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Is New Age The Antichrist

Is new age the antichrist?

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 ---Elsie on 7/16/05
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One of the letters of St. John says that the denial that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is the spirit of Antichrist.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 12/8/19

I absolutely agree that nobody will come to the father except through Christ Jesus.
---JS1234 on 12/7/19

Ianns, JS1234 is a universalist and twists others words accusing them of saying something not said. I see nowhere anyone says we were to HATE. We are to hate SIN, and actually false gospels are sin. We can hate the sin, but not hate the sinner.

Yes, everything against the Gospel the ONE AND ONLY GOSPEL OF SALVATION, being NO ONE Can come to the Father except through His Son Jesus Christ is a false gospel, is sin, endorced and promoted by the man of sin and those false gospels should be hated.
---kathr4453 on 12/7/19

Since God hates all these Antichrist people, we are also obliged to hate them, I suppose. Christianity seems to be filled with hatred.
---JS1234 on 11/30/19

That is one of many. Islam is the antichrist. Buddhism is the antichrist. The Jewish religion as it is now in it's official capacity , is the antichrist.

The new age is a secular, false spiritual organization, it is the antichrist.

Any religion or secular institution that does not agree by confession that Jesus is the son of God .. is the antichrist spirit of the world.
---Ianns on 11/30/19

New Age is everything under the sun. It encompasses all. It is a grand mix. Mix! Mix! Mix! It os a kind of spineless, all-embracing movement where you pick and choose what you want to dabble in.
---mike4879 on 1/20/17


---Jerry6593 on 12/3/16

new age is both spiritual and political. Marilyn Ferguson's The Aquarian Conspiracy (in support of all this) views the antichrist as a possible good guy.

there are notions that are false like antichrist system but the antichrist is an INDIVIDUAL however, the Theosophical Society and spinoffs Alice and Foster Bailey had powerful and classy followers and the Theosophical Society had a big hand in making the UN.
---Christine_Erikson on 11/30/16

No, natural man is the antichrist.
---duke on 12/15/07

I seriously don't think so. New Age philosophy is nothing new- just a rehash of every tired, discredited pagan idea people have ever believed. Paganism wasn't the Antichrist when people believed in it two thousand years ago, so I hardly think that's what it is now. New Age is nothing more than one delusion among many, and a very foolish one at that.
---Billy on 12/2/07

2 Thessalonians 2:8-10

8And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

9Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all **power** and signs and lying wonders,

10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
---kathr4453 on 1/3/07

New Agers" typically construct their own spiritual journey based on material taken as needed from the mystical traditions of the worlds religions, also including shamanism, neopaganism and occultism.
---kathr4453 on 1/3/07

The anti-christ will be of the new age. New Age is and embraces many many things, including witchcraft. Witchcraft is going to be so big, because the anti-christ will do wonders, so much so that people will be deceived thinking he is Jesus Christ, either in the flesh or in power. Just look at the shows on tv. Buffy, Charmed, Ghost Whisperer. Lord of the Rings, ect, all having good vs evil themes.
---kathr4453 on 1/3/07

I think new age is not deciving enough, and does not unite all secular people into the world, i think the anti-christ is sooo deciving that even christians are going to have to try and think and pray long and hard until they figure it out when the anti-christ comes
---mark on 12/31/06

New Age is a cult religion. Read the pamplet "Christianity, Cults, & Religions" by Rose Publications.
---Leslie on 12/31/06

The crucifixion of the New Age makes the New Age Christ. The antichrist denies the crucifixion and resurrection of the Christ. Somebody who is a member of the New Age can be an antichrist. Fifty years from now, the New Age will be resurrected. Who is to say that 50 years ago it was not the New Age?
---gregg8944 on 8/11/05

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While I wouldn't say "New Age" is the antichrist, it is certainly of the Devil. There is nothing "new" about New Age. It's alot of you ancient pagan religions put under a new title. The bad part about it, it has crept into the church, and because it has a Christian sound, it's accepted by Christians who are being deceived. (Jude 1:4; 2 Peter 2:1; Matthew 24:5)
---WIVV on 8/11/05

It is one of many ways the spirit of anti-christ is/has done it's work for some time, to be bodily manifested in the physical anti-christ when he is revealed for who he is. II Thess.2:1-17.

Did not satan enter Judas Iscariot as he did the serpent? Jn.13:1(27)35.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/2/05

Dear Bloggers: Thanks so much for your answers. Gives me food for thought and research. Since I was caught up in New Age many years ago, I was interested in your responses. Praise God, He delivered me. Your responses articulated the reason why. Bless you!!
---Elsie on 7/21/05

Xanthi: Thank you-- you are right its just a grab bag,for those who want an excuse to satisfy their own whims & fancies --a dead loss cause.
---Emcee on 7/17/05

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From what I can tell New Age is just a hotchpotch of various religions and phylosophies so that any one can just take their pick of what they believe and how they live. Some people just do not want any standards or rules in their lives so New Age ideas appeal to them. There's nothing new about them at all though because it's all been done before by many.
---Xanthi on 7/17/05

Get a copy of The Antichrist Chronicles by Steve Wholberg.
---Jerry on 7/17/05

Elsie : what is new age ?old hat?
---Emcee on 7/16/05

Of course not! The anti-christ will be a real person who's in the political realms of our world. He will be some kind of high ranking world leader! Use a Bible concordance to look for 'anti-' and also the "beast" in the book of Revelation for the Scripture passages about him. There are also a few related Old Testament verses too.
What religion will he promote? It will be eclectic, most likely based on Judeo-Catholicism, but with many eastern, cultic and even 'new age' beliefs!
---Daniel on 7/16/05

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