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I Am Having Visions

I am a preacher in Missouri and am having visions? What do hear them?

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 ---rev.larry on 7/18/05
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Clay, God is pouring out His Spirit on many every single day, but that does not necessarily mean those visions are coming from God. Almost all people have visions, some because they got hit in the head at some point in their lives and have visions and people believe them. Others have visions and many believe they are coming from God. Just think, most religions recently begin because someone had a vision or encounter they say came from God. Islam began when Muhammad had visions, SDA's when E.G. White had visions, and the Mormons also had their visions. Some of this visions are demonic. Antichrist.
---Mark_V. on 8/15/12

We are seeing God poor out his spirit on many young people. We are close to the trupet sound. If you need help interpeting your vison or dreams let me know.
---Clay on 8/13/12

kevin //i have not always believed in god. until 4 years ago. when the lord started coming to me in visions.

Many years ago while living in California (1966) we have a church that claimed visions from God. When the leading visionary has a vision of massive earthquakes in California, the faithful were instructed to move elsewhere. Consequently, dozens of families were uprooted to elsewhere.

Nothing of any great significant has happened since that church went elsewhere and when asked if the event never happened, the answer was that the people repented of their sins.

BEWARE as you also could be viewed as foolish and misleading. Let God speak to you through His annointed Word.
---leej on 11/25/10

\\Visions can come from God or the enemy the devil.\\

They can also come from the individual making them up in his own mind, too.
---Cluny on 10/7/10

Very true, in studying the life of Ellen White, it is said that her visions generally occured after she has discussions with others on the topic of her vision.

And then if something was not correct, the content of the visions would be changed prior to being published.

We need to beware of those who claim they have visions, particularly if they conflict what is the plain meaning of Scripture.
---leej on 11/24/10

i have not always believed in god. until 4 years ago. when the lord started coming to me in visions. he speaks to me he heals through me. i have written a book because i have witnessed so many miracles. i want to share them with the world. i want everyone to know how jesus loves. i have not published the book yet. i am waiting on the word from jesus.
---kevin on 11/22/10

\\Visions can come from God or the enemy the devil.\\

They can also come from the individual making them up in his own mind, too.
---Cluny on 10/7/10

Visions can come from God or the enemy the devil. What are your visions? Are they comming to you when you are sleeping, in prayer or during your waking moments. There are also drugs that can cause a person to have visions. Email me, I would like to help you get to the bottom of these visions. Visions from God are trying to tell you something. If you are getting visions from the devil then these are attacks that need to be verified and delt with.
---White_Knight on 10/7/10

Ok after veiwing some responses i decided to share my question with you guys. First off i am 16 years old and i just found god last was an experience like no other, im so thankful for being saved from my old ways... But a few times i have recieved breif visions that i can only asume are frome god because they stand out sooo muchh... Help?
---Elijah on 10/6/10

I cannot profess to be a knowledgeable person about the Bible so I cannot recite scripture like some of you. But I can say that the Holy Spirit has touched me by sending me visions.
I didn't consider myself worthy and and asked many people about them and what their thoughts were. They each told me to pray for validation. I received the validation via a mind-movie. I am now painting the images and will send them to whom I believe God has asked me to send them. If you have been blessed with the touch of the Holy Spirit, pray, thank God, and follow what He has planted in your heart. God bless you all, and I pray that you find your right place with God - for he is loving and wants nothing more but that love to be reciprocated.
---Jean on 7/11/09

I've been having visions or maybe hallucinations for about 8 years now? Is Goerge Bush really President or do I need help?
---matthew on 1/7/08

I see things, last week whist in bed in the dark a face like an angel lit up my whole head. I mean i was awake but had my eyes closed. Her face just looked at me her hair was tight and braided down the middle like the pattern on bread. I saw her i was not sleeping. She came into my mind without my thoughts.
---Paul on 1/6/08

first i know it's not my business but wat are your visions? and if you're a preacher that mean something thing. it's either you're being pull away from your faith from the devil, or it can mean having visions are a gift. me my self have visions and i'm only 15. many say it's the devil work i go to church but it still happen. me i just try hard to take it out my system, because i was born natural and will die natural
---ryan on 12/4/07

In 2005,I had a dream of a man holding a baby and crying. When I woke up, I felt led to draw a picture of this man. In October, I was praying and fasting during Rosh Hashana. Remembering the drawing, I went to get it from room. As I exited, I looked down at it. This drawing instantly came to life. It was a face of a man. This face came up off the page, came forward, paused, then slowly fell back into the page. Once even with page, it became the drawing again. Thank you.
---Anna on 10/27/07

What kind of vision? Can you describe a particular time and event when you had a vision, and describe what the vision was about.
---Mark on 10/3/07

YES, God does love all of His people the same. I can assure you, that God is not fond of the wicked, and that is putting it mildly. If wicked people only knew what is in store for them for mocking God, And also for mocking His SON. which is one of the same. WOW!
---catherine on 2/12/07

Ed, I love your answer! I too have had dreams so beautiful that I wanted to go back to sleep and continue them. Dreams like a little bit of heaven, a little preview.
---sue on 2/12/07

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Just as Mozart is able to catch rythyms and notes, Leonardo: colour and shapes, Shakespeare: rhyme and sounds, so we are able to see and hear the majesty of everything before us, thanks to the grace of God. I have had dreams of such beauty that to use Shakespeare's famous quote "the clouds methought did open and show riches to drop upon me that when i wak'd i tried to dream again." Some people are less imaginative (and more practical, perhaps) but are equally loved by God. Praise be to God!
---Ed on 2/12/07

Catherine: Your dreams/visions are not from God. They are the dreams of Catholics and weak Christians. For it's written that Jesus is no longer on the cross or in the crig like the RRC believe, he is in Heaven preparing a place for His people. Christians must not look at the past Jesus, but of the soon to return Jesus and prepare ourselves for the return. Do you have your oil?
---Steveng on 2/11/07

Think what you may. Anyone who has visions from God, will know or at least understand what they are about. God makes known to His people. Remember, I said to His people. No interpretation needed.
---catherine on 2/11/07

Catherine, why do you continue to persecute Jesus?
---Johnny_5 on 2/11/07

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One thing I would not do when having visions is to trust just anyone to give the interpretation.
If your visions are truly from God ask him to lead you to the person that can interpret it. Joseph could interpret dreams and such which others can't. That gift of discernment is precious and not just given to all.
---Frank on 2/10/07

To all doubters and Unbelievers.===As I was in my room praying about whether or not God dranked [He did not] Anyways, I closed my eyes And guess what I saw. The face of Jesus. And I saw His eyes slowly closing. He was on the cross.
---catherine on 2/10/07

Visions=== I have had lets see, three mabe four within five or five and a half years. Some has come true. The rest will come true. Most, I find are not pleasant.
---catherine on 2/10/07

Tell us your visions and someone on the blog might be able to interpret them or at least point you in the right direction.
---Steveng on 2/9/07

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One of the first things I would check is my environment. Do you live near a chemical plant and/or exposed to chemicals?

When my wife was in the hospital for her surgery, the pain medication she took made her see all kinds of things.

If the visions are from God, then I would look for the purpose behind them.

Beware that the founder of the SDA religion had all kinds of visions but modern medical people now believe such was the result of a brain injury she suffered as a child.
---lee on 2/9/07

Why am I not surprised? in Joel it says the day shall come when I will pour out my spirit on all mankind.....your old men shall dream dreams and your young men see visions.....before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.
---Virginia on 2/8/07

A pastor once said(and I know it to be true over the years)There are three types of dreams.One that comes from God, one that comes from the enemy and one from our own conscience.

The one from God will always have color.The one from the enemy will be dark.The one from our own conscience is multi shades of grey.

I know this tobe true because God talks to us in dreams to tellus what we need toknow.

Everything in our dreams is in the Bible becauseGod is the same yesterday as heis today.
---Chucklemethis on 8/13/05

My husband has dreams, LOTS of them. In the last 6 months he has had several dreams about the catching up of the saints.
They are all different dreams, but all have to do with the rapture.
---NVBarbara on 7/21/05

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God answers our needs as He designs, Sue. Visions are not dreams. I thought I was awake but the background was a bright royal blue, then in the distance came a figure swirled in white light. When the figure spoke it was a deep baritone voice that penetrated every cell of my body. "Lo, I am with you always to the end of the world." I was blessed to have been visited by Jesus. I strongly advise asking the Lord to give confirmation following the manifestation. If it is legit, He will!
---Elsie on 7/20/05

Rev. Jerry

You need to provide the readers more definative data as to vision content. Have you had any medical conditions that could produce such manisfistations.

Visions may be of two sourses from God or from Demonic sources. Suggetest you consult Christian experts in this; area try networking through clergy associations in major metropolitan areas. You might find the deversity of expertise there to help you in identification of source and interpitation of content.
---phia4633 on 7/19/05

Elsie, (or anybody else that had one) can I ask you: what does a vision from God look like? Is it in your dreams?
Thank you, God bless,
---sue on 7/19/05

When God gives a vision, you will know it! I've been blessed with four of them in my 71yrs. God does not harm us; only blesses us. If you need an interpretation for your vision, He will give it. Ask Him. He will send a person, or Scripture, or happening during the following days. Nothing like hearing and seeing from God with spiritual ears and eyes to enhance our lives! As a mental health professional, I need to tell you that a vision is NOT hallucinating. Praise God for His gifts!!
---Elsie on 7/19/05

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GOD speaks through visions and dreams Numbers 12:6 He said,"Listen to my words:"When a prophet of the LORD is among you,I reveal myself to him in visions,I speak to him in dreams. Job 33:14,15For God does speaknow one way,now anotherthough man may not perceive it.In a dream, in a vision of the night,
---jean on 7/19/05

Where did you go to school??
Did they tell you that God has the answers in the Bible if your study it?
---chuck on 7/19/05

I think he meant WANT to hear them? I think it's just a typo.
---Janet7433 on 7/18/05

I don't know if I understand the question correctly, on "what do hear them". I have visions from God, and whatever the vision is, it comes to pass.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/05

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Larry, Is that a question?! I don't know! You didn't tell us enough to help. And what is "What do hear them?" supposed to mean? Are you saying you see things, but don't hear anything? Very confusing!

True things from God are not confusing! You might want to make sure there's nothing physically wrong with your body too, Larry.
---Daniel on 7/18/05

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