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Do We Serve The Same God

Do you believe that the God of the Christians, the God of the Jews, and the God of the Muslims, are one and the same?

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 ---bebet3754 on 7/17/05
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Since being born again is something that God does to the person, then it is pointless to keep harping on that if you are not born again you are going to Hell. Better to make sure you, having believed yourself to be born again, start to obey the rules of the new life in Christ. If you don't, then it is questionable whether you really were born again or not. A good tree is known by its good fruit. A fruitless branch is cut off and burnt. You need to be born again and abide in Christ. If you abide in Christ you have already been born again. Those outside Christianity have the chance of receiving holiness straight from the Holy Spirit.
---frances008 on 10/28/08

Nicole this statement"Some Christians truly believe that God is only for them. That you must be born again to be with him." Is grounded in Jesus very words. John 3:3
" Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" question would you agree that a man or woman must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven???? Does your church not teach that a child is born again when baptized? And is this not baptismal regeneration(being born again by the act of baptism??? Also let me state that your statement is very close to what Mother Teresa believed.
---mima on 10/28/08

No, for there is only one Jesus Christ, and religions do not worship him.
---Eloy on 10/28/08


Our God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). God did not choose his people because they were the greatest, or the most in number or the most intelligent, God chose his people because he loved them - Deu. 7:8.

Christ could have chosen the most intelligent as his Apostles, but he chose uneducated fisherman, a publican, ect.

One more thing, our faith doesn't stand in the wisdom of man, but in the power of God. - 1Cor 2:5.

Lord bless you,
---trey on 10/27/08

When all of God's people are in heaven someday, then we will know who the stupids are.

Interesting "the stupids"


Gods Word tells us Christ reigns on EARTH and Christians to be changed to spirit rule as KINGS AND PRIESTS to Christ on EARTH - Isa 40:10, 62:11, Dan 7:18,22,27, 1John 3:2

Gods Kingdom is on EARTH not in heaven

God The Father was never known to Jews - Christ made Him known in all he accomplished the will of God The Father while He was in the flesh

Christ was God of the Jews (1 Corin 10:1-5)

As Christians we obey Christ who obeys God The Father ...we have access to God The Father now through Christ and through salvation we will rule with Him on Earth
---Rhonda on 7/23/08

Well, When all of God's people are in heaven someday, then we will know who the stupids are. Hummm.
---catherine on 7/23/08

The fact that atheists think Christians are stupid enough to be taken in by the government shows the real level of their thinking (pretty limited). They also show an insultingly low opinion of Christians' intelligence. In summation, they are arrogant and self-deceived. I don't think that makes them qualified to be among the Chosen.
---frances008 on 7/22/08

Atheist, you and your friends on youtube plus the internet differ from most of the Christians and nonCatholics in that you not only believe the governments stories of all the 'terror' attacks, but you expect and believe that every intelligent person does. This is amazing to me. I always thought atheists might have their faults but at least they are unbiased and intellectually minded. It seems that they are just part of the fix and believe in the New World Order and therefore do not question the government.
---frances008 on 7/21/08

Do these other religions believe that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead? To save a fallen world. Ofcourse not. So these other religions are worshipping a god of which they can control, and in their own minds.
---catherinej on 7/21/08

Although many of you were getting close, the real answer is that they all *think* they worship the same god, but God is found in his character. God is known through his promises. The god in the Quran has a very different character than our Jewish/Christian God. The Jewish/Christian God is the same God except that the Jews to not see God in His totality, that is the fulfillment of the trinity and the begotten flesh of Jesus. Jesus said there is only ONE way to the Father, that is through "me." So we could refer to God all day long, but no one's getting through unless their going through Jesus. It's sad because many people are praying out there. We need to pray for them to know the truth of Jesus:)
---cathy on 7/21/08


Couldn't we just stop warring against the Muslims, except for those that directly attack us, and see how far that gets us?
---atheist on 7/20/08

Yes, we do serve the same God. We all claim Abraham as our Father.

It is how we claim God acts, or how we know God's will is the problem.

Some Muslims truly think that God is telling them to kill Jews.

Some Jewish people believe that God is only their God, no other.

Some Christians truly believe that God is only for them. That you must be born again to be with him.

Some Christians (including myself) believe that God is Father to all and wishes all enter His Church as His Son Built His Bride.
---Nicole on 7/20/08

The Father of Jesus Christ is the Jewish God. So Christians and Jews have the same God, but the Jews rejected Christ, at least the ones who are not Chrstian. Satanists invented Islam for the purposes of causing problems between the main three faith groups. Allah is a false God based on human imaginations and writings. The Muslim people are not evil but deceived. They need to be brought to Christ. Warring against them will never save their souls. Only kindness will attract them to Christ.
---frances008 on 7/20/08

NO NO NO NO NO NO The God in Heaven is the only living God. All the rest are dead.
---shira_5965 on 7/20/08

Steveng, if you call another plant a "rose," then does it suddenly become a rose? No.

-if you call Allah and YHWH the term "God," then do Allah and YHWH suddenly become the same "God"? No.
-if you claim that only one "God" or Deity exists, then do all people suddenly worship the same "God" or Deity? No.

Sorry, but non-sequitur semantical gameplay cannot serve as substantive theology, Steveng.
---eahaddix on 10/13/07

YHWH and Allah are not the same Deity. For starters, Biblical Scripture teaches that Mashiyach Yehoshua is YHWH 'El made flesh[1], yet the Qur'an denies that Mashiyach Yehoshua is Allah made flesh[2].

[1] Isaiah 9:6, Zechariah 12:1, 10, John 1:1-2, 14, John 5:18, John 8:56-58 [cf. John 18:4-8], John 10:30-33, Mark 14:61-63, Titus 2:13, Revelation 1:8, 17-18, 22:12-13, etc.
[2] Sura 5:72-75, Sura 4:171-172, Sura 5:17-18, 116-117, Sura 9:30, Sura 10:68, Sura 23:91, Sura 112:1-4, etc.
---eahaddix on 10/13/07

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Mockers stand READY, I ask this same question of God over 20 years ago. I had heard all my life that regardless of 'what name' you called God by, it didn't matter.I also knew that something wasn't right about that belief. I know that many here will be offended at anyone saying that God still speaks. But He does. His answer was, "The difference is, I AM the Father of Jesus." That 'was' his answer whether you believe it or not.
---jack8937 on 10/12/07

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet."

Every culture, every language has a name for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: German, Gott, Italian, Dio, Arab, Allah. Unfortunately, like many "Christians" today, have twisted the name of God like Mohamad did in the third century. Wasn't it Ishmael (the father of the Arab people) and Hagar protected by God? And what was the name of God in Arab before Mahamad?
---Steveng on 10/9/07


Wouldn't it be great if the Lord did come back tomorrow. He would take us all home to Glory, and would end all this fussing and confusion.

Eloy, I would just like to say, I always enjoy what you have to say. I rarely agree, but it's alway fun to read!

May the Lord bless all of you,
---trey on 10/9/07

Hopefully Jesus will return tomorrow and and Jesus and the 6 of you who are holy enough can enjoy the earth for eternity. You people may be the most hate-filled i've ever encountered. Not one of you understands Jesus or his message....
---alexia on 10/9/07

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.zimbabwean, I do not have any religion, only the Lord God Jesus Christ.
---Eloy on 10/8/07

The character of the Islamic Allah is not the character of Jesus - no they are not the same just bc Mohammed decided it was os does not make it so.

Jesus and YWWH are God
---caleb on 10/8/07

Eloy- you say All religions are committing Idolatry so that includes yours hey. Well mine Isnt
---ZIMBABWEAN on 10/8/07

Nope. There is only one Lord Jesus, and the other religions do not worship him.
---Eloy on 10/8/07

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All religions are committing idolatry, because there is only one real Lord God Jesus Christ.
---Eloy on 10/8/07



The Apostle Paul states:
1cor 10:19 What say I then? that the idol is any thing, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing?
1cor 10:20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.

If they are not praying to the Lord God, they are praying to devils.

Do the rest of you agree? Is that logical?
---trey on 10/7/07

rebecca, thanks you make my point. There is but one God, everyone prays to that God whether they are deluded as to who or what he is. They can't be praying to false gods because there are no other gods. Does anyone understand anything of plain logic?
---alexia on 10/6/07

sorry last post for rita, Rebecca, you are entired to be illogical and ignore the text all you want, there are hundreds upon hundreds of references to God that are feminine in nature. To suggest God is gendered is simplistic. You will hopefully grow in understanding.
---alexia on 10/6/07

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Alexia, there is only one God. He is the Creator of all things. There are people who claim that there are many gods (as in hinduism) and there are many who also say that there is only one (as in muslims) but they are all worshipping someone who simply does not exist. When some say that Allah and God (the Creator) are the same person they are wrong because the attributes and commandments of the two are so very different. One is real, the other false.
---RitaH on 10/6/07

We as Christians worship the True and Living God of the bible. I have Jewish friends who are Christians. (Another example: the Apostles).

The Muslims are not Christians. They do not worship the one true God.

Suicide bombers:
1jo 3:15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

And please quit capitalizing "god" in reference to the Muslims.

I do not hate the Muslims, just their religion.
---trey on 10/6/07

The Jews and Bible believers believe in the same God, Jehovah, Elohim ect. I researched Allah, and found that he was an ancient moon god in ancient Arabia, Mohamads ancestors worshiped him along with the sun goddess that the moon god was married to. Mohamad adapted his beliefs to the moon god allah,if you need my sources let me know. Any seeker can know the God of Scripture.
---Jim on 10/5/07

One must ask: If Islam is a "religion of peace", then WHY are they beheading, shooting, viciously impaling, and blowing up innocent people all over the world? They proudly yell, "Allah akhbar" (God is great) every time they perpetrate an atrocity, and then strut about like barnyard roosters, boasting for all the world to see, while celebrating their atrocities in front of national television cameras.
---asia on 10/5/07

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Catherine you speak excellent spiritual insight or may I say that the Holy Spirit reveals excellent spiritual insight through you! I agree with you 100%. God bless you Catherine.
---Cynthia on 10/5/07

There is only one true God. And that is God Almighty. The beginning and the end. There is no other God. If one believes there are more than one God, they are in the wrong and are believing a lie. Everything that has been about God in the bible, it was always addressed that he was a male. Not a female.
---Rebecca_D on 10/5/07

"If you disagree I guess you believe in polytheism."

I disagree, but that means I believe there is such a thing as idolatry. If someone tells me they worship God but describes their God as different then the one true God in the Bible then they are commiting idolatry.
---Matthew_from_LA on 10/5/07

The Jews serve the same God that we do, that's a no brainer. Jesus, a Jew - hello? As for the Muslims, I heard a recent teaching about Ishmael which means "God hears". It was very interesting about what's happening in the Muslim world, some are coming to know Jesus without Christian TV, missionaries, etc. Ishmael was given that name by God. There are 4 people that were named by God and Ishmael was one of them. God loves the muslims, too.
---Bob on 10/5/07

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Bebet, there is unity, peace, and harmony in God....but through Jesus Christ. No man comes to the Father but by Him. As long as man believes that Jesus was just one of many ways, he misses the only way.
---Linda on 10/5/07

The God of Muslims is a different God. It is a God procured by a false prophet Mohamed with a nature different from the God of creation. Jewish people do recognize the same God of creation that Christians worship,however they do not recognize Jesus as the Christ predicted as by the prophets. Although they do worship the same God as Christian people, they are not Saved so that they are not Heaven bound and able to communicate with God the Father as Jesus said that 'no man comes to the Father but by Me.
---splaa6685 on 10/5/07

If there is only one God, then everyone worships Him/Her, albeit you may disagree with their vision of God, its still the only one there is. If you disagree I guess you believe in polytheism.
---alexia on 10/5/07

We need to realize that there has always been some Jews who excepted Christ. No the Muslims do not worship the True God. The true God lives in His people. The true God does not advocate blowing themselves up and taking people with them. How I wish the media would tell this when they are bringing God into the picture. They ought to put at the bottom of the TV screen a scroll saying, "not the true God". I am telling you, they ought to. For reasons you very well know:
---catherine on 10/5/07

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They all believe in the same god. Unfortunately, thy believe vastly different and incompatible things about him, which makes finding common ground about some of the most essential things unlikely.
---StrongAxe on 10/4/07

They are definitely not the same. Only the God of the Bible is the one true God. He is a triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit all three in one. He sent His Son to die on the Cross for sin, and then the Son sent the Holy Spirit. The only way to the Father is through the Son.
---Helen_5378 on 10/4/07

Jesus is Lord and God.
If you don't accept this, your god is not the True and Living God.
Jews need to convert. Muslims need to convert etc...
---Lisa on 10/3/07

The Christians and Jews believe in the same God. The Muslims believe in the same God. Therein lies the problem with the Muslims. They only believe in God, the Father.This does not please God. They don't believe in the Trinity. The bible clearly tells us we must accept Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All three are as one. If you do not believe this you are in gross error. Read I john chap 5 also St John chap 14.
---Robyn on 9/9/07

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The God of Christians and Jews is the same. Muslims would say that they worship the same God also but I disagree. They make such claims for their God that he (little 'h') cannot possibly be the same one that I worship.
---Xanthi on 8/20/07

As i know muslims do this : Those who worship abraham,ishmaels, isaacs, and jacobs God worship the true God, it is not right to worhsip jesus (the master) as a God or a part of a divine trinity....
---moslem on 2/16/07

No, they are different. Jesus Christ is the only living God of the Christians. And all other so-called gods are dumb idols.
---Eloy on 12/9/06

Bless you, Alan. ;)
---AlwaysOn on 12/8/06

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Always on ... Go to the blue bar across the top of the page you are now looking at. You will see the differtn categries of blog ... Apologetics, etc.
Click on the appropriate one. You will be given a list of the most recent contibutions in that class.
Go then to the bottom of that page, and you will find 1-2-3 Click on these mumbers and you will find a list of all the blogs in that class
---AlanUKQuent5969 on 12/8/06

Yesterday, I read an interview Pres. Bush did with ABC's Charles Gibson back in 2004 where he stated that Muslims worship the same God as Christians and we have "different routes of getting to the Almighty". While I disagree on the "different routes", I do believe Muslims when they say they worship the God of Abraham. I also agree with our president who called Muslim extremists "misguided".

RW, how did you pull this blog up? I can't find old blogs. Help?
---AlwaysOn on 12/7/06

muhammad's background was polytheism-worshipped 360 gods. Christians convinced him this was wrong- so he took the top god of these 360-allah-and discarded the other 359. also brought other traditions out of the pagan worship ex. pilgrimmage to mecca , praying 5 times per day. they worship 'gods' and we have The God
---r.w. on 12/7/06

Isa.45:18-25; Acts 17:22-28, Col.2:8-10.

Like you, I made a break of sorts from religion in my quest to know God personally.

It's been painfully treacherous at times being misunderstood, entrapped, used/abused, etc living with man made fishbowls, selfrighteous doctrines & microscopes.

Some felt threatened or whatever, when God's view differed from theirs.

God Bless;

You'll never regret your decision like myself and countless others before us!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 8/14/05

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Kelly, Jesus is the God, he also said so himself. In the trinity Jesus is eternally co-existent with the Father and the Holy Spirit in the Godhead. The Bible reads that there is only 1 true God. Immanuel means, God with us. Please read Isaiah 7:13,14; 8:10; 9:6. And the Word was God. Please read John 1:1-3,14; 8:57,58; 14:9; 17:5. He alone is the Creator. Please read Colossians 1:15-17; 2:9. Jesus was self-abased even to death on the cross, and thus the reason why he said that God alone is good.
---Eloy on 8/14/05

[17] And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
Jesus defining God and clarifying also that he himself is not the God.
Muslims believe in the God of Abrahim, Jacob, Moses and Jesus.
---Kelly on 8/13/05

If you go back far enough in the OT, you can trace the roots of all three religions to one God. (Abraham, who listen to his wife, was the start of it. In fact, had he not been guilty of "helping God out" we probably wouldn't have the problem in the Middle-East we have today.) And while the Jews rejected Christ, He did come through the correct Jewise line to be the Messiah. (You need to read most of the OT to understand this.)
---WIVV on 8/13/05

Investigate the origins. Yes, the God of the Jews and Gentiles is the same (Jesus was Jewish; but Judaeism doesn't believe in any part of the New Testament which is their downfall). God and Jesus are 1 in the same (the perfect life Jesus led is proof that He was fully God and the fact that He could die is proof that He was fully man, as well)and, thus, has existed since before time itself. The one Muslims worship was a human born in sin just like the rest of us. That gives him absolutely no deity.
---Heather on 8/2/05

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(Cont#2) It would have been better if their god and my God are one and the same because if I worship my God and they worship their god, still our prayers and suplication will reach the same throne. At this point I am really sad knowing that there is no way by which unity, peace and harmony can be achieved!
---bebet3754 on 8/2/05

When I posted the question I was hoping to have an answer that runs: "The God of the Christians, the God of the Jews, and the the God of the Muslims are one one and the same."
I am thankful and happy for the new information. But I am very sad at the thought that the God I worship is different from the gods of my friends,the gods of my brothers and sisters!
---bebet3754 on 8/2/05

Dear Bebet: I believe when God created Ishmael, he was sent forth to serve the Arab nations. By the time Mohammed started mucking about with the true faith as God ordained, the muslim god turned out to be totally different from His Truth. Never let a muslim convince you otherwise! There is only one God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
---Elsie on 7/31/05

steve, i learned that allah was just another word for god; From Aramaic, "Al= the + ilah= god". But that is interesting, that it refers to a moon god.
---Eloy on 7/31/05

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, eloy, "allah" is not a name for God. it is the name of the false moon-god of the muslims.
---steve on 7/30/05

Eloy; I know people like to think that Allah and brahma are the same God we have but YHVH named Himself ( ex.6.3)never referring to Himself as Allah! Mohamed wrote the Quaran nameing his God Allah (If He's the same God you would have to embrace the Quaran!) Brahma is part of the Hindu "trinity" with Vishnu and Siva! No connection to YHVH!
---1st_cliff on 7/20/05

Thanks Cliff for clarifying that. I just wondered.
---F.F. on 7/20/05

The Most High God has many names. YHWH is one of them for the Jews, and Allah is one for the Moslems, and Brahma for the Hindus, yet it is impossible to reach him without going through the one and only Mediator, which is the resurrected Jesus Christ, God's own sired Son. Without the person Jesus, Salvation, they don't have the Father. See John 5:22,23; 14:6-11; I John 2:23.
---Eloy on 7/19/05

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FF; FYI I have had some dealings with them,and found that there is some "truth" in every denomination.I personaly "dislike their "organization" or any group that thinks God is dealing "exclusively" with them!I am independant of any "denomination" that I view as "packaged religion"
---1st_cliff on 7/18/05

, the muslims worship the moon, although they call it allah. when the moon worshippers intermarried with descendants of the illegitimate son of abraham and hagar, this misled some to think they were part of the chosen people.
---steve on 7/18/05

The God of the Christians and the Hebrews is identical. (Note: the word "Jew" did not appear until many centuries after Christ.) Jesus and the apostles were all Hebrew. Jesus Himself claimed that the old testament was all about Him. As for this allah, the pedophile bandit, Mohammad, created him.
---Jerry on 7/18/05

1st Cliff - Are you, or have you ever been, a Jehovah's Witness? Some of the things you say are consistent with the things J.W.s say.
---F.F. on 7/18/05

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Interesting phrase "the God of..." Using it, I would have to say NO, because the 'God' they "believe in" is different! Some of what they all SAY about God is the same, the God of Israel, the Creator, but how they believe God will save them is radically different; I agree with Bruce: Even those who all claim to be "Christian" do not really have the same God! The will of the Father (Mt 7:21) is believe in and live your life for the Son to be saved; not works!
---Daniel on 7/17/05

They believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac,and Jacob and presumably Ishmael. The distinction between the religions is how one comes to God. Through works (Jewish and Muslim) or Jesus (Christian).

There are "christian" religions today that "worship" the same God. However, they have left the Gospel of Jesus Christ out of the picture altogether. Using His name freely but not coming to salvation through faith alone rather by a system of good works. Matt 7:21
---Bruce5656 on 7/17/05

Mohammed adopted a pagan moon god and named it allah as the supreme one and only which differs from the trinity which christians observe in the bible. though all three claim to be worshippers of a God of mercy, it is the muslim doctine of jihad or "holy war" to carry out the message either by peace or the sword. also mulsims claim ishmael was the promised son of God's holy nation, not isaac and that the apostles claim to be muslim as well. go to for more.
---matthew on 7/17/05

Don't seem like we all have the same God. The God of the bible that I know is not some 3-headed god but a singular YHWH who has a Son with whom He shares sovereignty. A loving God who does not torture human creatures in a LITERAL fire!
---1st_cliff on 7/17/05

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Looking at who each say they worship, we do worship the same God ... the God of Abraham, from whom both Jews and Arabs are descended.
The Christian God is that same God, although we realise that in addition to being Creator, He is also Saviour Son and With-us Spirit.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/17/05

Iesous Christos is the Creator God of all. "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: and he is before all things, and in him all things consist. For in him dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily." Colossians 1:16,17; 2:9. Please read John 1:1-3,14.
---Eloy on 7/17/05

The God of Christians and Jews, yes. I don't hear the muslim god's voice. Just compare the muslim faith with the Christian faith. They contradict each other. You don't even have to be in the spirit to see this . It's a no brainer.
---John on 7/17/05

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