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Son-In-Law Left His Wife

A few years ago, my daughter married & had a child with a wonderful Christian man. After they had a child together, he left her and married his former sweetheart. He now has another child by this new wife. If he is a true Christian, how can he justify this? How can he make things right with God?

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 ---Jayne on 7/19/05
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Not that what he did is right. But no matter how messed up a Christian life can get, God can forgive. Hopefuly he is right with the Lord now. We are not the judge, nor is anyone perfect. It is sad it happened this way. Focus on God, forgivness and His salvation.
---Linda3939 on 5/17/08

Through confession and repentance he can make things right with God. But what he did to his 1st wife is ghastly. Seems to me the man is confused emotionally and spiritually. He needs help. He may also have tried to do the right thing by wife#1. When the baby was born he felt his job was done toward her. He left then remarried. That is not the way to do things. Our bad decisions oftentimes, hurt ourselves and others. My heart goes out to wife#1. I hope she can get over this and move on eventually.
---Robyn on 9/24/07

the root of the issue is not as most suppose, between him and God. This is very much about you. Forgivness always is. dont forgive him because he desivers it but because you need that release. for him to get right he needs to be a father to all his children (with support) dont take his word as a christian on this hire a lawyer.
---Kraus on 9/24/07

Well you can't go back.
If he's re-married that's it, the way to "make it right" is now in your hands and between you and God for the most part.

The human relationships that were wounded as a result of his sin HAVE TO be repaired or you are guilty as well.

The Model of grace has been given, and so no one needs to show you the way. Jesus laid down his life to repair relationships and to you he calls even now..."Follow me"
---Pharisee on 9/16/07

"No!", to answer your question - he can't justify it. Nor can he correct it. If he leaves his present wife to return to his first wife, he committs adultery, and the same is true when he left his first wife for his second wife. The only way he can make this right with God is to simply ask Him to forgive him for his sin. Read Matthew 5:31-35, and Matthew 9:6
---WIVV on 8/13/05

We are all held accountable for our own sins. His relationship with God is his responsibility. Concentrate on being a supportive mom and grandma.
---Heidi on 7/20/05

Update to original question: I consider this man to still be a Christian, he is a wonderful father and very active in his church. What I meant was, can he ever be right with God while living in sin with his 2nd wife? Divorcing her doesn't make sense either since 2 wrongs don't make a right.
---Jayne on 7/20/05

Whoa, Whoa, to all of you, who call this man a Non christian. When "Peter" denied knowing Christ before his crucifixion. I have yet to read anywhere in the bible, he was called a Non Christian. Although I don't codone this Man's action, but if repents and ask for Forgiveness, the bible says "God" is faithful and just to forgive all.. Not some, All Unrighteousness. So what would that make this man ? Still a sinner, absouletly Not... Let's not be so quick to judge... Amen
---Mr._7788 on 7/20/05

He is not a christian..a christian is a follower of christ
---esther on 7/20/05

here is a though, he never was a Christian to begin with, he was a deceiver from the start. a wolf in sheeps clothing.
---wayne on 7/20/05

He doesn't sound too wonderful to me. He sounds like a looser to me that can't be satisfied. Tell your daughter to move on and encourage her in that respect. Let him stay gone and good riddance. She hasn't lost anything worth having.
---shira_5965 on 7/19/05

I'm shocked that you call a man that can do this to his own wife "a wonderful christian man'.If he is truly a christian, then he is one without CHARACTER,which is developed by the fruit of the spirit.He is not a true christian.Being a christian means being Christ-like, and Christ can never do such.
But you still have to forgive him,as the word says,and take time to pray for and with your daughter.God is your strength.
---Aderonke on 7/19/05

The first thing is to always pray about it. We must seek the Lord before making desicions in anything. In a situation like the justification should be done in love. Leave it up to God to do the judging. Allow your spirit to be free and donot let something like this become luggage. God is always in control and remember that no one is perfect.
---Rosy on 7/19/05

He can't justify it and still be a true Christian. If he wants to make things right with God, he must first make things right in his life and then if genuine, ask forgiveness from God. Leaving his first marriage, if it was a Christian union, is already doing wrong by their vows, "...until death us do part" so any other relationship he entered must not have been real love in the Christian sense.
---helen8886 on 7/19/05

Pray, however if this is your ex-son in law, then it is no-longer your problem, it sounds like he commited adultry, but anyhow this is no longer oyur territory if he left your daughter, it's between him & God.
---candice on 7/19/05

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