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Sunday School Tips For Kids

Looking for great, new and exciting ways to spice up the children's Sunday school. My first time teaching and I really want to WOW them this year. Children are ages 3 to 18 so any ideas would be appreciated. Looking for activities, music, computers, ideas etc. Wish me luck.

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 ---Mark on 7/18/05
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Do sign language for worship songs. It is fun and a challenge. There are kids songs like Father Abraham for the younger kids, that my children seem to enjoy. Crafts are a good way for the younger to learn, and maybe the adults (older kids) can help the younger kids, and they too will learn.
---Rebecca_D on 3/29/08

Hey. Neat goal. Have you checked out KidMo? It's a high energy, DVD driven program that teachers really solid Biblical principles in a highly kid-friendly way. As the Director of Sunday School for our church, I'm planning on using it for the summer months when we need less "man and woman power" in terms of teachers so our regular teachers can have a break. I'm so excited to see how the kids are going to enjoy it! God bless you as you seek to energize your Sunday School program for His glory.
---Terri on 4/28/07

wow mark, you got your hands full! Maybe you can get the older ones to be buddies with the smaller ones (like a reading buddy and a craft buddy). There are a ton of great ideas on the net with regards to crafts and story ideas....let me know if i can help further! :-)
---casey5399 on 4/24/07

Mark, you don't need good luck, you have a GREAT God. Teaching kids is so much fun your gonna love it. Let us know how things are going for you ok?
---bethie on 7/22/05

For allocation of room space and support assets. K-5 & Pre-K need the most assets. 6-8 and 9-12 instruction space can be more sparton. When you have space constraints in your physical plant, I know of churches that rent space from school system on Sundays and provide shuttle service to get student to and from the school to the church but that my also require a 30-45 minute time between Church School and Church Service for logistics accomidations. So your CE Team & Worship Committee need to work together.
---phia4633 on 7/21/05

You also need to keep in mind the demographics of your church school population, the number of trained teachers and the limitations of your class room space. For younger children that need activity space tables, markers Bible story color books, felt boards, black boards or white boards. When you are working under manpower space constraints I would set your programs up in this order by grade level K-5, 6-8, Pre-K, & 9-12. You can put two grades together but three pushing it.
---phia4633 on 7/21/05

Acquire a structured lession series with teacher aids that is consistant with denominational stance. The national office of you denomination will have information on church school corriculums. Insure your teachers are well trained and stick to the corriculum. Do not have children try to memorize Bible verses, it encourages people to take scripture out of context; instead have them read a block of scripture and explain it in their own words.
---phia4633 on 7/21/05

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the input. We have approppriate age groups broken out already and we have songs, crafts and games as well. Thank you for all the great ideas and I hope it is what will drive it over the top. Our church is full of nice folks but they are either 65 years and up or 18 years and below. Trying to make it interesting for all involved. Thanks again and bless you all.
---Mark on 7/20/05

#3 Mark: Include the parents. Invite them into the classroom. SEND home a list of the lessons every few weeks so they can reinforce the lesson. Outline what you hope to achieve re the spiritual growth of their children. Invite them to ask questions. If they have problems, encourage them to come to you. Make sure the kids have at least 2 adults in the classroom AND bathroom. Ask for references from the teachers. Some churches fingerprint also. This is SERIOUS BUSINESS!
---Elsie on 7/20/05

#2: For the younger ones make homemade musical instruments, do marching; sing SS songs (from cassettes); have them draw the SIMPLE lesson with washable markers. Print their drawings to make Christmas cards! It's a mind trip for the older ones; they like to be challenged; hear the newer music groups and draw their thoughts. All need to memorize scripture; teach effective prayer. Have a snack time; they learn the art of conversation! Have service projects. Listen to them; they'll teach you.
---Elsie on 7/20/05

Your enthusiasm for teaching about Jesus will captivate the children. Their understanding will blow your socks off. Separate the ages into 3-5yrs,6-11,11-15and16-18 depending on the total group size. I've taught both ways; separate age groups (in church with help) and combining the ages (in a paraministry home fellowship by myself). Keep in mind their age appropriate developmental needs in both circumstances. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Be prepared for the ride of your life!! Blessings Mark!
---Elsie on 7/20/05

Mark someone who is excited about working with kids and excited about God, will make sunday school exciting for the kids. I know you'll do a fantastic job. God bless
---bethie on 7/20/05

I have several friends who learned sign language as adults. They say it is difficult but are coping. It is true that there is a huge shortage of people who can sign in churches. There are more deaf people around than we realise and, although many of us here at C.N. might not know any NOW our little ones who could be learning it at an early age could find themselves in great demand when they are a little older. God knows people's needs in advance though and He will be preparing those He wants for His work.
---Xanthi on 7/20/05

Using sign language with the motions of your hands to the songs. "Act them out". I am doing that at my church, there isn't anyone there that is deaf. I do this to give a better understanding on the songs, like "Shout to the Lord". It is so annointing.
---Rebecca_D on 7/19/05

Rebecca D I'm not sure if you mean sign language for the deaf or using songs with actions, but if the former, it's a great idea that children learn sign language from a very early age. I've attended a church with a group of deaf people who had a signer for the sermons. When she had to move away they were stuck. There is a real shortage of people able to sign for the deaf and it is harder to learn as you get older. Small children would soak it up like a sponge and enjoy it at the same time.
---Margaret2 on 7/19/05

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