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Will You Pray For Me

Will you pray for me? I have been abused most of my life. Ugly anger came up in me weeks ago. Not seen it in 4 yrs. When I thought that God took it away. I'm a christian. A friend said that God wants to heal you. I'm scared of any more torture in my emotions to bring up the past. Thank you

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 ---wounded on 7/20/05
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are you old enough to get away from the abuse? God can heal you if you will trust him and read his word. I have been abused myself so I know you can get passed it. My own emotions became dead for a while. I trusted no one, but now I am happy and content thanks to Jesus Christ.
---shira_5965 on 10/6/07

Dear Father, I come to you as a daughter interceding for another of your Kingdom. I pray that they understand that when we accept you, you do not change us overnight but through a process of ups and downs. I pray that they be faithful in you and trust you completely both in good times and in bad. Let them understand things they never did before, and take away any feelings of guilt. Please Father, heal this person. In the name of My Lord Jesus Christ, AMEN.
---erika on 10/17/05

Wounded:At 10 a baby, the transgressions were not yours.You are the Victim, thrice over.Yes the emotional scars are deep & you will experience anger, guilt, shame, feel worthless ,but the love which Jesus has for you is like salve to sooth that troubled mind.Do not worry about others & what they say.You are a unique being in His eyes go to him in your heart, find refuge & strength In the knowledge that is what he says "Come to me all who are laboured & burdened & I shall refresh You "
---Emcee on 7/22/05

Dear wounded, I also was abused by my Father. First off as you know you have to forgive them and yourself for any anger you might still have . Don't let the enemy beat you up over this because he will try and get you angry again. Just ask Jesus to forgive you and help you and move on . Remember if you are a Christian, you are a new creation in Christ Jesus, Old thing have past away and all things have become new, if you will only believe it was already given to you. God bless you.
---John on 7/22/05

God bless you dear. I was abused by a much older man when I was teen. But nothing to compare to your misery in that area.

If you'd ever care to 'talk' I am 'barba7434' on Penpal. Isn't it GREAT that God loves us and we will escape this life into His arms one day?
---NVBarbara on 7/22/05

You can't change your past---you can't go back and make it better (and thankfully not worse). Close the door on the past and walk forward with God, He will help you.
---Nan on 7/22/05

Memories and more memories
Once heard a sermon that said Satan destroys with our own memories.
And sometimes if we share we are misinterpreted by people. It hurts.
However, sometimes if we share, it becomes a ministry.
Follow the leading of the Lord. Don't let Satan get a foothold.
---barbara67 on 7/22/05

Linda: You made some telling comments. It is possible that you are still hanging onto some stuff in the past that is holding you back re your anger. Every once in awhile, the anger comes again; you need to see what triggered it. Can you find a good Christian counselor to lead you thru it? As you are led thru your past abuse, God will heal you. Promise!!
---Elsie on 7/22/05

i had anger problem. went up for prayer many times, thinking same under control only to get very angry later. 4 yrs ago, i came across book, temper your temperment by tim lahay. this book deals with anger--points out many scripture jumped out at me--anger is in fact sin, sin will not enter heaven.asked God to forgive me & show me how to respond in all situations. still get upset at times, but not like it used to be. lean & rely on God. he helped me, so he can help you.
---jd on 7/21/05

Yes we will pray for you Linda. There is a type of prayer ministry called Theophostic prayer. Search for a site on line. It means God-light and trained ministers can walk you through while Jesus heals every hurt. Past the anger and the pain there is hope and healing and complete freedom and wholeness. His love is deeper than your deepest hurt. God loves you. He makes all things clean, new, and whole. He did it for me, He will do it for you. God Bless.
---chera3744 on 7/21/05

Oh my goodness, Linda, you have been through so much ... I can't even imagine. While I was reading through this forum, the thing that kept coming to me was Matthew 12:43,44. After a person has been set free from an evil spirit, that spirit will ALWAYS test the person again to see if it can move back in. A test, does not mean the spirit is back. He is a liar! He's just trying to trick you. Resist him. You have been delivered, tell your enemy he is not welcome back. (Read 1 Peter 5:7-9)
---DoryLory on 7/21/05

Linda, I understand your hurt, pain and anger. It is easy to validate your emotions.
If that happened to me they would still be looking for bodies, is my first thought.
As usual that is my flesh talking.
You lead the offenders to Christ, WOW! What faith and ability to forgive.
Now you need to realize that Satan means things for our harm and God uses them for our good. I think God has called you to a special ministry to those who have suffered like you have.
Be faithful.
---Elder on 7/21/05

Wounded is me, Linda. The pain from the past is so unbearable. I have forgiven everyone! I have moved ahead sharing Jesus as I can anyway. If God is now wanting to heal me...I pray for help to open up and let the pain go. I do not know how to do this. This is why I just moved on. I went through torture from people and spirits. I don't want to bring back the spirits from the past by remembering them. I don't want them to get ahold of me again.
---Linda3939 on 7/21/05

I was raped by three of my brothers when I was about 10. And again when I was 18, by another. At 23, I was kidnapped and tortured for about 3mo. I sence have prayed w/brothers to accept Jesus. But they are not living for him. I have forgiven, the other men. The pain is very deep. I just don't want to remember. Emotional mess.
---wounded on 7/21/05

You didn't specify what abuse you went through...I am a Christian survivor of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and so I know all too well the torture it can leave on a person...all this advice is good but no one mentioned finding a Christian support group...I found one while dealing with my sexual abuse and without it would have been a total mess..when I am going through the anger and pain it helps to have an actual group of people around who really know what I'm going are in my prayers!
---fran6775 on 7/21/05

You know how much people in churches are unhappy, but when you talk to them they are like oh God is good all the time and all the time God is good when in their heart they are saying, if he is why am I going through this. It's not only unbelievers who try and think about killing themselves. we hurt too but most of us don't know how to deal with it or how to talk to God about it. anyways wounded, God got's ya back just trust him. The enemy only has power over people who to scared to confess their faults.
---mark585 on 7/21/05

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Just be real with the Lord, feed/meditate on his word daily and worship him and one day those very scars that you have will be a testimony of how Jesus gave you beauty for ashes. Oh and if you want to be completely free you MUST forgive the person(s) who hurt you. Jesus said I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly, you can have this life if you desire.
---mark585 on 7/21/05

Believe me the Lord heals but just like with natural pain or cuts, the deeper the cut/wound the longer it will take to heal. We say time heals but infact the only healer is Christ. If you leave Cancer to time and don't treat if your only going to die. I have had issues that I struggled with for year and taught I was over it to only be disappointed to see that I wasn't. But as true as God word is, he is also faithful and it took a while but I'm over it.
---mark585 on 7/21/05

Hello Wounded, the Lord gave me a song and an awesome word or devotional about hurts. Part of the chorus of the songs goes, though wounds heal, the scars still remains. I believe that a lot of believers in the body are suffering from past hurts. Many of us hide behind christianity and trying to look perfect instead of saying Lord, such and such hurt me or Father this hurt and I don't know how to get over it.
---mark585 on 7/21/05

i already prayed for you before i write this email.Ask God for inner healing in your life and always pray and do not look back to what happened in your life as the enemies is reminding christians about the past.Move on,pray that the Lord will protect your mind and your heart and always forgives as God forgives us.REad the bible,meditate on the word of God..God will comfort you no matter what trials you have been through as He is our LOving Father.God bless You.
---Maria on 7/21/05

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I am praying for you and will continue to pray for you. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but power love and a sound mind. Yes, there will be pain always before healing but he promised he would never leave you nor forsake you. Read Ecclesiastes 3;1-8. If you need me I am here for you.
---dorla8377 on 7/21/05

Yes I will pray for you. I am sorry that you are so angry but our God is big enough to handle your anger. Try to give it to HIM and he will take it from you.
---beth on 7/21/05

I will pray for you. I understand your pain, having been through it myself.

God really loves YOU! But God cannot take over your mind. YOU must put off the old man and put on the new man (Eph 4:22-24). He can't do that for you. But here's how you can do it:

1. Read Ephesians chapters 1-3 a lot! They will tell you what and who God has made you to be.
2. Don't walk in your own power. Trust God!
3. Always remember who you are in Christ! That will change you (1 Cor 3:10)!
---jeffr5976 on 7/20/05

the lord wants us to be made whole. what you are going through is spiritual surgery, the hurt that you suffer are deep in your heart, they have form roots, and the lord is gentle he does things his own way and he gives us the grace to overcome. tell him you give him permission to search your heart and up lift those roots and with time you will be completly be heal. he gives us rest for a time because he knows our pain. he will retore you. dont be afraid. psalm 23.
---sylvia on 7/20/05

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I will pray for you for I feel like I know that emotion very well. It has been many yrs since I felt that kind of anger and sometimes it creeps up on me, but I keep one thought in mind and that is that we were born into this world by ourselves and we will depart it the same way so no matter what happens in between that time we need to continually pray to keep from the devil taking hold. May God take hold of your thoughts and heart.
---tina7868 on 7/20/05

Dear Father God,In You,I put my trust and all hope and faith.I know,Father,You hear the above Prayer.Let Your Fresh Mercy Enter In To This ,Your Child,and Rebuke The Abuse that has been in this life for so very long..take away the anger that has again appeared,and put Trust and Love back into this life.Heal this,your child,in Jesus Name..grant this one,Your Fresh Mercy,In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.Amen
---Thelma on 7/20/05

We will pray for you, even now. The Bible says be ye angry and sin not. Being angry is fine as long as you control it.
Your scars show you have been in the Battle. The Battle has given you strength.
Fight the Fight but don't lose any ground. It is hard to pay for the same real estate twice.
God Bless.
---Elder on 7/20/05

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