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Women To Be Silent In Church

I know it says in the bible for women to keep silent in church, & how also women are not suppose to be Pastors unlike what some churches accept today. Question is, what can women do? Minister just to other women? Is Kay Author just ministring to women on her show?

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 ---Candice on 7/19/05
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God, does call women into the ministry. They are in the Bible. We just fail to understand every scripture is the only answer I have for you. God does and will call women into the ministry, and, Furthermore, God loves women. Satan, does not like women. I suspect because of Mary, who gave birth to our Lord and Savior. God does as He pleases, and not everything about Him was recorded. [I can always fall-back on that one, ahhh]
---catherine on 4/1/10

Elsie: though it's marvellous that the Russian woman planted a church during communism, it's God who gets the glory. He chooses who He wilt, this should not be used as a rally call for more women overseers. The world is transforming the woman from her so sensitive and gentle that she would not venture to touch the ground with the sole of her foot to a begrudging battleaxe determined to be - a man! That's not attractive. The "sisters doing it for themselves" is terribly exciting, but comes with a drag factor. The godly help-meet is the most blessed time and understood by all: behind every successful man is a successful woman. One things is for sure, now women are occupying the pulpits we are surely in the grip of backsliding.
---John_II on 3/29/10

Roxy: No, but she is the woman who in one of her sermonettes described the Holy Spirit's ministry by blowing raspberries and saying zoom zoom.
---Glenn on 3/27/10

I didn't read more than the first response, but I had to immediately stop and ask -- Is Kay Arthur a church? I don't think so...
---Roxy on 3/26/10

talking about basing a doctrine on one or two scriptures....I think that if you are to believe that women should be silent..they should be children's helps..nothing..SILENT only
---melanie on 6/30/08

ALL:Gods decree for Humanity is recorded In Genesis 3:16-20 for all times and the role each one is expected to play.If he/She wants to submit.conditions and surroundings may be different, but in essence,the instructions are laid out in general practice.There are always exceptions to the rule.Man is responsible, woman is his help and partner.The Guardian of his heart and Home as the church is to Christ.
---Emcee on 6/30/08

To answer the question "What should women do"? Women should search deeper into the scriptures for answers and ask the Holy Spirit for an inspired interpretation of these controversial scriptures, because some of Paul's letter do contradict other scriptures, even some of his own letters. Search the web for serviceforyourchurch (all one word). There is a website with a page called "Examples". Read the second example on this website. It is very enlightening and gives what some might call a Holy Spirit inspired interpretation of the Bible. It is a great Bible based answer to the question "What can women do"?
---Church_Service on 6/30/08

#-2- When I say women can be more effective what do I mean? Well women who don't have a church, and are not backed by a big ministry, who do not have a "sanctioned" covering of a male minister, none of these things. But very effective anyway. I'm speaking about soulwinning. If soulwinning is of primary importance women can easily be of primary importance to the kingdom of God. And I urge every woman who feels ministry, calling them, to prayerfully ask God about this matter of soulwinning.
---Mima on 11/29/07

#-1-First let me say that I really like Kate Arthur and always enjoy listening to her when I can get AM 640 out of Memphis, Tennessee.
Next to the question of what can women do?
Women can be more effective than men. I know at least five women who are very effective. I think of one in New Orleans, who may be in the most effective Christians in America today. She is a messianic Jew, and her first name is Michelle.
---Mima on 11/29/07

I don't believe God has put limitations on what a woman can or can't do. I believe women can be pastors and preach. I have even considered being a pastor, but as I don't have the gifts for that role, I'm not. But I am still pursuing a role in music ministry.
---Katie on 11/29/07

God created every one with a purpose known Only to Him.This purpose is explained in Genesis3:16-17.Each one has his own theory.
---Emcee on 11/28/07

The reason women are to be silent in church was women were trying to run the church. We have a lot of that today with a click of two or three women making the decisions and telling the pastor what to do.

Women can sing, teach other women, and children. They can wittenss to others outside the church there are many things a woman can do but not pastor.
---Rev_Herb on 11/28/07

Jeanne..."catty"...I like that word. It's true [what you wrote]. They [men] do seem to be more straight forward in conversation while we [women] tend to talk around issues.

---Reiter on 11/8/06

Rachel I do agree on one thing we do tend to gossip about different things men/ women. I do "get" your point woman can be very "catty" (no U did not say that) while a lot of men just tell it like it is.But I just dont think one has the gold medal so to speak on that sin. But it is wonderful we can throw our views out there and talk open and civil even if we differ. Plus as I stated U may have run into it a lot more then I have.
---Jeanne on 11/8/06

social attitudes r differnt today in Jesus there is no male or female do as GOD leads you to.women gossip? so can men!!!! women do jobs were confidentiality is vital so not all r gossips and believe me i know severtal male gossipers!!!
---doree4573 on 11/7/06

the bible does not support any of the things in the question. Women can speak, women can preach. the istances where Paul says women can't have very pointed and narrow cultural relevance to the specific church/area it was written too. because in other places Paul fully supports the Ministry of Women. Those that don't want equality of the sexes support these ideas, not Jesus and not the Bible.
---Jared on 11/7/06

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Shiela and Jeanne:

Based on my experiences and encounters, women are more prone to gossip, but the two of you have determined otherwise. Well, we have a difference in opinion regarding the behavioral differences of the two sexes.

---Reiter on 11/7/06

Rachel in all due respect I disagree. People gossip & equally well. I understand U are saying your perspective. U must remember most early believers were Jews & growing up as one we dance, shout, play instruments,laugh,& after we "nosh"/eat at temple. Not all "sects" but a lot.We act out the book of Esther w/noise makers even! So I "get" Paul! My Rabbi would shush us. Pastors should be men- woman can do many things, missions,hospice, shut-ins' Sunday school, choir etc.
---Jeanne on 11/6/06

I worked with 50 men. The tattletelling, backbiting, vengence seeking, gossiping was every bit the same you find with a group of women.
---Shiela on 11/6/06

I'm going to make an honest confession regarding my own sex: Women gossip far more than men do. The tongue is a tool. It can be used to cause division and strife; but it can also be used to minister peace and unity.

---Reiter on 11/6/06

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The original text said 'silence' which means to be modest, & decorous. NOT no speaking. When Paul was travelling all over, who did he usually go to first? The good women of the town. If we women had been 'silent' all these years, there probably wouldn't BE a church!
---shara7349 on 9/3/05

Jeremiah 31:22
God bless, hope this helps
---Carla on 8/28/05

If God ordains it, it matters not if a church leader is male or female However, if two or three people in the church are telling the pastor what to do and how to do it, then the pastor is not a good leader. Jesus Christ is the boss; the pastor is under His authority and is accountable to Christ for the souls under his charge.
---Elsie on 8/15/05

It matters not if a church leader is male or female. However, if two or three people in the church are telling the pastor what to do and how to do it, then the pastor is not
a good leader. Jesus Christ is the boss; the pastor is under His authority and is accountable to Christ for the souls under his charge.
---Elsie on 8/15/05

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I believe that a woman can preach. I am called to preach and I know that God has called me and not man. God said he is no respector of person. There is no male nor female in his eyes. He uses us all!!!!
---Preacher_Woman on 8/15/05

the bible states that God would pour his spirit out on all flesh.and a lot of mens say that womans should not be pastors because god didnt call womans to preach but i come to let you know that the woman carried the Word. for when mary carried jesus god didnt let the man carried jesus and also who did jesus show his self to was a people needs to stop saying who can do what cause who are you to say who can preach and who cant you are not god stop judging.
---caroa8385 on 8/5/05

, alan, you seem to always take the side of feminists. no offense, but why is that?
---steve on 8/3/05

paul speaking about the goverment of God .not the women to rule the church. speaking of authority. women will be a helpmate .paul mention to put everything in order. nowadays some allow it which God not intended to thats why brings chaos.
---ayo on 7/24/05

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Heather - I used quote 'from the bible' in discussions with people and think I was very knowledgeable and could prove points. What I was actually doing though was quoting other people who told me that they were quoting the bible. Because these people had gone to church longer than I had I felt I could learn from them. It was only when I began really studying what God's word says rather than just listening to what people told me it said that I discovered what it really did say - and WHO said WHAT.
---Xanthi on 7/23/05

Heather ... I do not think Jesus said that
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/21/05

It's been covered many, Many, MANY times here, What I'd like you to do is show me exactly where in the New Testament Jesus said women are not to be in authority over men. Jesus never said that, I believe...Paul did, speaking to the women of his time
---Ann5758 on 7/21/05

KJV Galatians 3:28
There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
If there is NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE to those who are in Christ Jesus, who are you to say who can preach, pastor, or teach.
It wasn't Jesus who would not suffer a woman to was Paul. If you study the customs of the era, you'll see why.
---David on 7/20/05

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Jesus clearly states in the New Testament that women are not to hold AUTHORITY positions in church. That being the case, it is unbiblical for women to be pastors, deacons, elders. Women can be Sunday School teachers, work in the nursery, provide encouragement, help with the choir, to name but a few. There are many many jobs within a Bible believing church. And I believe this topic's been covered before, hasn't it?
---Heather on 7/20/05

It says a bishop should be married to one woman ... so he cannot be a bachelor? No ... it is a prohibiution of being married toi more than one person. And it means if the bishop or paster is a woman and married it should be to only one husband.
Of course others say different.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/20/05

Candice,look at the verse 1Corinthians 14:44&45,that tells women to remain silent,it's reference in the KJV is Genesis 3:16 which gives husbands rule/law over wives.It is husbands and wives it is talking about and verse45 confirms it because it says let her ask her "husband" at home.God never gave that rule/law to all men over all women.1Timothy3:1 "If a man"-office of bishop,this in Greek means "whoever or whatever",could be male or female.Women should follow God's call.
---Darlene_1 on 7/20/05

Candice: A Russian missionary I work with tells the story of an 18 y/o woman who, during Communism, was saved and began telling people about the glory of God. She is now ministering to over 1000 in "her" congregation. Answer the call of God on your life, my friend!! It matters not what others may say.
---Elsie on 7/20/05

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This was the first time women were allowed in the worship service and they were disrupting the service with questions. A lot has changed since then and God is using women to bring millions into his kingdom. If you believe the Holy Spirit is leading you into the ministry then obey Him.
---Richard on 7/19/05

This was the first time women were allowed in the worship service and they were disrupting the service with questions. A lot has changed since then and God is using women to bring millions into his kingdom. If you believe the Holy Spirit is leading you into the ministry then obey Him.
---Richard on 7/19/05

"Young folks think all old folks are stupid"
I do not think that is a new phenomenon, Shira!
I am 65, and I remember that my father told me he had thought that about his father!
---Alan8869_of_UK on 7/19/05

my oppinion to you question is where i go to church a woman can testify and teach sunday school to kids. i know it says the qualifications of a preacher is a man should have one wife. i don't know about kay author.
all i can say is pray about it.
---teresa on 7/19/05

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Deborah, (in the bible) she was a military leader Judges ch 4. God can call anyone he wants to, to do his work. He doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called. It isn't wrong if God calls a woman to preach or do his work for him.
---Rebecca_D on 7/19/05

When I first got saved I was told the same thing about the women. I responded with "I will let the Holy Ghost guide me with what to do" Dont let anyone stop your destiny. Ask God. Stay in prayer. Who knows you may even have to fast, but dont let man or woman decide for you.
---Dianne on 7/19/05

The word suffer used in the bible in 'I do not suffer women to.....' and 'suffer little children to come unto Me' means 'allow'. I do not allow women - or - allow the little children to come unto Me.
---Margaret2 on 7/19/05

Something else to consider on this subject:

In Luke 2:36-38, Anna, a prophetess (someone who spoke to other people what God told her to speak), saw Jesus when he was presented to the Lord. V. 38 says that she gave thanks to the Lord and "spake of him to ALL them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem" (emphasis added). That would include men. But since she was a widow, she couldn't have been "teaching" or usurping authority over her husband.
---Jeffrey on 7/19/05

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1 Tim 2 talks about how believers should act in general. V. 11 tells "the woman" to LEARN in silence (the only way to learn). It doesn't tell her to keep silent in the church. V. 12 says she is not to teach or usurp authority over "the man". Then v. 13 & 14, in giving the reason, talk about Adam and Eve, a marriage relationship. In context, the woman is not to try to rule her husband, neither subtly, by "teaching" him, nor overtly, by usurping authority over him.
---Jeffrey on 7/19/05

1 Cor 14:34&35 and 1 Tim 2:11&12 talk about women being silent. They can be understood only in context.

1 Cor 14:29-33 tells prophets how to act in meetings. Then v. 34 says, "Let your women keep silence". Whose women? The prophets women. V. 35 says, "let them ask their husbands". The prophets' wives have husbands, but what about women who don't? V. 35b & 36 tell us it's a shame for a prophet's wife to interrupt or question the prophecy God didn't tell HER to speak.
---Jeffrey on 7/19/05

There are some wonderful examples of women in the church....Miriam, Moses' sister lead the women and men in worship, Deborah was a prophetess, and Anna was in the temple when Jesus was born. I am sure there must be more...
GOD has told ALL of us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. I have found no place where is says men only must follow this commandment.
---Pam on 7/19/05

God made men and women as equal cretures, therefore I see Him ministering through both, teaching and preaching, as prophets and evangelists or Bible workers. The Bible does not however gives us examples of women pastors, priest or elders. From this I still think certain roles may be reserved for men but I have not ended my study and am leaning in favor of women ordination.
---Pierr7958 on 7/19/05

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Thankyou for the replies. If Gods word is the same always ,then isn't the message of women although society itself changed& upgraded? I have a gift of minstring to others or helping others,but donot want to go as "big" as many Female pastors/teachers on tv. I minister to who needs it at the time & where is usually at their home if friends or in public if strangers. thanks for the help again ;)
---candice on 7/19/05

Wayne, you are correct. God does use women to teach, preach, and minister in the church, and outside of the church as well. Yes, back then it was told to women to be silent in the church, so that they would not disturb the services, and therefore, was told to wait until they got home to ask their husbands, whatever it was that they wanted to know.
---barbara on 7/19/05

Galatians 3:28, "There can be neither Jew nor Greek, there can be neither bond nor free, there can be no male and female, for ye all are one man in Christ Jesus." He did not mean, certainly, that when one became a Christian he or she ceased to be a man or a woman, a slave or a free man, a Jew or a Gentile. None of these, however, should cause separation , because all are of equal preciousness in Christ Jesus.
---Hellen on 7/19/05

It was a rule in Jewish culture that a woman was not to speak in any religious meeting. Another problem is women would often talk out loud to other women during the service. Today,woman have places of responsibility in the church. They can teach, she can be on various committees in the church, etc. If the local church you belong to has view in conflict with your own, you have three choices: obey their rules, or look for another church, or try to change their views.
---Ray on 7/19/05

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In the Biblical times Jewish Synagogue, women were separated from the men. They were allowed to listen, but were not permitted to read the scrolls or speak. They were to ask their husband/father if they had questions. The Apostle Paul who wrote that text was a member of the Sanhedrin, a pharisee -- this is where that teaching comes from. The word *suffer* in the verse implies suffering to teach a man. This also goes back to Adam & Eve, Adam blaming the woman for the original sin.
---linda8949 on 7/19/05

God will use you, and guide you. If the men don't step up God has used donkeys and rocks. definitly women. teaching, speaking, helping, hospitality, ....
---Laure5469 on 7/19/05

hi Candice. K Auther is a Godly woman and speaker. the silent thing doesn't mean that a woman can't teach or testify. that was refering to the early church when a woman would ask questions causing a disturbance, it said wait until they get home, then ask their husbands. wayne5363
---wayne on 7/19/05

Don't know the person you mentioned so won't comment on that. The Bible doesn't mention that women can't be pastors. Back in those days, women were no less than property to men. WOuld you want to see those days again? We are in the era of grace. God is no respector of person. If He calls a person to anything within the body of Christ, then who are we to say otherwise?
---Steven_Wilkey on 7/19/05

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This isn't exactly an answer to your question but my feeling is that if certain men do not think that women should preach and be in authority over men all they have to do is not go to hear a woman preaching. They are not dragged there in chains. Just stay away those of you who feel that way and leave the women speak to the woman and to those men who do not think that it is wrong.
---Xanthi on 7/19/05

here is the can of worms....LOL God does not call women to preach the gospel or to be pastors. Women have another roll. If women "preach", then God is not in them. Women can teach women, children, testify, tell others about Christ, sing. The older women teach younger women. Most younger women do not want to hear what some old lady has to say. That is the new generation. Young folks think all old folks are stupid.
---shira_5965 on 7/19/05

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