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Who Is Our Neighbor To Love

When Jesus Christ commended us to love our neighbors, was the command directed only to our Christian neighbors or to all people of all races from all religions in general?

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 ---bebet3754 on 7/17/05
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Bebet : Your neighbors are all that you come incontract with each and every day . Yes Jesus meant all people . You are commanded to love the person , but to hate the sinful ways . A friend and brother in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ . Pastor Danny
---pastor_Danny on 8/12/08

Our neighbours are everybody worldwide.
---Helen_5378 on 5/6/07

I don't believe that we could ever reach them with Christ if we didn't love them. It is possible to love people without necessarily liking them or agreeing with their way of life. It is the love that shines out of Christians that attracts non-believers to us and thus gives us the chance to speak of Jesus to them.
---Xanthi on 5/6/07

God loves us all more than we can imagine. We are all brothers and sisters no matter what our beliefs, and when God is in your heart you can't help but be overwhelmed by love, compassion, and benevolence towards each and every person. Evil is simply the absence of understanding, by fear, and pain expressed through wrong actions. These people need our love most of all.
---Kate on 4/28/06

Not all christians,Grace given as a gift ,when lost by sin, has to be restored by Faith & good works & contrition as per St Paul.I humbly submit.
---Emcee on 8/13/05

I have just analyzed the responses in the other Blog regarding the "God of the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims" being different. Now, with this differences in the belief towards God,isn't it that the load of loving one's neighbor is placed more on Christians? Do you think there is such "command to love" in the other belief system when both religions promise that salvation is by works? How deep is the "Christians' well" from which we can draw love w/o bounds?

Moderator - Christians believe salvation through grace not works.
---bebet3754 on 8/2/05

Love is a principle of action--doing what is best for each person where they are--doing as He does. It is doing unto others as we would want them to do to us were our positions reversed. Thus God's love was revealed in different ways to different people--it was love that brought punishments that sinners might see where they were. The driver hurtling toward a washed out bridge would want to be warned of the danger ahead. Our neighbor is everyone.
---Wayne87 on 7/30/05

Love ALL people with the compassion of Christ Jesus. Now that's alot of loving. That's anytime, anywhere, any way. No exceptions. Do what Jesus would do! Simply said, hard to do! Only in Jesus can we accomplish this! His love in us "covers a multitude of sins".
---Elsie on 7/18/05

God is not in everyone. Don't trust everyone. This is an evil world. Pray for wisdom and believe and it's yours. So don't look for God or the good in everyone because it's not in everyone. If you let down your guard because you think that God is in everyone you could get in a position that could be dangerous. Something the Lord revealed to me through trials. In John 8:44 when Jesus was talking to the Pharisees He said to them "You belong to your father the devil,"... Not everyone is from God.
---John on 7/18/05

we r to love everyone in accordance to God's love.He who does not love his brother whom he sees cannot love God whom he cannot see.Yes, especially our enemies...
---anonymous on 7/18/05

God is NOT in everyone. He abides in those who are saved and born again. Some are possessed by demons. Is God living in them? I think not.
---shira_5965 on 7/18/05

Jesus answered this question specificaly in Luke 10:29-37

Note, the Samaritans were despised by the Jews.
---Bruce5656 on 7/17/05

Everyone, friend or foe.
---brenda on 7/17/05

Everyone, friend or foe.
---brenda on 7/17/05

Bebet:who is your neighbour? not those who you can get along with but those whom you CANNOT get along with.those we get along with are friends & acquaintances,those we disagree with are the ones we have to win over, By love & understanding.
---Emcee on 7/17/05

Sue, Please explain how God is in everybody.
---Student on 7/17/05

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to everyone. Jesus came amd died for everyone and He loves you just as much as He loves non-believers.
---Ashlee on 7/17/05

We are to love ALL people.

We may not agree with them, or even LIKE them, but we are to love all.

Let them see Jesus shine through you. Often we have to allow God to love some people THROUGH us when its hard to do on our own.
---NVBarbara on 7/17/05

you are going the way of a deeper doubt in your heart that that is possible for you. but Jesus said First, love the Lord your God with all your heart mind body and strength.. and still deeper, how? ...take up his cross and follow me... for this is to love God , to obey..... seeking after God with all your heart is the love that define us. keep your eyes on Jesus.
---matthew on 7/17/05

EVERYbody. God is in everybody.
---sue on 7/17/05

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Our "neighbor" is any one person who has a need that we can help to meet. That person does not have to live "next door" neither in the neighborhod. He/she may live in a barrel or then again in a mansion!
---Pierr7958 on 7/17/05

All. He commanded also, Love your enemies.
---Eloy on 7/17/05

Who did Jesus use as the example in the parable ... a despised person.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/17/05

This is one that's easier said than done, without the anointing of the Spirit of God. It's easy to love people who are nice to you but try to love your ememies. Different story, right? We have all been there. Pray for understanding and God will give you a new heart. We are to love all people.
---John on 7/17/05

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I think I see where you are gooing with this.

Loving people has nothing to do with the message of thier religion.

We are NEVER commanded to love false teachings and in fact taught to refute them even to the point that we separate from them over the differences created.

Can we still love them and disagree?

Absolutely, that is what Christ commanded, but peace comes at a price and when the price is that we compromise the message of the Christian faith it's WAY too high.
---Pharisee on 7/17/05

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