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The End Is Very Near

The end is much nearer than we think. How many of you have already begun to notice both the angels, as well as the demons, amongst us? Do not laugh ... they ARE here and have methodically begun to recruit their armies. Beware ... and be blessed!

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 ---Helen6669 on 7/17/05
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The spirit of the antichrist is already hear. It has been hear since the beginning of time. It is just waiting to plant a seed to be the false ruler. The end is very near. I don't need to fear or do I have to beware, for I am in Jesus. I know when he calls my name where I am going. No worries.
---Rebecca_D on 6/2/08

Angels of light often [can be] boring, none the less, not to be taken lightly, as it took Jesus Christ Himself to give those who trust in Him for salvation authority over them [Lke.10:19-20]. Satan hardly bothers with those who are no threat to him or his kingdom [not the responder!]. He waged a spiritual battle with Jesus Christ once, was defeated, and left Jesus 'for a season'. Obsession can become oppression, then posession, if one is not careful! Prov.4:7-9; Jude 9. God Bless..Maranatha.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 7/19/05

Rebecca, yes i've also had encounters with demons, but i have no fear of them, instead they are afraid of me or rather the Holy Ghost power invested in me. You see once you know your authority, that all power in heaven and in earth is given to us in the Name of Jesus, then there can be no fear. When the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost come and dwells in you, demons will tremble. Frankly i find demons rather boring and a nuisance to me myself.
---Eloy on 7/19/05

Just as their 'recruiting has increased', hell made for them and the (d)evil one, is INCREASING for those who follow or yield to them! Isa.5:13-15; Jn.5:39,43. Jesus never took any of them to heaven with Him, so they're still here. Moreso [Rev.9:1-12], as they cannot reproduce just as mules cannot [sound familiar?]. Therefore hell enlarges for unrepentant mankind [Jn.15:22], & God knows exactly how much to enlarge it [Rev.20:11-15]! Phil.4:4-9. God Bless & Maranatha.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 7/19/05

Women's greatest pains are just before birth! "Offences 'must' come..", God gives us peace passing all understanding through Jesus Christ, The Prince Of Peace! **Set your affections on things ABOVE, demons? Acts 19:11-20. Disaster(s) etc, man made or otherwise are manifestations of demonic activity, just as good things, fruits/gifts of The Holy Spirit, is God manifested through believers [Jn.4:24] and His Holy Angels! LEAVE DEMONS ALONE, IN JESUS' NAME! God's Peace And Blessings! Maranatha.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 7/19/05

One final note: I've been "teased" alot about the numbers behind my name ... 6669. When I first saw them, I was somewhat disconcerted, but one day I realized something significant. Although there are three "sixes" behind my name, the last number is a "9", which is divisible by "3" ... the sign of The Trinity. So, no matter where Satan may "sneak" in, my final destination is GOD! He will always be there for me. Praise His holy name.
---Helen6669 on 7/18/05

---John on 7/18/05

Shira, recently I was talking to someone, online, about the return of Christ. I spoke of "angels" amongst us and he told me to take a look at his picture. When I first saw it, I must admit it was a bit scarey. All I could see was the face of a wolf-like creature! Upon looking closer, however, I noticed the image of an angel in the midst of the picture. Was it a sign? I'm not sure, but his last words were: Look for the angels around you ... you will know the REAL ones.
---Helen6669 on 7/18/05

Linda, Shira and Pierre ~ thanks for your comments and input. It is true that the signs are all around us, but we must continue to walk in faith, knowing that the prize is much greater than anything we could ever have here on earth. But, as the end draws ever nearer, it is imperative that all christians form a closer union and walk as ONE, knowing that our precious Savior walks with us. And, may we always remember to pray for each other.
---Helen6669 on 7/18/05

Pharisee, I understand how you feel. I, too, have that same sense of "weariness," though I can't say I'm really ready for the end. By that, I mean that I feel there is so much more the Lord wants me to do ... my work, here on earth, is not yet finished. BUT, there are days when I simply want to lay down and "rest." Unfortunately, I believe it will get much worse, before we can collect our reward. I pray for continued strength, faith and guidance.
---Helen6669 on 7/18/05

Elsie and John, yes the world is in turmoil and appears to be out-of-control. We are definitely seeing countless signs of that which is to come. And, yes, we must turn to the Lord DAILY, for only in Him can we find hope, happiness and salvation. Prayer ... strong and heartfelt, for ourselves and all others ... is one of the greatest blessings we have. May God bless us all and keep us safe.
---Helen6669 on 7/18/05

Rebecca ~ I should have said "be aware," rather than "beware." My point is that, as christians, we sometimes become a bit too "sure" of ourselves. Yes, we know we are of God and that a better place awaits us, when we finally leave this world, but even some of Christ's disciples (who vowed never to leave their Savior), were tempted, denied Him and even betrayed Him. Christians, or not, we cannot afford to become complacent, lest we get caught off guard.
---Helen6669 on 7/18/05

Mark, I am really not anxious, nor do I fear for myself. I fear for those who still refuse to accept the Lord, as well as those who have, but are passively sitting by believing they need not do anything further. You are right ... the Lord has been urging me to take a more active role in strengthening His numbers. I know our army will always be stronger than Satan's, but there are still alot of souls to reach. I am but a messenger. God is King.
---Helen6669 on 7/18/05

Bebet, if you are a true child of Christ, He will "warn" you when the evil spirits come around. Just remember that they don't always present themselves as ugly demons. They could very well come in the form of an "innocent child" or a beautiful angel. Often, the two things that will give them away are their "speech" and their "eyes." Pray for the Lord's guidance and protection and you'll know.
---Helen6669 on 7/18/05

Yes, I can tell that things are changing. I have heard that God is calling His children up higher, closer to Him. I know that, that is what He is doing in me. I would like to go home now too, But, Gods will must be done. I think that we are only at the start of some of the sorrows to come. We are to walk in the spirit...and God help us, put to death the works of the flesh. What we go through now, is not worthy to be compaired to the Glory that shall be revealed in us.
---Linda2tk on 7/18/05

I know that when I am doing good, I get attacked by demons. I hear them whispering my name, I see dark figures out of the corner of my eye, and I have had them wake me up from sleep right in my face. Scary, yes it is. but God didn't give me the spirit of fear. If we really knew what all is out there, we would really be scared. Has anyone ever had experiences of demons like I have? Maybe we can help eachother.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/05

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Helen, you sound very anxious about this. Do not fear for God Almighty is on His throne and not one of us shall be separated from Him between now and the end of time. Certainly the world seems horrible with war, terrorism, hunger, hate, the living of deviant lifestyles. BUT do not give up as we (God's Army) can still change things for the better. Go out and be active in your community to make things better. Maybe God has placed this on your heart for this reason... Go now..
---Mark on 7/18/05

Hosts of God's angels have always been with us to respond at a minute's notice to our Father's command to help us. If there are demons messing with us, God will make us aware. Anything opposite of what Scriptures say, most probably is inspired by Satan and his pesky demons. If we belong to Jesus and are faithful to Him, they can't do a thing. DAILY pray, guard ourselves with Ephesians6:10-18-best hedge against demonic activity. Blessings!
---Elsie on 7/18/05

Have you ever wondered what you would see if you could close your eyes and see the demons and angels at war? It would probably scare us to death.
---shira_5965 on 7/18/05

I agree that the end is near. In fact it could be Here already if we ignored God's last appeal found in Daniel & Revelation!
---Pierre on 7/18/05

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Helen, I know in my spirit that something is happening. I don't know what is going to happen exactly in the near future but we should be sober and look for the signs. The world is changing at a very accelerated rate. I don't like how the enemy is attacking our woman and children especially. Let us all pray and be vigilant in our efforts to do our part. God bless.
---John on 7/18/05

Helen, I wish I have a way of knowing the difference between demons and angels. How could I know them. Please give me the methods or ways to identify them. Thank you.
---bebet3754 on 7/17/05

Helen it's selfish but I hope your right. I'm ready to go (it's a peaceful sort of weariness; I'm emotionally OK)

I don't need a big play by play on the end times events, I'm not a fan of conflict and that's why I'd prefer Jesus come now. The world seems to be one big hotbed of conflict, maybe it needs to get yet worse...Can it?

Who could say, but the promise of his coming will be in my heart and on my mind until that day.
---Pharisee on 7/17/05

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