Emilie Griffin. Enjoy!!
---Elsie on 7/22/05

If you would like to really sink your teeth into to some good theology,a very good book to start with is "The Spirituality of the Cross" by Gene Edward Veith. He is the Cultural Editor for World Magazine. Also "Dying to Live: The Power of Forgiveness" By Rev. Harold Senkbeil.
---Tina5349 on 7/22/05

I love the books by Barbara Johnson, she is a fantastic writer and although i am not a parent, her books do lift my spirit. I also enjoy Max Lucado. I love to read and books i read just for fun are anything by Frank Peretti, Lori Wick, Janette Oak, and Ted Dekker.
---bethie on 7/20/05

Joyce Meyers has really good books. I enjoy reading her books and watching her. The only other thing I read other than the bible is the newspaper.
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/05

Of course the Bible is at the top of my list. I was under the impression Marla was asking about other inspirational books. There are great writers who can teach and exhort with the written word who challenge me to grow in Christ.
---Madison on 7/16/05

i'm with Steve, all the books of the Bible are God's inspiration.
---Eloy on 7/16/05

2. At this time I am reading "The Sacred Romance, Drawing Closer to the Heart of God" Man this one just hit me right where it counted right from pg 1. I am finding a new appreciation of the written word now and am exploring different christian books.
And Yes, I start with the Bible as this is my fav book as well. :-) Thanks again for your answers/
---Marla on 7/16/05

Thank you all for the book reviews. Yes I also have all the Joyce Myers books. I asked about boooks because I recently aquired more time in my life to read. I was never much of a reader but have found that there are many books out there whoch have really helped me with my spiritual walk and with otyher matters of life as well.
---Marla on 7/16/05

I read books by Pastor Timothy Williams. His books are great for my spiritual growth & all his books are backed up by scripture. Also I read Beth Moore & Joyce Meyers. Great women.
---candice on 7/16/05

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Of the most recent books being published I found "Believing God," by Beth Moore to be one that spoke to me. I also have a devotional called "Experiencing God," by the Blackabys that is really powerful.
---Madison on 7/16/05

, my favorite books are; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Romans, Galatians, James, Proverbs, Psalms, Ephesians, Colossians.
---steve on 7/16/05

"How to reach your life goals" Peter J Daniels, "The seven habits of highly effective people", Stephen R. Covey.
---Ilga on 7/16/05

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