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Marry Transportation Needs Man

I have a problem. A saved man loves me and I believe is praying for me to be his wife. He is a new christian. But he has been living here because of transporation reasons and has asked to marry me but what do I do? I can not afford to lose God blessings and mercy.

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 ---latra9364 on 7/18/05
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Hello,this is one of those are in doubt already(yourself and you know it!) like I learned as a child in French class..N'st pa? So,you can tell my french was pretty bad and so,my point is you don't have a real good reason to marry this guy. You never said "I know he loves me" just alot of maybe's.... Marriages of convenience,those are not really what a christian should be looking for... God wants the best for you...I think you say in English(took me long time) to understand it...."only fools rush in where wise men dread!"Pro.119:33,34,35,36. Prov.9:10,Rom.3:3,4.
---ELENA on 5/10/12

God will let you know if you are to marry this man.Any doubt say no.
---shirley on 12/10/07

Marriage is not a one sided thing. Don't marry someone who wants to marry you, or even says he's been praying about it and knows God wants him to marry you. If this is of God then God will tell you also. You will have no doubts. You shouldn't marry someone because of their needs either. I'm not sure where the transportation comes into this but the moderator and chosen to put this in the title of your question so he thinks it's an issue I presume. Can you clarify that point for us please?
---Xanthi on 12/10/07

Do not be judgmental of this man. Don't forget that many people outside the USA think nothing of marrying someone without a car. We are spoiled, selfish and materialistic in this country. Only be concerned if drugs or infidelity are an issue, not transportation. His lot in life will improve.
---drew2902 on 8/12/05

Thanks Sue, but I'm not sure who wrote that one- me or my evil twin.
God Bless
---Pharisee on 7/18/05

I think the real problem here is whether or not you want to marry this man. Don't feel pushed into anything. Ask yourself if your love is there for him, not just a feeling, but a decided commitment. If you don't know,tell him you need time & set a time down the road, then see how you feel.
---julia on 7/18/05

Very good answer Pharasee.
I agree. Take your time.
---sue on 7/18/05

Proceed with caution! Delay the answer if you think it came to soon.
Just because you helped him with his ride does not mean that he should be allowed to take you for a ride!
---Pierr7958 on 7/18/05

God did not give us the spirit of fear or confusion. Do not wed for the wrong reasons. Sometimes we get Lust, and Loneliness mixed for Love. Test the spirits and then ask your Pastor for help.

Mal. 2:7 The priests lips should keep knowledge and they should seek the law at his mouth
---Pastor_Randy on 7/18/05

Ditch the fear, you'll never lose God's blessing and mercy.


Just because a man cannot support himself today doesn't mean he has NO resources for tommorow.

Take it slow. You don't need to answer this cat today, tell him 'I'll think about it' and then enjoy the response you get.

He might make you fall in love with him, some of us guys are not only serious but hard-headed and never take 'no' for an answer.

Play hard to get and be impossible if you need to.
---Pharisee on 7/18/05

If you were suspose to marry him you wouldn't have to ask if you should marry him.You would know in your heart full of love for him.Plus never marry a man who isn't able to stand on his own two feet and supply all his own needs.If he isn't taking care of himself with his needs,he isn't ready to marry and provide for a wife.As for transportation needs,he could take a bus,it may be an excuse just to be close to you if he is living in your home.He has choosen an easy way out of even providing for himself.
---Darlene_1 on 7/18/05

You shouldn't marry him just because he said he has been praying for this. Please be careful and ask for God's guidance in this matter. As far as I'm concerned you have doubts this should tell you something please pray for this.
---Zandile on 7/18/05

please don't rush in to marry someone ur not sure of. Find out whether he is everything u have asked God for in a husband.Believe me, i know what i am saying when i'm saying what i'm saying. You need to know in your heart that he is the one for you. Ask God to help you make the right decision and not to allow u to marry the wrong man. I'll be praying for you....
---anonymous on 7/18/05

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