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What Is Wrong With Me

What is wrong with me? I am saved so why is it so hard to pick up the bible and read it or just kneel to pray? How can I get that first love for him back?

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 ---Donna on 7/18/05
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Purge all sin from your life. Recall the day that you surrendered yourself up to God, and invited him into your heart and into your life. Remember how he saved you that day, and how you were transformed from then on, falling more and more in love with Jesus. Then bow your heart and pray and ask Jesus to revive you once again, to please give you a new annointing and fresh yoke of his Holy Spirit. Tell him that you want to really live in him, and him in you, that you want to be set on fire for him again.
---Eloy on 4/26/08

Donna::Being saved is a false assumption giving you mental satisfaction. a devils ploy.You want His love,peace your sanity? do a 180* say"Lord have mercy I have sinned I love you want to love you more I want you above all to love me"close your eyes say this prayer in your heart, "Teach me to be absorbed in You & you in me ,Mary My Mother lead me to your Divine Son"Jesus always listens to prayers from the Heart He knows when they are Genuine I share this with love of Christ.
---Emcee on 9/2/07

It is true you should never have left your first love. What were you thinking? You love God and we need heaven. Bible tells us, God can forgive but seldom does when you walk away. In your case, ask God to give you back your godly desires, to read the Bible and to help you to pray. Do not mess up anymore. God deserves much, much better.
---catherine on 9/1/07

Sometimes we are unable to get into our bibles and we neglect our prayer time, because our minds may be fixed in another direction. It's all about focus. The bible says that we are to cast down every high thing (thoughts) that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, Therefore, we must do what Jesus said, and that is to keep our minds on Him.
---Dorothy on 9/2/07

Wow. Sorry I don't have any answers. But I share your concern. I, too, will be watching the replies to this question for assistance.
---Jason on 9/1/07

Matthew 18:18, I ask God on your behalf to take off demonic ''OPRESSION'' that will not allow you to read the Holy Bible and to Pray, she will experience the Love of Christ that will fall afresh on her, I bind every while of the enemy that has made plans against her to thwart her calling and her ministry, by the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT I CALL DONNA INTO FREEDOM AND LOVE THIS VERY SECOND, I CALL ON THE NAME OF JESUS, on her behalf, loose her I pray, bring her back to her first love, in Jesus NAME, AMEN.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/14/07

In the first place do not be to legalistic in studying. You need to rely on God for your studying habits. If you try to study and your heart is not in it, you won't enjoy it. We need to enjoy serving God. not feel you have to. It is a want to. Not a HAVE to. Understand. Praying. Sometimes I don't feel like it. I am still working on that one. Also, ask God, "What should I study today? Because I don't know." [He is a Person.]
---catherine on 3/14/07

Donna, start with something simple. Every day say Hi to God and offer Him this day and everything that you do this day.

Then remember that the Bible is a Canon of scripture. This means that it is like a library of books, pick one and start reading. Just that one book until you are done. And don't worry about the next one. Choose another when you are ready.

You may wish to start with the Gospels. And only a little bit each day.

God bless.
---lorra8574 on 3/13/07

Pray to God and ask Him to open your heart to Him. Sometimes things that we exspect and don't get, we kind of give up, ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit every morning to guide and direct you. And force yourself to read the Bible, it's like disiplining yourself to exercise. You can't stay out of scripture and exspect to be close to Him. That's how we get to know Him better. Peg
---peg on 3/13/07

the same here, I'm saved and I just started reading my bible a little more, I have a NIV bible & I find chapters that interest me or fit my life,get one & go to song of solemon (love) Psalms or Proverbs, than there are stories that you can look in the back of the bible and pick one that you would like, also when praying listen to your music first or begin to think of the goodness of the Lord, see if it works and we can encourage one another, if you find ways to get a closer relationship,pass it alone.
---Tina on 3/13/07

The bottom are created in the image of God. The work is finished and who you really are is who you are in your spirit man who is in union with Christ. The bread (broken body) and the wine (the blood) is the spiritual food your spirit man needs to mature and prevail over your soul, body, social interactions, and finances. Pray Eph.1:17-23. The Holy Spirit is within you to teach you of and testify of Christ. He takes that which is His and shows it to you. All you need is to see Him as He is.
---Linda_Smith on 8/20/05

If you have ever seen the movie, you know that Simba goes back to a land that is desolate because it had come under the dominion of an evil king. His very own mother mistook him for Mufasa because he looked so much like his father. He fights with the evil ruler who is then killed by his very own followers. He begins to rule in the spirit of his father and the land is restored.
---Linda_Smith on 8/20/05

In the famous words of King Mufasa to his son Simba in the Lion King:

Mufasa: Simba, you have forgotten me.
Simba: No, that's not true. How could I?
Mufasa: You have forgotten who you are and therefore have forgotten me.
Simba: How can I go back now? Things are not the same.
Mufasa: Look inside yourself Simba. You are more than you have become.
---Linda_Smith on 8/20/05

Nothing is wrong with you Donna, Jesus is the refiner and he is moulding you into a vessel fit to be delivered to the father, the fact that you yearn for that first love shows the hunger of your spirit. Learn to speak the word as you walk, try reading a chapter a day you will get used to it. Good Luck.
---runya9977 on 8/12/05

A pastor friend of mine use to hold up his Bible and say, "Either this book will keep you from Satan, or Satan will keep you from this book." The best advice is in the Bible: James 1:7 If you have lost your first love, guess who moved? Just plain self discipline is what you need. Set a time you will read the Bible, (get a modern language TRANSLATION) and pray EACH day,(when you pray, be specific and detailed,) and don't let anything keep you from it.
---WIVV on 8/12/05

I suggest you start moving now.The word of God says pray without ceasing 1Thessalonians 5 17.
I have no doubt the devil will be happy to know that you are not praying.It's time you stand and offend the devil!
God bless u.
David 8634
---david on 7/22/05

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There is nothing wrong with you! You are alive in JESUS and that really bothers the devil, because he has to work extra hard to get you over to his camp. So he is attacking you and one is to keep so busy that you don't take time to pray, read God's word and praise Him, because the devil has more important things for you to do with your time! DON"T BELIEVE HIM ANG TELL HIM TO GET LOST!
---Pierr7958 on 7/20/05

I've also gotten very excited about God and His Word after taking certain Bible classes and seminars, many of which are available to you both on CD and in person. - jeffr5976
---Jeffrey on 7/19/05

Donna, nothing is wrong with you! We all have an old man nature and an adversary, both of which are enemies of the one true God. But you have Christ in you (Col 1:27)!

God is always with you! Don't focus on your sin; focus on Him! Talk to Him all day every day. Treat Him like your best friend. Tell Him what's happening. Tell Him how you feel. Ask His opinion. And don't forget to hang out with other believers.
---Jeffrey on 7/19/05

some ways I work on this: in concordance, I will find a subject I'm dealing with. Then I look up these verses. God tells us how to deal with it. I was a S.S. teacher, and to get kids in their bibles we made it fun. reward yourself.If you read your bible you will get some thing from God. devil doesn't want you in the word.If you tell your self"I'm going to hear from God, read his love letter, or get my instructions for the day" the devil isn't going to like it. he will ditract you.
---Laure5469 on 7/19/05

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You are not alone Donna, this happens to many of us at some stage. It happens before we even noticed it happened. Start with asking for forgiveness for not putting God first, ask God to show you sin that needs repenting from and just read a verse from the old and a verse from the new testamant daily. A devotional book would help you too. I pray you find a renewed passion.
---Maxine on 7/19/05

I am sorry, I spent the last half hour giving you the answer I believe the Spirit has for you, but it was too long. If you will contact me georg3568, I will try to give you His message in pieces.

Moderator - You can give it in pieces also.
---George on 7/19/05

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