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Free Me From This Dwarf

Please pray for me. I need a prayer warrior to deliver evil spirit trying to torment me. Ask God to free me from this dwarf, I need to cast this away forever. I always pray to send this away in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

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 ---shirley on 7/21/05
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Hey! First know who you are in Christ! You are the head & not the tail, above & not beneath, MORE than a conqueror! Then get your oil (any kind works-pray over it first, that it be a symbol for the blood of Jesus) Annoint your home at every window & door, casting out as you go! I'll post again with my prayer that I use! As you take up your cross daily, sometime you have to do this daily according to who or what is bringing it in...
---Princesstookie on 1/27/08

Pray: "I thank you Jesus as I bind & loose on earth, You bind & loose in Heaven. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I bind the strong man, I bind his demons, principalities & powers. I cast out out all things that are NOT sent by God. I apply the blood of Jesus (oil) that NOTHING evil can penetrate!" I do this through the house always saying In Jesus Name! It works! Now I only have to do it as needed. contact me if you've questions.
---Princesstookie on 1/27/08

"imp", check this blog out.
---Cindy on 1/24/08

Listen well.Don't ask GOD to move the mountain.Ask him to SHOW YOU HOW TO CLIMB
IT.Don't look for the egg before you crack the shell.The jorney of a 1000 miles begains
with one step.Keep in touch.
---Jack_8773 on 1/6/08

I really enjoy reading all of the older blogs. More insight into a truly remarkable elaborate system of blogging from a mind of many views, genders, and human conditions.
Yes, some are laughable from a point of observation.
---Mike on 1/6/08


You are right. To refer to President Bush as a dwarf is insulting and demeaning to dwarfs.

But we will be free from President Bush in only a little over a year. In the mean time we must pray for the strength to get through that time.
---matthew on 1/4/08

Has the though of deliverance ever crossed your mind?
You cannot serve two masters. You will hate the one and love the other.
---Mike on 1/4/08

Why did you answer this?

---Observer on 1/4/08

Please, change your choice of words.

Using the word 'dwarf' in this context is insulting to the human beings to which this term may apply.
---Nancy on 12/3/07

a dwarf in the bible is a lean or emaciated person. Lev 21:20. it is the only verse that I found that had "dwarf" in it.
---Rebecca_D on 7/28/05

God bless you Shirley. Can I ask, what is a 'dwarf'? I always thought a dwarf was a small person...
regardless, you're in my prayers,
---sue on 7/28/05

A person can't get saved anytime they want. A person can't ask God to come into their heart without his spirit dealing with their heart. I agree one has to have faith, if not then I wouldn't tempt to cast out demons, cause you might fail.
---Rebecca_D on 7/22/05

"I command you to be bound and cast out by the Blood of Jesus."

This is what you tell him, and don't be afraid. Your faith is the key that unlocks God's power. Be bold, forceful, and realize that this evil spirit is under the authority of Jesus.

I've had the pleasure of being used by God to command spirits, and a dwarf is a reasonable description to the shadowy figures that I've seen.

Fasting and prayer is not bad counsel either, but get someone working with you on this.
---Pharisee on 7/22/05

Contd from resisted to go saying i was made the husband of this girl, but the Holy spirit prevailed and she is freed. I encourage you to seek the service of a Pastor who is well versed with casting out demons, but thats not all, yourself you need to be strong in the word and do not believe the devil, he is already overcome.
I look to hear from your rejoicing after release from bondage.
---runyamhere on 7/22/05

After going throughn the replies posted, i thought i should intervene, guys remember the fact that Jesus' disciples failed to cast out a demon once. This is the type that can only come out through prayer and fasting. I have a friend who told me of the same experience whereby she had been attached to a goblin and made the wife, the goblin only manifested after she had gone to attend a conference and it was recognized by a Pastor who called her to prayer,
---runyamhere on 7/22/05

If you are saved and spirit-filled, then you know that you can command the spirits, and the spirits will and must obey. If you're not saved then go to the cross, confess your sins and receive Jesus, and get covered with his blood. Jesus Christ is Lord of things in heaven, of things on earth, and of things under the earth. So command the spirit, "Spirit, right now i command you in the Name of Jesus Christ to Get Out, Go back to hell, and don't come back!"
---Eloy on 7/22/05

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Just for your information, The Shirley who ask the question is not the same as Shira 5965
---shira_5965 on 7/21/05

The only power satan has is what you give him. He can't do anything unless you allow it. This is satan's job, is to torment. He may flee for a while, but he'll be back. You need to stand your ground. These evil spirits feed off of your fear. If you strive to get closer to God, they will always try to torment you, but Jesus gave us the power in his name. When you rebuke them, they have to flee, but stand firm on God's word.
---Rebecca_D on 7/21/05

In a way, you can take this occurance as a blessing! The enemy sees that you are strong and he wants to wear you down!
Again, tell it in Jesus' name to go back to hell where it belongs!
---NVBarbara on 7/21/05

Are you speaking of seeing a demon?
If so, speak to IT directly. Tell it you are bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ and it has no place bothering you.
Tell if forcefully to go back to the pits of hell where it belongs in Jesus' holy name.
---NVBarbara on 7/21/05

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Shirley, I just prayed for you. The devil is trying to trick you to think that he is more powerfull then the spirit of Christ in you. Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world. Jesus already overcame this dwarf, this very one. And Jesus is in you. The body of Christ sticks together and we will pray for you. Sing praises out loud for a while, they will leave you. In Jesus Name!
---Linda3939 on 7/21/05

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