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I Want To Stop The Adultery

I want to stop the adultery that I'm commiting right now but the more I tried, the stronger the urge to get back to it. I need help. I dont want to break my family.

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 ---dan on 7/19/05
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All one needs to do is choose to stop. We all have free will. Or do we?
---JS1234 on 9/18/19

I want to stop but i keep doing it
---suzan_Polilane on 9/18/19

Six and a half years after asking this question Dan has made no further appearance so I think it's safe to say that he either did not intend contributing further, did not like the replies or has, possibly, died.

Whichever, I don't think he will be answering any of the things people here are asking him.
---Rita_H on 2/23/13

Indeed you are correct. What God has put together let no man tear apart. There is a reason that God said this and it sounds like you just found it out.

In fact there is always a reason that God tells us these things, and because of this, we should trust his teachings and just do them without question.

I am sorry for what you have done, but if there is anyone who can put together what is broken it is God himself. Have faith in that, for what is impossible for the Lord. I think you know the answer.

So repent, and from now on let your foundation be the teaching of God and not of man. Do his will always and never your own.

I will pray for you.
---Joseph on 2/22/13

YOU have to STOP this now. You are going to destroy your spouse. I cheated on my husband and it was the most devastating thing I have ever done. It ruined my life, his life, and our baby that is comings life. You will regret it. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Go Home to your spouse and ask God to take away your urge to cheat. Go and sin no more....
---Traci on 12/28/12

First - the devil will NEVER leave your life unless you kick him out and give him a purmanant eviction notice. Second - get closer to God, and the desires will leave you.
---Leslie on 2/5/08

you have done well in confessing ur sin in accordance to the word where it says"confess your sins one to another..."The challenge is actually turning 180 degrees in the other direction.For this u need to be absolutely honest with God in ur weakness so that he can help u becoz u can't do it on ur own. Lots of prayer is advised.
---esther on 2/5/08

Dear Dan
There is no nice way of saying it but adultery is wrong. The excitement will eventually diminish and you will be overwhelmed by guilt and sadness. Turn to the Lord. He is compassion and mercy. And He will bless your life and fill it with happiness (but you have to do your bit to do resist the temptation of adultery).
Ask God forgiveness and God Bless brother.
---Ed on 4/16/07

Another thing. The fact that you come here and ask for help is a good sign. But you must repent at the end of the day. Remember when God forgives things might still seem grey and empty. That is when you must really persist. Persist and eventually you will find proper happiness (thanks to God, alone).
---Ed on 4/16/07

If you are not a born again then besaved and ask God to fillyou with the Holy spirit and you will overcome this problem.Another thing be open to your wife and talk to her about sex because sometimes you commit adultery when you are not satisfied at home ,correct each other then the problem is solved.Remember you have to obey God and you commit this sin you are disobeying God .
---lilla4383 on 4/16/07

Thank you all. I've made the first step to stop the adultery and have gone back to Lord for help. I'd really appreciate your prayers.
---dan on 7/20/05

No matter where you go to to seek help this is what you will hear. You've got to want to quit yourself. But yes the other person is right. You gotta let go and let God take control.
---Harold on 7/20/05

Sin is like a drug, it will get you addicted then drive you to destruction, and the sin will make many excuses to rationalize it away so that you can continue it. But the Bible says that sin is death. Give it to God in prayer, ask Jesus to nail it to the cross, and to help you to overcome it. Say No to the temptation when it comes, and command it to Go in Jesus name. You will find victory and healing and restoration when you commit your sin to the Lord.
---Eloy on 7/20/05

You solved your own problem with the statement, "... the more I tried...." You need stop trying and let the Lord do it. This is one area that requires you to go, "cold turkey".
You simply stop seeing the other women. When thoughts of her come, replace them with Scripture, especially those verses that condem adultry. There's no way to justify adultry or sex outside of marriage even if you didn't have a wife and family.
---Ray on 7/19/05

Like one of my favorite pastor's would have said, "HOW BIG IS YOUR WANT TO"? A mother stopped her son from stealing apples by leaving him outside the store while she shopped! One songs says "I moaned and I moaned, until I found The Lord". Talk to your wife, she may already know (you) [Num.32:23]. Read Rom.7:15-25, 8:1-8. We can't stop some thoughts, we can stop the actions! ADULTERY IS NOT A 'MAN [OR WOMAN] THING' MY BROTHER! Gal.6:1. Maranatha.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 7/19/05

You might need to get some therapy, it sounds like you addicted. So go get help. Cheating on someone is so very hurtful, I know my husband did it to me. So get help, pray to God and do everything you can to stop, at some point your spouse will find out.
---mary on 7/19/05

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If you were banging your finger with a hammer what would you do to stop? You would get rid of the hammer for one thing. The other is you would just stop.
You have already broken your family.
This type of sin does not come for free.
You shall pay for your sinful activity. It is time to quit and turn to the Lord before the payment gets too high.
---Elder on 7/19/05

This is the truth, you have GOT TO tell your wife and admit your guilt or YOU DON'T HAVE A MARRIAGE, but a lie instead.

The lie will ALWAYS be easier, that's why you did it in the first place.

Next come to terms with what's going on with you; why you feel the need for more than one woman.

God didn't put man in creation until the environment was right, in the same way love can't return to a marriage until honesty and trust are restored.
---Pharisee on 7/19/05

Sin separates us from God. I will pray for you to be strong so that you can turn away from this sin. You will feel much better, have more self respect, and feel much closer to God when you have overcome this need.
---Nan on 7/19/05

If you really want to stop this then you would have done it by now. Since you know it is wrong, and you have this knowledge, you know you need to stop. Your family needs to know. If it breaks up your marriage, then it is your fault. I would be more worried about what God will do instead of my family. If you really want to stop, then it has to come from your heart.
---Rebecca_D on 7/19/05

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adultery can destroy your relationship with god, family and friends. satan knows our weakness and plays havoc especially in those areas. pray and fast and make a confession to the lord and feel really sorry for what you are doing. ask him to give you the strength to stop this. its not going to be easy but pray and fast for grace to lead a righteous life and in his time he will pull you away from this mess. i too will pray for you for strength to stop this.
---olive on 7/19/05

You can't have it both ways! Do you really want to givde up your SIN? If YES God can help, if NO He can't help you. Tell the woman in question that you will no longer see her. Be ready to suffer for your misstep
If you really are sick of the sin, confess to God, ask him to prepare your wife and children for your confession to them. Next, contact your Pastor or most trusted friend and set a date to tell them.
Just be sure: Don't play games!
---Pierr7958 on 7/19/05

You have to be truely repentent of this before you can get God's help to overcome this. Repentence is a turning away from it so like a recovering of anything, it's a day at a time and you must commit yourself not to do this.
---Steven_Wilkey on 7/19/05

I understand how you feel. It becomes a visous cycle. I had an affair six years ago. After every time I would see her, I'd say never again. But the pull can be really strong. All I can tell you is that I can look back now on a trail of destruction that I never counted on. You should end it as soon as possible. The longer it continues, the more trouble you're bringing on yourself. Some of it could be permanent. God will forgive and heal you.
---Rick on 7/19/05

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Let it all come to the light of Jesus. He can set you free. You loose living in the darkness.
---Linda3939 on 7/19/05

Writ to me and I will give you a good link to help

---Rev_Herb on 7/19/05

get your heart right and it won't bother you a bit. Your focus will be on Jesus, not people. I know this is true because I have seen it.
---shira_5965 on 7/19/05

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