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Do You Go To Church Of Christ

Hi, Does any of you out there attend a church called 'Church of Christ'? I would like to know more about this church. Could you share some knowledge, experiences in connection with that church, please? Thank you.God bless you.

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 ---el on 7/16/05
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Im a member of the Church of Christ. What would you like to know?

---Mark on 5/27/09

danele, the church of christ does not use the OT. we go by the NT. we believe that the OT was made for people back in that time period. if you look in the new testement in no scripture does it say to use imstruments, however it says praise him with psalm and himms with melody in your heart. i think you might want to try reading your bible.....
---kelvin_allen on 4/14/09

ephesians 4:4-6 says " there is one body,and one spirit,even as ye are called in one hope of your calling. one lord, one faith, one BAPTISM, one god and father of all, who is above all and through all, and in you all".
when the church of christ talks about one body they are not talking abut one building. the church is the people and the one body is every church of christ. all of the people make a body
church of christ is named that because it says it in the bible. ephesians 5:23 says " for the husband is the head of the wife,even as christ is head of the church: and he is the saaviour of the body.
this means just as a wife would have the name of her husband the church body will have the name of christ.
---kelvin_allen on 4/14/09

joni do you know how your church was established?I mean was it started by a man or woman who wanted to establish thier own set of laws and Tenants? We know that the Seventh Day Adventist was started by a lady and the main theme is the teaching of NUTRITION.I used to live close to a church of Christ and they had no musical instruments.The OT says to come into His courts with Psalms,and Praise,make a JOYFUL noise unto the Lord! Bring out the psaltry and timbrel.It is written that God INHABITS the praises of His people.That's hard to do without a musical instrument!
---Danelle on 3/4/09

Will someone please explain-enlighten me as to the belief system,the Tenants of the Church of Christ? I have heard that they do not believe in musical instruments.I have noted references to adultry in this church.Will someone who is/has been a member,please write and let me know?
---Danelle on 3/3/09


Why do you say the Church of Christ, and almost every conservative bible church today practices adultery? That is a broad and condemning statement that demands an explanation. That would be like me saying anyone who doesnt attend these churches practices adultery, would you take offense?

You need to explain yourself.
---Laurie on 3/2/09

I have been a part of the Church of Christ for many years. I appreciate by backgroud and strong bible teachings. The thing that concerns me about "the church of christ" and almost any conservative bible church today is that: they practice adultery,, adulters do not make it to heaven, they must repent of this to get right with God.
---Del on 3/1/09

Bruce, my pleasure.
---JohnnyB on 2/26/09

Bruce B what you wrote in your last post is so true.

Through the years I tried to share this with many people, but they reject it.

I guess they reject God's Truth by echanging God's Truth for a lie. This is the very same thing which Satan does.
---Rob on 2/26/09


Thanks for the well-wishing. God is with me, my friend.
---BruceB on 2/26/09


I couldn't agree with you more about judging. That's exactly the point I was trying to make.

---Laurie on 2/26/09


When looking at denominations or any group of Christians who gather, it is easy to notice the bad and overlook the good. The fact is, they are made up of individuals in the body of Christ, and you can see good and bad behavior in these individuals whether they are part of a church or not, in other words, they're going to behave the way they're going to behave wherever they are.

Paul compared the body of Christ to the human body, with parts that are all necessary for the body to function well. He mentioned the eye, hand, foot, as all being important and that we've each been given our place in the body. I'm thankful for those who don't separate themselves because we need all the parts, even the back side.
---Laurie on 2/26/09


Mt 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brothers eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye, and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brothers eye.

Everyone reads this as a rebuke against judging because they stop reading after the first verse. It isn't. It's a lesson on how to judge: correctly.
---BruceB on 2/26/09

Bruce, God be with you. I wish you well.
---JohnnyB on 2/25/09

Doctrine must be truth.

Ac 17:22 Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.

Joh 14:9 Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father, and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?
10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

And you're thinking "but I thought the Holy Spirit was dwelling in Him." Mystery: One God, not three. Yes... Doctrine must be truth.
---BruceB on 2/25/09


Why "outrageously" true? That's vastly overstating it. What I see in the Bible is groups of Christians that were meeting, referred to by location. If you're going to judge denominations for, what, not identifying themselves by their cities?, then maybe you can show us where the Bible says it's wrong to do that, then you have a legitimate complaint.

The early church was meeting with other believers, teaching, praying, singing, having fellowship and meals together, working together in various ministries, etc. These things are still being done in churches across America and world-wide.
---Laurie on 2/25/09

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The statement by ---BruceB is outrageously true."I've looked, and I can't find a single denominational reference in that Book."
---mima on 2/25/09

Hi Bruce, I'm sorry you haven't found a group that suits you. The Church is' however, a community, and we really do need community as human beings and as believers. I didn't pick my community for their doctrinal positions but, rather, because of their kindness and acceptance of me with all my flaws. I wish you the best. God bless you!
---JohnnyB on 2/25/09

BruceB, you sound lonely, and I'm sorry about that. It sounds like you have had some bad experiences with churches. Not all churches are bad. You just have to keep searching.

The Apostle Paul said this:
Heb10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

In other words, Christians should meet together and worship the Great God who made heaven and earth, and sent his Son to save sinners. We should meet together to worship God and to encourage one another. By lifting up our brethren, we are serving God.

Lord bless you,
---trey on 2/24/09

I wouldn't be caught "dead" in any Chistian "church", which is what I'd likely be... if I were so found.

I've looked, and I can't find a single denominational reference in that Book. That truth tells me all I need to know: and so, I stay clear of all of them because... the Holy Spirit don't lie. Amen.

Ya can't change anyone's mindset. All you can do is pray that God will reveal Himself and call it good. But, when I find someone I know is of the body of Christ, I fellowship with them. That's the only "church" there is.

Didn't y'all know that bein' a Christian is a lonely vocation? That's one reason why Jesus sent the Comforter -- to keep a Christian company.
---BruceB on 2/24/09

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I didn't know much about the Church of Christ until a young man travelling with a mission group on a plane approached me. He told me that playing instruments in church was a salvation issue, that they are silent where the Bible is silent, and that the Bible says we should be like-minded.

I told him that none of the verses he showed me said playing instruments in church was a sin, and that our conversation was an attempt to be like-minded, however, he would have to show me where the Bible explicitly says this before I could agree with him. I also told him that because there's no biblical command against it this is not a matter of obedience, and should not be something we divide over.
---Laurie on 2/24/09

Every single denomination I have ever heard of or known have their issues, which church is perfect please don't say the N/T church of God as depicted in the bible even though It Is.

cos I haven't heard a single person agree on all the doctrine taught without some one coming up to some disagreement , You just can't please ya'll even with the very Word itself:(
---Carla3939 on 2/24/09

I am a member of the Church of Christ. Have been all my life. First, please do not be accusatory of the Church of Christ as if we condemn all other sects to hell. For Church of Christ folk, please don't start out with doctrine. The basics of the Church of Christ? We believe Christ died for our sins. We believe He will return. We believe that following the Word of God as He commands is our salvation. This applies in our lives, our congregations, our worship to Him. We speak where the Bible speaks, we are silent where the Bible is silent. If you follow can never go wrong. What separates us from other sects is that nothing interferes with the Word of God. Therefore, "room for interpretation" doesn't apply.
---Kyle on 2/24/09

I am a member of the church of Christ. We are non denominational and we try to live as God through the Bible teaches. We have Elders who oversee our congregation ( no regional, state or national headquarters telling us what we believe ). We believe in baptism for the remission of our sins and welcome anyone. I grew up in the church and am still with a church of Christ, don't plan on trying out any other religions. We are often mistaken for United Church of Christ or Church of God in Christ which are denominational and stray from the teachings of the Bible. I hope this helps and if you have other questions let me know...
---Joni on 2/17/09

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I once shared a flight with a mission group from Church of Christ. One of them came and sat in the empty seat next to me, asking if he could talk to me about the Bible. I said yes and he began to go thru some scriptures. I took out my own Bible to follow along, letting him know I was a Christian. Long story short, they believe playing instruments in church is a sin. Not only that, but to them it's a salvation issue, i.e., not something you can disagree on.
---Laurie on 1/26/09

For your consideration
faith-romans 10:17
repentance-luke 13:3
confession-matthew 10:32
baptism-acts 22:16
live a Godly life-romans 12
---john on 1/6/09

Kelly, you say it is not a works base belief, and yet you say if the person wants to leave they can and that God doesn't want them to. Seems to me that if they can leave when they want, it is a man's work base religion because it is dependent upon man works (his actions) and not God's.
I hope you understand what I am saying. If salvation is base on the works of what man does and not God then it is a works base belief.
---MarkV. on 12/23/08

Sarah, you made some good points. Total depravity is a must. A spiritual death is a death indeed. Jesus said, "You must be born again"
Without that spiritual death, you don't have to be born again. You can just change moods whenever you want and that will do. What needs to change is the heart, and no one can change it but God.
Merry Christmas
---MarkV. on 12/23/08

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I attended one, they are a conservative church somewhat like the baptists, but the one I attended did not have any musical instruments, and I am not sure if they did not believe in having musical instruments or else they just didn't have any musicians in the church that played instruments. However we did sing Christian songs unaccompanied by instruments, and the service was still blessed.
---Eloy on 12/23/08

Sarah, we were made in the image of God by God. Adam did not make us. Adam did not make us sin. The devil did not make us sin. We chose to sin. Now we can choose to believe the good news that Christ died as an atonement for our sins. God did not make us incapable of coming to him, completely separated from him. The punishment for Adam and Eve's sin was sickness, labour in childbirth, monthly agony for women, workload and stress for men, aging and death. It was not 'original sin' passed on like some kind of DNA. No. Everyone has the same chance Adam and Eve had to choose good or evil.
---frances008 on 12/22/08

church of christ folks deny total depravity before we are "saved'
How do they get around the Word where it tells us we are "adam's children"
The Bible says "in the flesh dwelleth no good thing"
We must be "saved" to have the "divine nature" Only the "divine nature" can please God
---sarah on 12/22/08

A story about the Church of Christ.
Once walking down a street in Mazatlan Mexico my wife and I noticed an American couple about 200 feet ahead and we hurried to catch up with them. After catching up with them we invited them to eat dinner with us. At which time I told the man that he was a preacher in the Church of Christ. That is exactly right he said and he was as shocked about what I said as I was. I made no attempt to witness to him about anything. The Church of Christ teaches they are the only church. Just a story I know.
---mima on 12/18/08

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My experinece is that like any church, it depnds on the local church and pastor.

Also, there are different variants of Church of Christ. The one to watch out for is Church of Christ Boston. They are a cult that teaches that people who are not baptized go to Hell.

There are some Church of Christ fellowships that are conservative and teach the true word, and others that are liberal and get sidetracked on social gospel issues at the expense of solid teaching.

I used to attend a singles group at a Church of Christ Congregational, which is yet another variant. For the most part is seemed to be a great church.
---obewan on 12/18/08

I would not even like to be in the same building with those that believe that they alone are the blessed of God just because of their membership affiliation.

And that is what I hear coming from those people.
---Lee1538 on 12/17/08

"The church of Christ strives to be a non-denominational group of Christians who desire to live and to love as Jesus did. Our goal is to be New Testament Christians, following the Bible alone as our guide in all religious matters. Using the Bibles example of New Testament churchs worship and teachings, we strive to restore the exact same church in the 21st century."
quote from a church of Christ website
---Lala on 11/14/08

Dear Pam

JESUS faced the same kind of people in His church. These leaders ended up killing him. Yet he still loved them.

I pray that you will look to JESUS not people. People will always disappoint you.

Go visit some other churches and listen about JESUS. I hope you would consider visiting a Seventh day Adventist church on a Saturday and see what you think.

The Most important thing is to look to JESUS.
---Samuel on 9/11/08

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Amanda....i see some issues with what you are saying here.
1st)those who follow the Bible only will go to heaven.
This would be something that you would have to do on top of what Jesus Christ has already accomplished for you. You cannot do anything to merit salvation other than have faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.Are you saying If someone accepts Christ as Lord and Savior that morning and dies in an accident that afternoon they will not go to heaven??
2nd)we are not get baptized to be saved, but we are baptized because we are saved. There is a difference.
---JIM on 9/10/08

We do not believe that we are the only ones going to heaven, but that those who follow the Bible only will go to heaven, so that is what we try to do. We like to know our doctine very well, so that we are equipped to take it into the world. We enjoy lots of fellowship time with each other. Many churches of Christ do not use instrumental music, but others have no problem with it. We baptize to be saved after we have confessed our faith in Jesus as our savior.
---Amanda on 9/9/08

I'm sooo sorry Pam. It is so horrible when any church abuses it's members. Please don't give up though, there's good and bad in churches, dear. You're in my prayers, and may God bless and minister to you soon--in His own ways.
---Mary on 9/6/08

I was not raised church of christ but when I married my husband, his family told him that he would burn in hell for marrying me. I've attended some church of christ in the past and found the church of christ "family" to be the most condeming and damming people I have ever met. I no longer attend church and have since stop seeking the so called christian faith. I met my husband about 4 years after his divorce and he said his own "christian family" shun him and outcast him after his divorce. He was at the lowest point in his life and all they did was crap on him.
---pam on 9/5/08

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We believe that we are not part of a denomination so there is no headquarters outside of the bible. We believe we've been called to share the good news of salvation with everyone. We believe that those born of God are saved through his kind grace. We believe that we are born again by a sincere beleif that Jesus is the source of salvation and when we are baptized, which begins our relationship with him, not a ritual or a method but rather an obedient response to Jesus' commandment. We continue in forgiveness of sins as long as we stay with him, but he gives us the option to leave him at any time (something he doesn't want us to do). Reply if you need more answers. Not a works based belief.
---Kelley on 8/25/08

Denominations are MAN made. The church in the NT is designed, created, indwelled & sustained by Christ,wears His name,does His work in the worldseeking, teaching, & giving others the opportunity to be in obedience to Him.

Christ said that HE would build His CHURCH (Mtt. 16:18).He didn't say he'd build a bunch of denominations with different doctrines & traditions contrary to the scriptures

We don't "join" Christ's church.Christ ADDS the saved to THE church. (Acts 2:47)

It is the BODY of Christ (Col. 1:18,Eph. 1:22-23, Col. 1:24) Christ is the HEAD of the BODY.(Col. 1:18)
He is saviour of the BODY (Eph. 5:23).It is His bride. It carries HIS name (the church of CHRIST) (Rom. 16:16
---Catherine on 7/22/08

God is God and we are not. Very true! Man is not God. And we have to make up our minds as to who we pledge our alliance and our souls to! Very true! And who out of you are going to follow God, and who is going to follow a man called the Pope?
---frances008 on 6/17/08

Man has to make up his mind where to lay his allegiance,NOT GOD.
---Emcee on 6/16/08

Amen! Yes, we must remember God is God and we are NOT!
---Nicole on 6/17/08

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On the contrary, that the rock that Christ builds His church upon was Peter is a VERY disputable fact for everyone except the RCC. :-)
---Todd1 on 6/16/08

Amos 9:11
In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof, and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old: And, in the Tabernacle of David there were all kinds of instruments and dancing and this went on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, why COC do not believe in instruments in the church is beyond me. Air conditioning was not mentioned in the NT either.
---gophylann on 6/16/08

All::A LOOK alike "C of christ is NOT "My Church"as stated in Matt16:17-19By Jesus Himself. whose church was built on the Rock Giving Peter Full Authority.This is an undisputable Fact.Men may change their minds and drift from church to church But Not God who makes a statement and cofirmed by the Holy Spirit to be the Guide till the end of Time.Man has to make up his mind where to lay his allegiance,NOT GOD.
---Emcee on 6/16/08

Nicole is right. Is it the name of the church that matters, or the doctrines they teach? I think we should judge churches by comparing what they teach with what the Bible says. :-)

I'd join the Bumberdoodle Tiddlyswort church if all its teachings followed the scriptures. ,-p
---Todd1 on 6/16/08

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Just because someone 200 years ago decided to name his NEW Church- The Church of Christ It is now the only Church of Jesus?
Why did they wait until 1800 years later?
---Nicole on 6/15/08

Jesus Christ built the church (Matt 16:18). He is the head of the body - the church (Col 1:18). How many bodies are there (Eph 4:4)? IF Christ owns it and he is the head of it - you better be a member of it. The church of Chirst
---Keith on 6/15/08

I left the CofC 15 years ago due to the fact that this certain church believed that they were the only ones going to heaven and dwelled on their worship. After time away from God and also looking around my wife and I looked at our local CofC. I was afraid at first that they would be legalistic.
---Jamey on 3/30/08

But to my suprise they were "liberal" and have opened my eyes more to what it means to be a christian. Their motto is "christians only....but not the only christians". I think we have to be careful how we pigeon hole others. and also be careful on who you call a cult. Remember, the Jews and Romans all called the early christian church a "cult". If that was a cult, I am proud of being in one.
---Jamey on 3/30/08

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While I do not go to the Church of Christ, I cannot patronize them because they will not support the distribution of the Word of God by the Gideon ministry. They also in the majority will not recognize others then themselves as being Christian.
---Lee on 3/6/08

the Church of Christ is just one thing short from being a cult. the one thing i know from all of the Church of Christ people is the overwelming ease at which they tell all others that they are hell bound. so they see themselves at the only true Christain.. they come from a movement in the 1800 mainly lead by a man named campell. coc is about judgement, hate and most all members are brain washed. find a loving church. the united church of christ is a completly diffrent church
---alan on 3/2/08

This blog is great. Do any of you guys have advice for me. I believe that way the Church of Christ does in most areas. However, I do believe in the power of the holy spirit and being filled with the spirit. Are there any church of Christ's that believe in being filled with the holy spirit, or do you know of any churches that do but also believe in baptism as part of salvation?
---matt on 2/11/08

The Church of Christ can be commended for it's love and study of the bible. I believe one can learn more about the bible and how to be saved by attending the Church of Christ than any other christian group-the only exception being the Christian Church. Unfortunately, the Church of Christ largely believes that "the only Christians are found in the Church of Christ!"(The Spiritual Sword, Oct. 1984)For praise and worship visit the Christian church-the Church of Christ with instruments.
---Tom on 2/10/08

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Sharon, I too go to the Church Of Christ.I used to be an Seventh Day Adventist.If you want, you can email me.
---Kella3336 on 2/8/08

To the one who said the Church of Christ beleived in orginal sin. It is the Catholic Church that beleives in orginal sin, and not the Church of Christ. I know, I was once a Catholic and now Church of Christ. We also have individual cups.
---sharon on 2/7/08

i have a met alot of wonderful people. you can email me if you have any questions. your sister in christ rona God bless you have made the right choice! ROMANS 16.16 the Church of Christ saulute you!!
---Rona on 12/28/07

Matt 16:18 And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome Ephesians 1:22 And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church
Isaiah 53: Read for the intro to Christ and how he would be the head to the new testament church: Church of Christ
---Jacklyn_Watspm on 9/24/07

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Primary focus is the restoration of New Testament Christianity, intense focus on study of, devotion and adherence to God's word. Strong emphasis on Christ-centered spirituality, Godly relationships, evangelism of the lost, and discipleship of one another. Excellent congregational (participative) singing (generally). Wholly autonomous and non-denominational (protestant). Generally conservative. You could do a whole lot worse. Usual plusses and minuses as with any congregation of believers.
---Steve on 8/20/07

I'm not familiar with CoC-I did notice that right away the poster said what they did not believe in. I'm not in the church of do this and especially not the church of don'ts. The early church worshiped freely, they danced and ate together - that's not always functional for us today but worship is. Its not about an organ or a guitar - they didn't have them - they played the flute. I would definitely look at all ex-denomination sites. Even if you love your denom. look and see what made people so unhappy.
---Andrea on 8/10/07

"This boy who thought he was saved was probably persuaded by some dramatic guy giving a message, and the kid didn't know any better...I will pray for the guy giving the message because he will have to give an account for his message."
---Craig on 8/7/07
Craig I was that "dramatic guy" and I desire to be held accountable for the message that I gave the young man!!!
---Mima on 8/8/07

You can't pick and choose on how to be saved...You have to fulfill the whole word and not just parts of it...All scripture is given by Christ....So when it says repent and be baptized for remission of sins, then you better do it...Case Closed...This boy who thought he was saved was probably persuaded by some dramatic guy giving a message, and the kid didn't know any better...I will pray for the guy giving the message because he will have to give an account for his message...
---Craig on 8/7/07

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COC is on par with the RCC. Keep searching.
---Robyn on 8/7/07

#-1-shared experiences? Okay here we go, just two days ago while witnessing at county fair, four boys walked up and begin talking to me. One of the boys(and baby he looked rough) immediately upon hearing the defining question," are you absolutely, positively, certain sure, no doubt in your mind, that you will go to heaven" fell under conviction of the Holy Spirit. After hearing the message of how he could be saved. He said yes he wanted to pray and we did pray!
---Mima on 8/7/07

#-2-the other three boys listened very patiently and were some what interested, but told me plainly that no one was getting saved because I did not have a baptismal at that location. These boys ranged from 16 to 18 years of age. But because of the Church of Christ insistence on baptism for salvation their minds were completely closed. Oh I said to them," Church of Christ" yes they said we go to a Church of Christ. Experiences as of this type have happened to me many many times.
---Mima on 8/7/07

The COC does not think they are the only church going to heaven, but there is one church and that is the lords church.The first church started at the day of pentecost after peters sermon it was finalized on how to become a christian (Acts 2).There shouldn't be any arguments about anything else. The whole book of Acts is about showing how christ was on this earth, died and resurrected.Baptism plays a big role but faith and repentance has to be in there to make it complete.
---Craig on 8/7/07

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Oh Nathan, that's sad. CofC has some messed up theology for sure. I doubt anything or anyone will change your mind. So I hope you have a nice life.
---George on 7/26/07

Hello, I am a member of the church of Christ and am actually starting school to become a preacher or missionary for the church of Christ. Have you had any answers on this subject? E-mail me and let me know if you'd still want to talk. In His Service.
---nathan_john on 7/26/07

Thanks Geroge for this information on the COC. I will check it out. I am interested.
---Robyn on 6/6/07

I would like to know how many people are going to any church each and every Sunday and sits and listens to an unsaved preacher. God tells me, only about one in one hundred are saved. Judge your own pastor.
---catherine on 6/6/07

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I left that church, not because of the doctrine ,but because they think they are Christs church ONLY & others aren't when in reality the church are the people,NOT what building you go in. they are so bent on that it's not even funny, but as far as doctrine wise,yes I support them.
---kimberly on 6/5/07

I would not be a part of the COC. I feel it is on par with the RCC and J W's. No good. My family church was COC and Methodist. I find them both ,very, very boring.
---Robyn on 6/5/07

Are you sure you are following God's Way? According to the Bible or according to someones opinion? Which way do you think pleases God?

I would like to recommend a great site searchingfortruth. Just google searchingfortruth and then click on the title: The Truth to watch this short, thought provoking video.

Tell me what you think of it.
---dan on 6/5/07

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